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New Moon In Sagittarius Magical Correspondences

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The new moon in Sagittarius represents the start of an exciting new lunar cycle centered around the themes of exploration, adventure, luck and abundance. As the moon begins her journey in this optimistic fire sign, we feel called to plant seeds related to expanding our knowledge, pursuing travel and higher learning, and embarking on quests to discover truth.

By tuning into the moon’s journey through Sagittarius and understanding how it impacts our specific astrological moon sign, we can align our magical work and intentions accordingly to make the most of this lunar window.

Let’s look at how each of the 12 natal moon signs can work with the magical properties of this lunar phase.

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Aries Moon Signs

Aries moons feel fired up and eager for action and adventure under the Sagittarius new moon. This is an incredibly energizing transit that aligns beautifully with your innate impulsiveness and cardinal fire nature. You are likely to feel motivated to take initiative and may find it difficult to sit still during this period! Use this invigorating influence to finally tackle goals you’ve been procrastinating.

However, be mindful of becoming impatient with yourself or others who cannot match your accelerated pace during this transit. Temper the pedal-to-the-metal urge with occasional pauses for mindfulness when irritation arises.

In your relationships, this new moon helps facilitate boldness in romance and partnerships. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask out your crush, confess deeper feelings to a lover, or propose taking things to the next level like moving in together, this transit favors decisive action.

For those already coupled up, channel the excess passion stirred up under this sky into planning creative and active dates – think hiking, rock climbing, or even a spontaneous weekend getaway! However, avoid reacting too rashly or harshly to any conflicts that crop up.

Financially, the impulsiveness amplified by this lunation favors short-term goals rather than long-term investments. Use the surge of motivated start-up energy for projects like finally opening that high yield savings account, launching a new side hustle to make extra cash quickly, or funding a hobby with income generating potential.

However, resist the temptation towards impulsive splurges on indulgent whims. With your emotions emboldened, desires may strike powerfully but are likely to leave you feeling regretful later. Carefully consider all significant purchases before swiping your card.

Magically, this is an ideal time to perform spells related to courage, taking action after a period of stagnation, igniting motivation and determination, spontaneity, and securing victory and success.

Crystals to work with: carnelian, garnet, ruby, bloodstone

Herbs to work with: ginger, cinnamon, cayenne, rosemary, black pepper

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Taurus Moon Signs

The new moon in Sagittarius activates a strong resolve within Taurus moons to seek stability, consistency, and security in your foundations. While the moon leaves her comfortable exaltation in your sign, you may feel freshly driven to establish greater reliability in your routines, finances, relationships and home life during this period.

Guard against tendencies to become overly attached to your comfort zone or resistant to change, which could lead to stubbornness and stagnation. Instead, make gradual manageable improvements to your situation rather than reacting defensively. Remember that taking small steps forward consistently ultimately leads to major progress.

In your relationships, show your loved ones how much you cherish them through affectionate quality time, sweet gestures, physical touch, acts of service, and verbal appreciation. However, be cautious about escalating commitments or making grand relationship promises under this transit unless you are completely certain you can follow through in the long run.

Your heart is in the right place but the impulsive Sagittarius influence could lead you to bite off more than you can realistically chew.

The new moon energy also illuminates financial goals related to long-term security – now is the perfect period for opening high yield savings accounts, adding additional funds to conservative retirement portfolios, and investing in assets likely to steadily appreciate over decades. Resist frivolous splurges on fleeting luxuries.

Redirect discretionary spending towards pragmatically building your nest egg. Carefully weigh any significant purchases before swiping your cards.

Magically, cast spells focused on attracting abundance, establishing a peaceful and welcoming home environment, improving relationships, self-care rituals, pleasure, and luxury during this window.

Crystals to work with: emerald, rose quartz, smoky quartz, rhodochrosite

Herbs to work with: chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, valerian, catnip

Gemini Moon Signs

Gemini moons are likely to feel more outgoing, talkative, and conceptually curious under the auspices of a Sagittarius new moon. Your mind feels abuzz with fresh ideas and perspectives. Social gatherings with exciting new people invigorate you right now as you ink the pages of your calendar with engaging plans.

However, beware spreading your attention and energy too widely across superficial interactions and fleeting interests. Follow the most profound intellectual inquiries and conversations to their deepest extent rather than skipping across the surface of many topics lightly.

Fickleness and distraction may also emerge as potential pitfalls during this transit – when impatience or boredom arise, redirect them toward diving deeper into mentally engaging projects rather than flitting from unfinished endeavor to endeavor.

In your relationships, the amplified airy energy activates your need for lively conversation, witty banter, and thoughtful intellectual exchange. You are likely to feel drawn to romantic partners who can keep up with your acute intellect and rapidly firing neurons.

Sharing ideas about ethics, culture, art, imagination, and bold futures full of possibility excites you. However, avoid investing in partners prone to bait-and-switch games, ambiguous communication, or duplicity.

Your mercury-ruled heart seeks someone able and willing to relate to you through unambiguous directness, mutual understanding, and profound spiritual bonding.

Financially, any major decisions are best made after thoroughly researching all options and details rather than jumping to conclusions impulsively.

Carefully read fine print, compare alternatives extensively, and listen to trusted expert perspectives before shifting or committing significant resources during this transit. Consider dividing discretionary spending between a few smaller short-term goals that can feasibly be completed within the lunar month rather than tying up capital towards over-reaching long-term ambitions.

Adaptability will serve you better than rigid plans as circumstances evolve. Also, avoid lending money or assets to unvetted friends or partners no matter how persuasively they appeal to your generous instincts – protect your own interests first.

Magically, wield the vibrant Sagittarius new moon energy towards rituals focused on enhancing your intellect, communication skills, mental flexibility, memory, concentration, interpretive abilities, eloquence in speech and writing, and absorbing new information readily.

Crystals to work with: citrine, sodalite, apatite, tiger’s eye

Herbs to work with: peppermint, ginseng, gingko, rosemary, cloves

Cancer Moon Signs

Cancer moons are likely to experience the Sagittarius lunar cycle as an emotional pull between your innate craving for familiarity, nurture, and stability and the expansive aspirational nature of the archer’s influence.

With the moon amplifying your interior life while journeying through a sign oriented toward far horizons, you may find yourself cocooning and seeking comfort in private spaces away from the accelerated pace around you during this period.

While withdrawing to recharge can certainly provide emotional shelter, be careful not to become so reclusive that you isolate yourself unnecessarily from supportive loved ones trying to reach you. If family or friends make efforts to connect, respond with warmth rather than shutting them out entirely.

You may also feel inspired to reflect on and examine your roots and early conditioning around themes of home, heritage, family bonds, and caretaking under this sky. Use discernment to determine which traditions and patterns from your upbringing still feed your spirit, and which may need to be released because they no longer serve your growth.

Do not cling to outdated modes of being purely out of habit or inertia. Find ways to thoughtfully honor the past while stepping into the future.

In your relationships, you are likely to feel most loved and loving when showered with intimate quality time and sweet thoughtful gestures during this transit.

Cozy dates at home involving pampering, sentimental gifts, comforting food, and full emotional availability mean the world. However, avoid completely isolating yourself – if you feel the hermit urge arising, be sure to balance it with regular check-ins and affection to reassure your loved ones.

Financially, building greater security through pragmatically paying off debts, adding to emergency savings, and researching solid investments provides emotional peace of mind.

However, avoid indulging flights of fancy around lavish homes or luxury status items merely for appearances or as bandaids for heart wounds – such superficial balms often undermine foundations in the long run. Make significant buying decisions very carefully right now.

Magically, rituals focused on childhood healing, connecting with ancestry, food magic, home blessing, intuitive development, and manifesting security are well aspected under this new moon.

Crystals to work with: moonstone, opal, pearl, rhodonite

Herbs to work with: marshmallow root, skullcap, rose, chamomile, spearmint

Leo Moon Signs

Dramatic Leo moons are likely to feel creatively ignited and passionately expressive under the rays of a Sagittarius new moon. Your innate urge for recognition and attention blazes brightly at this time. Opportunities to perform, lead, or showcase your talents will irresistibly capture your focus now – pursue them with the fearless fire this transit kindles within!

However, guard against ego conflicts with competitors seeking the same spotlight. Remember there is space for everyone to shine. Focus on playing to your unique strengths rather than obsessively comparing your abilities to others.

Redirect competitiveness into collaborative projects allowing for win-win outcomes. Mature confidence embraces interdependence and community over clambering to the top alone.

In your relationships, you can deepen intimacy through generously displaying affection during this period – surprises, impromptu gifts, elaborate dates centered on your partner’s interests, heartfelt compliments about why you adore them.

However, avoid drama for its own sake or making assumptions rather than directly discussing your feelings and needs. Communication illuminated by sagacious perspective takes relationships to the next level – leap with insight rather than blind passion.

Professionally, your creativity and courage to take well-calculated risks feel magnified right now. This could be an ideal window to request that raise or promotion you’ve been wanting, take the leap to self-employment, or boldly launch a passion project.

While lady luck is on your side, avoid recklessness – optimism paired with diligent preparation maximizes success.

Magically, craft spells around enhancing fame, confidence, prosperity, victory, pleasure, and creative flow under this moon.

Crystals to work with: sunstone, tiger’s eye, pyrite, carnelian

Herbs to work with: saffron, cinnamon, ginger, clove, black pepper

Virgo Moon Signs

The new moon in Sagittarius turns up the volume on your Virgoan instincts for order, systemic analysis, and tangible improvement. You feel emotionally satisfied when actively optimizing, organizing, and fixing problems in your material environment.

Harness this productive lunation to overhaul budgets, create efficient schedules and daily routines, set detailed health goals – improvement projects that require meticulous step-by-step attention gratify right now. However, beware overdoing perfectionistic micromanaging.

Allow spontaneity and some surrender to the unpredictability of life rather than forcing rigid outcomes at the expense of joy and connection. Flow mindfully rather than fighting the cosmic currents.

In your relationships, your analytical abilities are channeled constructively towards providing practical acts of service and care. You express affection by noticing how to tangibly make your loved ones’ lives simpler, easier, healthier and more abundant.

Help research solutions, improve diet and lifestyle habits, handle unpleasant tasks like cleaning – use your gifts for others’ benefit. However, pick your battles about minor details wisely to avoid nitpicky criticism that erodes intimacy. Not everything requires an exhaustive cost-benefit analysis – relax selective control.

Financially, now is an ideal period for optimizing stability by meticulously tracking income/expenses, creating budgets, analyzing spending, and implementing consistent money-saving systems.

Avoid risky speculation or unrealistic get-rich-quick pipedreams dangled by unscrupulous marketers – the tortoise thinking of slow and steady asset building wins the race. Seek trusted advisors to help choose modest investments compounding over decades rather than betting the farm.

Magically, earth-focused rituals involving organization, banishing clutter, improved health/nutrition, pets, environmentalism, and career will be extremely potent under this new moon.

Crystals to work with: smoky quartz, citrine, jade, fluorite

Herbs to work with: pine, lemon balm, turmeric, sage, ginger

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Libra Moon Signs

The new moon in Sagittarius stirs up Libra’s airy longing for beauty, harmony, equilibrium, and collaboration. With your chart’s emotional center illuminated in this expansive fire sign, you feel creatively called to adorn life with artistic flair and unite with others in merrymaking.

Surrounding yourself with beauty and building community through social gatherings, parties, bonding over shared interests, and lighthearted fun rejuvenates your spirit now. However, avoid compromising your authentic needs and values merely to conform to others’ expectations for the sake of keeping the peace. Lead with integrity and stand up unapologetically if faced with mistreatment, even if stirring some temporary discord.

In your relationships, romance dazzles against the radiant Sagittarian backdrop. Slow down to appreciate the sensual delights of amorous connection – fragrant flowers, stunning sunsets, silk sheets, candlelight, sweet serenades and quality time immersed in affection.

However, avoid serious commitments or contracts with partners during such a whimsically freewheeling transit. Enjoy magical moments fully without trying to capture them. Some joys shimmer temporarily like champagne bubbles, then dissolve.

Financially, thoroughly vet any potential partners or collaborators before blending assets or agreeing to ventures. Ensure you understand all details and are treated fairly before formally merging funds or signing binding documents under these freeform skies.

Seek advice from legal and financial mentors. While others may inspire worthwhile possibilities, enact major changes cautiously after fluctuating lunar winds shift. Commit when clarity resumes.

Magically, beauty spells, social gatherings, strengthening partnerships, expressing creativity, and cultivating peace flourish under this lunation.

Crystals to work with: emerald, rose quartz, moonstone, celestite

Herbs to work with: vervain, lemon balm, chamomile, rose, spearmint

Scorpio Moon Signs

Intensely transformative Scorpio moons experience the Sagittarius new moon as a call to boldly dive heart-first into life’s deepest mysteries. Your instincts guide you unflinchingly towards shadowy interior terrain ripe for illumination.

Channel this lunar energy into rituals of revelation – artistic depths, occult explorations, conscious intimacy. But avoid using penetrating abilities manipulatively or invasively – insight uplifts only when wielded for good through compassion rather than control. Seek whole truths rather than selfish leverage.

In relationships, merging fully satisfies now more than ever – engage in intimate conversations, sensual creativity, and mutual vulnerable sharing to bond profoundly. However, sidestep any tendencies towards manipulation, possessive games, or control dramas.

Reflect instead of reacting if tensions surface, using discomfort to spark self-discovery. Your feelings during challenges provide clues illuminating areas for soul growth – sit with them mindfully as teachers, without lashing outward.

Regarding finances, shrewd Scorpio intuition could unveil lucrative opportunities under these revealing lunar beams – sudden windfalls are not out of the question. However, research thoroughly and seek counsel to screen gambles from investments.

While taking calculated risks is favored, reckless speculation and overly trusting others’ unsafe advice invites trouble. Protect what you are building – don’t enable excess.

Magically, past life regression, psychic development, sacred sexuality, shadow integration rituals, and deep communion with spirits of plants, animals, elements, and ancestors may be powerfully transformed under this new moon.

Crystals to work with: obsidian, jet, apache tear, hematite

Herbs to work with: mugwort, wormwood, star anise, bay laurel, basil

Sagittarius Moon Signs

When the new moon activates your native sign, you feel energized to break free from limitations and expand into bold new frontiers for growth. Your restless spirits yearns for adventure – say yes to opportunities to broaden perspectives through new experiences.

Stay open rather than prejudging. But avoid recklessly tossing responsibilities aside purely for pleasure – integrate exploration with pragmatic obligations. Focused intention harnesses your chase after freedom best.

In your relationships, your wandering nature may feel amplified, so reassure partners your temporarily intensified need for space is not a reflection on your bond. Help them enjoy horizons too instead of only focusing on lacks – optimistic vision uplifts.

Spontaneous dates suit you now – concerts under the stars, last-minute plane tickets to exotic locales, philosophical debates over coffee until dawn. Avoid confining routines.

Financially, fortune flows more freely while the moon journeys through your sign. Luck increases through advertising, publishing, teaching, ethical investments, and bold ideas.

But beware greed diluting discernment – easy bounty now can lead to lack later if not managed maturely for lasting security. Build upon foundations gradually.

Magically, divination, higher learning, marketing, travel and humor amplify under this illumination of your lunar energies.

Crystals to work with: aventurine, citrine, carnelian, sunstone

Herbs to work with: cinnamon, dandelion, ginger, ginseng, sage

Capricorn Moon Signs

Serious Capricorn moons feel driven to build tangible results through focused effort under the auspices of a Sagittarius new moon. Your emotions gravitate towards pragmatic step-by-step progress on legacy goals that provide a sense of purpose.

Harness the catalyst for change offered by this lunar cycle to overhaul your plans and launch new endeavors aligned with your core values. Lay solid foundations now upon which enduring achievements can be constructed over time.

But avoid overprioritizing status and acclaim without heart. True success comes through adding value to the world in meaningful ways – keep perspective when ambition threatens to lead you astray.

In your relationships, show your support through practical means like helping your loved ones craft schedules and tactics to actualize their aims, offering advice and accountability drawn from your own experience, and being willing to take on tedious tasks that make their lives easier.

However, balance pragmatic assistance with tenderness – make time for simple affection and acknowledgement. Avoid coming across solely as an instructor tasked with fixing your partner’s limitations.

Appreciate their unique differences rather than imposing your regimen. Meet loved ones where they are, then invite growth through leading by patient example.

Financially, lean fully into your lunar potential to amplify earnings through tireless intuition-guided effort invested in assets compounding value over decades. Resist restlessness that tempts you to abandon stable if slow-growing ventures prematurely in favor of chasing quick wins.

Have faith your harvest will come through mature decisions and commitment to excellence without demanding constant validation. Also consider refreshing your resume and professional connections during this career-focused lunation, keeping options open to shift towards roles better aligned with your values. The planets hint at pivotal developments unfolding.

Magically, amplify the potency of rituals focused on career advancement, reputation, real estate or property development, retirement planning, establishing boundaries, banishing obstacles, and improving paternal relationships under this moon.

Crystals to work with: garnet, smoky quartz, jet, ruby, onyx

Herbs to work with: patchouli, solomon’s seal, hawthorn, turmeric, oakmoss

Aquarius Moon Signs

Innovative Aquarius moons feel charged up by the focus on networking, intellectual stimulation, and quirky experimentation facilitated by a Sagittarius new moon. Time spent immersed in favorite causes or brainstorming solutions to social problems with friends energizes your spirit now.

Allow the fresh perspectives and unexpected revelations seeded by this lunation to inspire you towards purposeful collective action. However, avoid becoming so fixed on envisioning a utopian future that you distance yourself from emotional needs of loved ones in the here and now. Blend compassion into progressivism.

In your relationships, powerfully reinforce the meaning and value your closest bonds add to your life during this period. Then engage your partner’s mental curiosity and desire for growth through novel dates involving technology, science, art, or activism you both care about.

Share inventive ideas and out-of-the-box dreams. When aligned around values rather than forcing conformity, even the most unconventional connections can thrive.

Financially, generously donate to causes close to your ethics and community if within your current means. But avoid overextending yourself through keeping expenditures aligned with what you can realistically sustain. Dream boldly while budgeting pragmatically.

Seek mentors to help develop creative income streams leveraging your uniqueness. There are always possibilities to build equity and abundance while upholding integrity.

Magically, rituals focused on friendship, rebellion against injustice, cultivating open-mindedness, integrating spirituality with science, and community building amplify wonderfully at this time.

Crystals to work with: lapis lazuli, labradorite, blue lace agate, amethyst

Herbs to work with: calendula, bee balm, lemon balm, rosemary, lemon verbena

Pisces Moon Signs

Dreamy Pisces moons adrift in the mystical Sagittarian sea experience amplified inspiration coupled with a strong inward call to retreat and reflect. Allow creative visions and prophetic downloads to flow freely during this right-brained lunation, then harvest insights through spiritual journaling.

However, avoid completely escaping day-to-day demands and disconnecting from those relying on you. Maintain balanced rhythms and healthy connections even while reveling in contemplative respite and imaginative meandering.

In your intimate relationships, allow fantasy and romantic idealism to deepen your bond as long as you remain grounded enough to handle mundane relating maintenance and reciprocation. Remind partners you inhabit the real world too even while temporarily spellbound by the allure of whimsical lunar power. Merge spirits playfully without losing autonomy – walk side by side rather than fusing messily together.

Regarding finances, generously assist those struggling if within your capacity during this compassion-oriented transit, but resist overextending limited resources by aligning contributions with what you can realistically sustain.

Carefully review budgets and trim waste consciously, then redirect surplus funds towards dreams through incremental moon-guided fulfillment of well-considered goals. The universe provides through partnership rather than rescue.

Magically, rituals focused on enhancing creativity, psychic abilities, divination, dreamwork, ceremonial magic, spirituality, and healing thrive under this lunation.

Crystals to work with: moss agate, rhodonite, lapis lazuli, lepidolite

Herbs to work with: mugwort, chamomile, passionflower, lemon balm, catnip

By understanding our unique moon sign perspectives, we can align our endeavors with the Sagittarius new moon’s energy to optimally harness its magical blessings of exploration, discovery, abundance and growth.

The opportune window is open – let us seize this luminous moment to expand our visions, pursue timeless wisdom, and embark on quests unveiling our deepest truths. The cosmos whispers – adventure awaits!

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