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21 Hekate Inspired Makeup Looks (Witchy Makeup)

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These 21 Hekate Inspired Makeup Looks Will Channel Your Inner Goddess! Hekate, the ancient Greek goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy, serves as a fierce and mystical beauty inspiration. Her connections to spirits, witchcraft, torches, the moon, and more can be channeled into stunning makeup looks.

From graphic liner to smokey eyes, these Hekate inspired makeup ideas range from bold and dramatic to soft and ethereal. Mix and match or go full glam to embrace your inner goddess.

1 Dramatic winged liner and dark burgundy lipstick for a mystical look

Dramatic Winged Liner and Dark Burgundy Lipstick

Channel Hekate’s mystical side with sharply winged black liquid liner sweeping across the lids and out past the eyes. Pair it with a deep burgundy lipstick to nod to her torches lighting up the darkness. Fill in brows boldly and add highlight to the inner corners and cupid’s bow.

2 Soft smoky eye with silver accents and nude lips for an ethereal vibe

Soft Smoky Eye with Silver Accents

Create a soft, sultry smoky eye by using shimmery grays and silvers. Concentrate the shadow on the outer corners and lightly blend inward leaving the centers bare. Accent with silver liner on the lower lash line and inner corners. Finish with a nude lip for an ethereal and mysterious vibe.

3 Black cat-eye with dark purple lipstick for a witchy aesthetic

Black Cat-Eye with Dark Purple Lipstick

A bold black cat-eye flanked by defined brows exudes Hekate’s powerful energy. Use black liquid or gel liner to create the sharp wing following your upper lash line and flicking outwards. Pair it with an ultra-dark purple or blackened plum lipstick. Keep the rest of the face neutral for maximum impact.

4 Pale skin, red lips, and bold brows channeling her fierce side

Pale Skin, Red Lips, and Bold Brows

Channel Hekate’s fierce side by playing up your natural brows and pale skin. Conceal any blemishes and highlight key points of the face with a light shimmery powder. Use brow gel to add thickness and slight tint for darker definition. Finish with a blue-red lipstick swiped on boldly.

5 Dark smokey eye with a pop of blue in the inner corners representing her connection to spirits

Dark Smokey Eye with Blue Inner Corners

Connect to Hekate’s close ties to spirits and souls by creating a sultry dark smoky eye. Use black and cool-toned grays blended out from the lash line and outer corners. Pop electric blue liner and shadow in the inner corners and lower lash line to represent otherworldly energy.

6 Graphic black liner paired with a deep oxblood lip nodding to her torches

Graphic Black Liner and Oxblood Lips

Create a mystical graphic eye look inspired by Hekate’s torches piercing through the darkness. Use black gel or liquid liner to draw bold angular shapes and thick arrow-like flicks from the outer corners. Pair with a deep oxblood lipstick to complement the liner.

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7 Holographic highlight and pearl accents to evoke the moonlight

Holographic Highlight and Pearl Accents

Incorporate shimmer and shine to evoke Hekate’s connection to moonlight. Sweep pearly white and silver highlighters along the cheek and brow bones. Use loose pearlescent pigments on the eyelids, inner corners, and cupid’s bow. Finish by highlighting the face and décolletage with ultra-reflective holographic powder.

8 Dark cherry lips and lots of highlighter for a supernatural glow

Supernatural Glow with Cherry Lips

Get an unearthly glow inspired by Hekate’s magical essence with lots of highlighting and a blood-red lip. Build up the drama with liquid illuminator mixed into foundation and highlighter sweeps on cheekbones, the nose, brow bone, and lips. Coat lips in a deep cherry red.

9 Bold graphic liner in a half-moon shape and bare lips for a striking look

Bold Half-Moon Liner and Bare Lips

Make a striking statement with bold graphic liner in a half-moon shape. Use black gel or liquid liner to draw and fill in a half moon shape extending just past the outer corners. Leave lips bare and neutral to keep the focus on the liner’s shape associated with Hekate’s lunar connections.

10 Deep teal and forest green shadow with bronze accents to symbolize the earth

Earthy Greens and Bronze Shadow

Represent Hekate’s ties to the earth and nature with rich green and bronze eye shadows. Blend forest green and teal shadows on the outer lid and crease. Mix in bronze, gold, and brown tones on the inner lid and lower lash line to add warmth and depth.

11 Shimmering gold cut-crease and flawless base for a goddess-like glam

Goddess-Like Glam with Gold Cut-Crease

Channel Hekate’s powerful goddess energy with a gilded cut-crease look. Apply a metallic gold shadow from the inner corner to the center of the lid, extending slightly up past the natural crease. Mix with shimmery bronzes and champagnes on the outer lid and crease for dimension.

12 Bold brows, contoured cheeks, and nude lips for a powerful contour

Powerful Contouring and Nude Lips

Sculpt and define your features to emulate Hekate’s dominating aura. Sharply contour cheekbones, jawline, and nose with cool matte bronzers and contours. Fill in and shape brows fully. Swipe on a muted nude lipstick to keep the focus on the dramatic bone structure.

13 Deep burgundy smokey eye and muted nude lip exuding mystery

Deep Burgundy Smokey Eye and Nude Lips

Get mystical and elegant with a burgundy smokey eye paired with nude lips. Blend out rich wines, plums, and burgundies from lash line to brow bone to mimic the night sky. Leave the complexion bare and natural looking and finish with a neutral nude lip for an air of mystery.

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14 Lavender eye look with pearl highlights on inner corners and brow bone representing magic

Lavender Shadow with Pearl Accents

Incorporate pearlescence and purple shadow as an ode to Hekate’s ties to magic and the spirit realm. Apply a light shimmery lavender across the lid, up to the brow bone, and on the lower lash line. Place stark white pearl pigment on the inner corners and brow bones.

15 Vibrant purple liner with matching shadow and nude lips channeling her regality

Royal Purple Liner With Matching Shadow

Use rich purple liner and shadow for a look that nods to Hekate’s regalness and nobility. Line upper and lower lash lines with bold purple liner. Smudge and blend out with light purple and lavender shadows and mix with soft pinks and mauves through the crease for added depth.

16 Dark matte eye with pops of glitter symbolizing the starry night sky

Matte Black and Glittery Shadow For Night Sky

Mimic the dark sky and Hekate’s nighttime energy by using black and glitter shadows. Sweep black matte shadow across the lid and outer crease. Press vibrant blue and purple glitters onto the center of the lid and inner corners resemble sparkling stars.

17 Gilded inner corner and center of lips representing precious metals

Gilded Inner Corner and Lips

Reflect Hekate’s connection to precious metals by gilding the inner eyes and lips. Press gleaming gold shadow pigment onto the inner corners and first third of lower lash line. Dab shimmering gold lip gloss onto the center of lips to mirror the eye accents.

18 Black lipstick and minimal eye makeup for a gothic feel

Black Lipstick and Minimal Eyes

Make a dramatic gothic statement with black lipstick as the focus. Apply black matte lipstick on bare clean lips, blending out the edges so they fade into your natural lip color. Keep eyes bare save for defined brows and a touch of mascara.

19 Frosted purple shadow look with defined brows and bare lips evoking dusk

Frosted Purple Look with Bare Face

Get an icy magical look reminiscent of dusk’s mysticism and darkness overtaking the sky. Blend frosty lavender and silver shadows with a light hand to create a soft diffused effect across lids and below lower lashes. Keep the complexion fresh faced and use clear gloss on lips.

20 Warm golden shimmery eye with a flawless complexion and red lip

Golden Hour Eye Look and Red Lips

Embody Hekate’s connection to light and life with warm shimmers and red lips. Apply bronze, gold, and copper shadows in a gradient, darker on the lash line to lighter toward brow bone. Highlight the face including a pop on the cupid’s bow. Finish with blue-toned cherry red lipstick.

21 Sweeping black winged liner, contoured cheeks, and deep red lips for drama

Black Winged Liner, Contoured Cheeks, and Red Lips

Pull from all of Hekate’s symbolic colors for a glam and dramatic overall look. Sweep black winged liner out past the eyes’ outer corners. Sculpt cheeks sharply. Coat lips in crimson red and fill them in fully. Finally, brush up brows and add mascara for polish.

These Hekate inspired makeup looks pull from her cosmic imagery and mythological motifs. Experiment with different techniques, colors, and products to create your own mystical beauty looks. Whether you go bold and theatrical or soft and ethereal, embrace your inner goddess.

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