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5 Deadly Ways That Witchcraft Can Kill You

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I bet you had no idea that witchcraft can kill you! But it’s completely true. Being a witch can be deadly.

But I’m not saying that spells can kill you. No, witchcraft can kill you with deadly herbs, sharp tools, unattended candles, witch trials and witch hunts, and getting lost in the woods.

What?! That’s right. The ways that witchcraft can kill you are completely mundane, and yet they are all pretty terrifying.

As you read every word of this article, you will discover how to protect yourself from these dangers of being a witch.

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5 Deadly Ways That Witchcraft Can Kill You

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A female witch in a black cloak looking off into the distance
Being a witch can be deadly!

Not Using Herbs Correctly

If you are a green witch or kitchen witch, you probably work pretty closely with herbs.

But did you know that these herbs are one of the ways that witchcraft can kill you?!

Mixing the wrong herbs, or ingesting herbs that are poisonous are a quick way to end your witchcraft practice.

It can be a pretty painful way, too.

Belladonna berries on a poisonous belladonna plant
Belladonna is common in baneful magick, but it must be used with great caution

Here are some plants that are used in some spells, but are poisonous to humans.

PlantMagical UsesPoison Warning
ArnicaPsychic powers and protection magickShould not be taken internally
Belladonna An ideal offering for Hekate, Bellona, and Circe. Encourages astral projection.One of the most toxic plants in the world! All parts are poisonous.
ComfreySacred to Hekate. Protects travelers and protects against theft.Roots should only be used externally
FoxgloveFaerie communication & working with faeries.While it is used in heart medications, it can be extremely lethal.
Lily of the valleyProtects gardens from evil spirits. Another plant sacred to the faeries.This plant has convallatoxin in the bulbs, which is very similar to the poison in foxglove

Learn more about deadly plants by reading Wicked Plants. This is a great beginner look at poisonous plants and how they have been used throughout history.

I loved reading this book, and I know you will too. Check it out on Scribd.

Foxglove flowers are extremely poisonous
Foxglove is one of many poisonous plants that witches work with

Improper Storage Of Tools

Let’s say you store your sharp boline or athame up on top of a shelf. Behind it, you store your tea light candles.

You reach up to grab your candles and, whoops! There goes your nose or eye!

Storing your witch tools properly is so, so important. Wrap them in ritual cloths and keep them behind locked doors if you have children in your home!

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This decorative dagger is both ornate, beautiful, and deadly sharp
An ornate dagger makes for a wonderful athame, but they can still be dangerous

Unattended Candles

Can you imagine leaving your candles unattended?

You do everything you can to keep them from setting everything on fire, but a breeze comes through and throws a piece of paper into the flame.

And then suddenly, your whole room is up in flames.

Or maybe you leave a larger ritual candle burning while you sleep. They’re called 7 day candles for a reason, right?

But while you’re fast asleep, the fire gets out of hand. And before you know it, you’re choking on smoke.

Witchcraft can kill you with flames left unattended!

In 2017, there were 3,645 deaths by fire in the United States.

Please never leave your candles unattended. Even if you think they are safe, freak accidents can still happen!

Snuffing out a candle is the accepted way to stop the flame when you need to leave a candle. Better to be a safe witch than a dead witch!

Lit tealight candles can lead to your death
Tea light candles might be small, but their fire is still deadly

Renewal Of Witch Trials

You probably already know this, but witch hunts and the killing of witches still happen even in 2022. 2023 will probably see more witch killings, too.

This isn’t something from history that we can safely forget about. This is happening now, and we need to be concerned about it.

Because all it takes is a little bit of religious fervor, a revival in certain religious practices, for us to all be in real danger in the USA.

I’m not telling you to live in fear, but to remember that we did not always have the freedom we have now.

Merely being a witch can be deadly for us.

Getting lost in a foggy forest is a good way to find yourself dead
Dying alone in a forest is an awful way to go

Getting Lost In The Woods

If you worship in nature, how deep into the woods or forest do you go?

Do you go at night, or during the day?

Do you bring a map, or do you rely on your phone?

Let me ask you, if you were deep in the forest performing a ritual, and you found out your cell phone was drained… what would you do?

How would you get out?

Or would you wind yourself deeper and deeper into the wilderness?

Do you know if your sacred nature space is frequented by bears or wolves?

Do you take food, water, and warm clothes with you?

You have to consider these things.

If you know anything about Missing 411, you know that people going missing in the wilderness is terrifyingly common.

If you want to practice witchcraft in nature, you should always be prepared and take things like knives, flashlights, warm clothes, and food with you.

Stay Safe, Witches

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