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Magical Uses For Rain Water

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There are many magical uses for rain water! Collected in a glass bottle or jar, this powerful substance can banish harmful energy and add extra power to your spells. It’s one of the potent ingredients in many potions and requires only a clean container to collect it.

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What you do with your magic rain water is up to you. Whether you use it as an ingredient in brews or harness the power of the lunar cycles with it, rain water can improve your life and make every moment more witchy.

Rainwater has long been used by witches and magicians around the world. The magical properties of water are endless, and the power of its energy can be harnessed for a variety of purposes. In ancient times, rainwater was considered sacred; and when combined with certain herbs, oils, and minerals, it was believed to contain powerful magical powers.

In witchcraft, water often corresponds to emotions. When we feel sad, our tears become drops of water that fall from the sky. We also use water to represent the moon, which waxes and wanes throughout the month. Water is also associated with psychic awareness and intuition.

Rainwater has been used by witches since ancient times. But how can you use it today? Let’s dive in and learn why occultists have always had such a mystical attraction to the water element.

Let now these rains pour down on the earth below,

And let them fall upon the ground and fill the valleys and the mountains.

For by night they were poured down on the heads of heroes

dew drops on glass panel

Adding Rain Water To Your Magical Tools

Rain water is a powerful tool in any witch’s arsenal. You can use it to create potions, charms, and even rituals. If you’re new to working with rain water, here are some tips on how to get started:

1) Choose The Right Container

The first step is choosing the right container. Glass bottles work best because they allow you to see what’s inside without opening them. Also, if you plan on using the liquid in a spell, you don’t want anything else floating around in there.

2) Get A Good Source Of Rain Water

You’ll need a good source of rain water to begin with. This means collecting it yourself and choosing the right location to collect your water. If you collect under a tree, you’re more likely to get leaves, twigs, and insects in your magical water.

3) Add Water To Your Spell Ingredients

Once you’ve collected your rain water, you can start adding it to your spell ingredients. In most cases, you’ll be adding it to a potion or charm. However, you can also use it in rituals like cleansing baths.

rain drops on window glass

4) Use Rain Water As An Offering To The Gods And Nature Spirits

If you’re looking to connect with nature spirits, rain water is a great offering. Simply pour a few cups of rain water and place it outside near a tree or other natural object. Then light a candle and say a prayer asking the gods to bless you for your offerings.

Mother of All Living Things,

Let rain fall on the land and sea,

Shedding cool dews over every field,

Let there be no drought nor heat,

But let all moisture flow freely.

Using Rain Water In Your Ritual Bath

Another way to use rain water is in ritual baths. These baths are usually done at night when the moon is full. They’re meant to help us tap into our inner goddess and connect with the feminine side of ourselves.

A ritual bath can be as simple as adding some special ingredients to the bath water, or as elaborate as timing everything perfectly and doing a full ritual before entering the bath. Either way, these baths are a wonderful way to connect with the divine feminine energies within us all.

If any one should go to a well, and pour clear water into the hollow of his hand,

He who drinks of it shall find restfulness, and shall forget grief.

Mixing Rain Water And Moon Water or Lunar Rituals

One of the most popular uses of rain water is mixing it with moon water or lunar rituals. This combination makes a potent mixture that can be used for manifesting your desires. Working with the magickal energies of the moon phases as well as rain water makes for more potent magic.

The correspondences of the moon phases are:

You can also use the magical correspondences of the monthly full moons. They are:

Rainwater that falls in the garden,

Invisible, pure, and sweet

Is the same as holy water which flows

From the hand of the Goddess.

painting of man walking down a road holding umbrella

Magical Water To Banish Negative Energy

If you need a boost of energy and to clean away negative vibes, use the magickal properties of rain water! Rain water can be used to clean your home and magical tools to banish negativity from them. It’s a powerful tool for getting rid of bad luck and negative energy.

Rainwater is considered sacred in many traditions. It is sacred because it is the fluid manifestation of Life, but specifically it represents transformation and rebirth. Rainwater is seen as the elixir of life.

With clean hands I shall wash away the filth of death.

For I am the Lady of Waters, and no other knows how to drive back evil spirits.

Oh, be healed by the goddess of the flowing rain.

The Magical Properties And Spiritual Meaning Of Rain Water

Rain water has many magical properties. It can be used to purify your home and magical items. It can be used in rituals and spells to attract love, prosperity, and protection. It can even be used to wash away negative feelings. Here are just a few of its magical powers:

1) Purifies Your Home

Using rain water in your cleaning rituals can keep your home free of harmful energies and spirits.

Rainwater is used in occult practice to wash away impurities, negativity and sins, and to keep harmful spirits from entering into the house.

Water is the element of fertility and growth, and so rainwater is used as a sign of fertility and abundant growth. Rainwater is seen as a gift from the gods.

2) Increases Psychic Power

If you need an extra boost of psychic power, rain water can be used in your rituals or as a mist in a spray bottler around your sacred space. Just make sure not to drink any of this water.

Rainwater contains many of the same frequencies as Psychic Energy, therefore if you have a working relationship with this energy then it could potentially enhance your own energies.

brown leaf on asphalt road

3) Protects Against Bad Luck

This is one of my favorite ways to use rain water. You can sprinkle rain water on your windowsills, doorways, or anywhere else where there’s bad luck.

Rainwater is used throughout Mexico to ward off bad luck. It is believed that the rains bring new opportunities for growth and prosperity. Rainwater is used to wash away ill luck and negativity.

When we use rainwater we are able to tap into the healing energies of nature and channel them directly through ourselves to help us overcome our problems. 

4) Cleans Away Negativity

If you feel like you’ve been hit by a wave of negative emotions, then you may want to try using rain water to get rid of those feelings. Sprinkle some of the water over yourself while you’re still feeling down, or use it when you’re about to start a new project.

5) Keeps The Spirits Happy

Rainwater is said to bring good fortune and happiness to people who live near lakes, streams, rivers, and other bodies of water. If you have access to rain water, you should definitely use it in your rituals and spells.

6) Helps You To Connect With Your Emotions

When we’re sad, angry, or scared, our minds tend to shut down. When we do this, we lose touch with our emotions. Using rain water during these times will help us reconnect with our true selves.

May the rain flow as a river.

May the rain pour over my limbs.

May the rain fill my mouth.

May the rain moisten my lips.

May the rain nourish my flesh.

brown grass field towards trees

Water Collected During A Lightning Storm

The special meaning of water collected during a lightning storm shouldn’t be overlooked. Instead of being a source of calm water, lightning storms are a source of fierce water. This water will be best used in water magic spells for protection, cursing, binding, or other powerful magic.

Fierce water taps into the war association of deities like Aphrodite. For that reason, I would use lightning water in spells for protecting lovers, warding off cheating, and breaking up with lovers.

Your waters are the cure of illnesses,

And they are for the benefit of mankind.

May you bless us with health,

And may we receive good from your gentle showers.

Collecting Altar Water

Rain water can be collected to leave on your altars to the gods. Some deities will not like rain water over pure fresh drinkable water or bottled water, while others prefer it. If you’re not sure, meditate on the matter and ask the god in question what they would prefer. 

Natural water from rain is also very effective for cleansing altars. Use rain water to cleanse altars before performing ritualistic acts such as divination, spell casting, or healing.

Rainwater is a powerful source of magical power and blessing. Rain water is seen as a divine gift given freely to us humans, and we may use it at any time as an offering to the Gods. Rainwater can provide power through its cleansing properties, healing abilities, and ability to make plants grow. It is therefore important that we recognize the importance of rainwater in creating a living and vibrant environment for the spirits and deities that dwell within.

woman in brown tank top on water during daytime

Healing Rituals

Rainwater has long been considered sacred. Because rainwater is the purest form of water, it contains more magical energy than tap water. This makes it ideal for cleansing rituals and purification ceremonies. Today, rainwater is considered a source of power. The clean, fresh feeling of rainwater helps us feel better.

There are many modern day witches who practice rainwater spells to bring blessings to their homes, gardens, and loved ones.

Rainwater spell casting is very effective when done properly. The purpose of rainwater healing rituals is to remove unwanted energies from the body. This energy can be removed from physical ailments such as colds, flu, fever, and sore throat. Rainwater spell casting also helps to clear negative energy from the mind and emotions.

I love everything about rainwater witchcraft because it allows us to tap into the natural powers of the water element, and it’s extremely effective in helping us to heal ourselves.

Protection Spells

I love my rainwater and I try to collect as much as possible for when I need it. When I first started collecting rainwater I didn’t realize just how valuable it would become later on in life.

Rainwater is very powerful and has a variety of uses. You can use it to cleanse yourself, purify your body and soul, heal yourself, make things grow, remove bad luck and attract positive energy, etc.

In addition, rainwater is extremely useful during certain rituals and spells because it carries a lot of spiritual energy. It’s important to note that rainwater isn’t a replacement for holy water, which is essential for many rituals. 

Rain water can protect you from The Fae because it has a strong connection to them. They have a deep respect for water and will often seek out rainwater sources.

Rainwater is an excellent choice for protective spells against enemies. A simple rainwater spell can ward off evil spirits, curses, hexes, and other harmful forces.

The best way to cast a rainwater protection spell is to collect rainwater at night, preferably after a storm. After the storm has passed, spray the water around your home and place the bottle under your bed. The next morning, take the bottle outside and sprinkle some of the water onto your front door and windows. Then, close your eyes and visualize all evil spirits leaving your house.

It is important to understand that rainwater does not bring any harm to anyone, except those who try to hurt us. In fact, it brings love and light to everyone around it.

woman standing while holding black umbrella

Should You Drink Rain Water?

The power of rainwater cannot be underestimated, because it can bring positive changes and miracles to our lives when we use it properly.

But drinking it isn’t advisable. Unfortunately, rain water may be energetically pure, but it often is contaminated thanks to the horrible ecological pollution brought on by capitalism and the companies we allow to destroy the earth.

If you want to drink rainwater, then do so only if you’re sure it hasn’t been polluted with chemicals or toxic substances. I still don’t personally recommend it. Drink it at your own risk.

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