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Hexes And The Moon Phases

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The moon phases should dictate what kind of magic you’re doing as a witch. Why? Because the moon phases each have their own correspondences. So if you’re looking to do hexes or curses, how will the moon phases change your spells?

Curses done during a waning crescent moon should focus on removing things from people. Black magic done at the time of a new moon should begin new negative experiences in a person’s life. And hexes performed during the waxing moon should intensify negativity in someone’s life.

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Moon Phase Correspondences

You may not love the idea of cursing others or using black magic, but there could come a time when you’ll need to have this skill anyway. This table will tell you the themes of each moon phase:

Moon PhaseCorrespondences
New MoonNew beginnings, beauty, self improvement, love, romance, job hunting, farms, gardens, health
Waxing CrescentRegeneration, gathering, building, making plans, emotional work, strength building, fortification
First QuarterBalance, regeneration, renewal, courage, elemental magic, luck, motivation, friends
GibbousCourage, harmony, patience, peace
Full MoonTalent, beauty, health, fitness, decisions, legal problems, dreams, motivation, psychic power, protection
Disseminating MoonAddictions, divorce, emotions, stress, decisions
Last QuarterBanishing health problems, banishing stress, ancestor work, endings
Waning CrescentCorrect mistakes, settle disputes, decision making, removing habits, healing

Black Magic / Hexes And The Moon Phases

Now that you know these correspondences, we can figure out what kind of black magic to do during each moon phase.

Moon PhaseBlack Magic
New MoonRuining beginnings, low confidence, forming bad habits, breaking off relationships, unemployment, crop failure, health curses
Waxing CrescentDestruction, lessening of blessings, ruining plans, mood swings, weakness
First QuarterLosing balance, bad luck, arguments, loss of motivation, cowardice
GibbousCowardice, impatience, anger, chaos
Full MoonDepression, legal problems, nightmares, no motivation, spiritual warfare, hauntings and possessions
Disseminating MoonAddictions, divorce, mood swings, stress, indecision
Last QuarterNew health problems, stress, upsetting the ancestors, continuing problems, exes returning
Waning CrescentNew mistakes, bad luck, arguments, bad decisions, new bad habits

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