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How To Get The Forest Witch Aesthetic: 8 Ways To Connect To Nature

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To many, the forest witch aesthetic is appealing. The idea of living simply and off the land, meditating in nature, and being in harmony with animals is sort of a dream. So how does one achieve such an aesthetic?

Witches using the forest aesthetic fully embrace nature and live in harmony with the natural cycles of the world. Their clothes are dyed using berries and other natural dyes. They are surrounded by greenery and have an appreciation for animals. They live simply and in balance with the wheel of the year.

Although the forest witch aesthetic goes against modern society, it’s a dream to some people, so how does one achieve such an aesthetic? With a few simple tips, you’ll be living the forest witch lifestyle in no time!

How to get the forest witch aesthetic. A woman in blue and green in the forest wearing a robe.
The forest witch aesthetic is about much more than just wearing certain clothes.

Practice Herbalism 

A forest witch has spent a long time learning about wildcrafting, herbal medicine and plant magic, herblore, and plant identification. If she had to, she could probably survive alone in a forest only on the food she foraged. She knows that one wrong plant can be fatal if ingested, so she takes great care in knowing what is edible and what isn’t.

A forest witch is very similar to a green witch in their use of herbs in their magic. She uses them to enhance her spells, evoke the earth element in her energy, and work with their magical correspondences. 

She is also very aware of plants having medicinal properties. And she has extensive knowledge of wildcrafting (the practice of harvesting plants found in the wild, as opposed to them being grown in a garden). She knows how to use mullein just as easily as she can turn blueberry leaves into a tea to help diabetics. 

Use Natural Dyes For Your Clothes

If you really want to have an authentic forest witch aesthetic, you’ll at least try to dye your clothes with natural ingredients. Berries, leaves, and roots can be used to make natural dyes for your clothes. You have to remember that not all plants will yield the same color, so you’ll have to experiment with different plants. 

Some herbs work well as natural dyes – you just need a chemical-free dye solution to use as an application or; a natural medium such as vinegar, salt, or lemon juice for immersion dyeing. You can also use fruit and vegetables. For example, red cabbage will dye your clothes pink, and turmeric will stain your clothes yellow.

Sometimes, the color of the plant won’t transfer onto your clothes. You just need to prepare a better mordant (a chemical that helps natural dyes bond to fabric). 

Forest witch aesthetics. Forest witch symbolism. Eclectic witchcraft. Deer grazing on the ground in the forest.
Nature symbolism is important for the forest witch.

Embrace Minimalism And A DIY Attitude

Living a forest witch lifestyle means spending time in the forest as much as you can. You don’t have much use for a large home or modern possessions like a television. 

Of course, you don’t have to give up the modern products you love, but you will probably use them less as you become a forest witch.

And to truly honor the plants that you use for furniture, you may take up furniture making. Chopping down trees and making your own tables and chairs can be a spiritually fulfilling practice. You may also want to try weaving baskets using natural materials.

Spend Time Outside

The forest witch is inherently connected to nature and the earth element. So she will spend a lot of time outside (and under the trees). It’s very relaxing, and it clears your mind of many thoughts that compete with concentrating on your magic. 

Hiking through the forest or camping under a tree will give you the time you need to really meditate and think about your spells and intentions.

Being outside will help you to connect to the spirits of the land. Animals and plants will communicate with you on a deeper level as well.

Forest witch aesthetics. An animal skull in the forest.
Skulls and bones from animals, bleached by the sun, are commonly collected by the forest witch.

Tend To Your Garden

You’ll also want to have a garden if you’re going to live as a forest witch. Some witches keep gardens indoors, while others keep them outdoors. A forest witch usually keeps her garden outside, though, if she has the space to do so. 

A person who embraces the forest witch aesthetic usually grows her own herbs and vegetables. It’s a way to spend time outside and connect with plants. And it can also help you in your magic because you will learn how to communicate with the plant spirits. 

Spend Time With Animals

Forest witches often feel closest to forest animals. Animals like deer, foxes, and woodland birds will have spiritual significance for forest witches.

What do these animals represent spiritually?

  • Deer symbolism: The deer spirit is connected to the lunar energies and the goddess of the Moon and forest dwellers. Deer can also represent innocence and purity. The Deer Lady of Native American folklore shows us that deer can also be tricksters.
  • Fox symbolism: The fox is associated with witchcraft, trickery, and cunning. It can represent trickster gods, especially in the colors red and black. For many witches, the fox spirit represents nature and wild magic in general. 
  • Bear symbolism: The bear spirit represents strength and endurance. In Celt culture, it’s also a symbol of the Mother Goddess. 
  • Owl symbolism: The owl spirit is connected with magick, moon magic, and witchcraft. It’s a symbol of wisdom because of its ability to see in the night and wisdom because it was often depicted alongside Athena, the goddess of wisdom
  • Woodpecker symbolism: The woodpecker spirit can represent boldness, independence, and vitality in nature-based magic.
  • Squirrel symbolism: The squirrel spirit symbolizes wisdom, good humor, and agility.
  • Crow symbolism: The crow spirit can represent fate, death, and the Underworld. 
  • Moose symbolism: The moose is a symbol of knowledge, perseverance, and fertility. 
  • Frog symbolism: The frog spirit is a symbol of reincarnation and the soul.
  • Hedgehog symbolism: The hedgehog represents cunning, awareness, and quick wit.
  • Chipmunk symbolism: The chipmunk represents laughter and joy. 
  • Hare symbolism: The hare spirit represents sensuality, magic, and mystery. 
Forest animal symbolism. A deer in the forest with big antlers.
Forest animal symbolism is an important aspect for the forest witch’s faith.

Collect Bones Found In The Wild 

The forest witch is quick to collect the bones and antlers she finds in the wild. She uses them for decoration, to empower her magic, and to work with animal spirits.

It’s crucial to ethically collect bones. Ask the animal for permission before taking the bones, and never disturb bones that seem to be a home for another animal. 

Re-Wild Yourself 

Humans are a domesticated species, reliant on creature comforts and conveniences. The issue is that these conveniences could go away easily with the right disaster at the wrong time.

A forest witch should do all she can to re-wild herself. She should learn bushcraft and survival techniques and push herself to never be satisfied with too much comfort. 

She should also learn how to live off the land and never rely on a grocery store for life necessities.

She should be fully aware of the seasons and how they affect her survival. When summer is over, she’ll need to be ready for winter to come. Learning how to preserve food by canning, freezing, and drying is essential for forest witches. 

And of course, she’ll want to learn how to communicate with the animals in her area. She may even want to take up hunting and fishing as a way to connect with nature and assure she can survive if the grocery stores close. 

Since you are taking up the forest witch aesthetic, it’s a great idea to go outdoors as much as you can and spend time under trees. You’re reinforcing your connection with the earth when you do so. 

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Rewild yourself as a forest witch. A woman holding a skull with antlers in the forest.
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