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Who Should Worship Athena, Artemis, Hera, Hecate, and Aphrodite?

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Among goddesses, some of the most popular are Athena, Artemis, Hera, Hecate, and Aphrodite. Who should worship these five goddesses?

Athena – She is the patroness of war, strategy, strategy, technology, craftsmanship, and philosophy. 

Artemis – She is the goddess of hunting, archery, nature, fertility, virginity, childbirth, and chastity. 

Hera – She is the queen of gods and goddesses. She is the wife of Zeus. Hera oversees marriage and childrearing. She is associated with birth, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and the home. 

Hecate – She is the protector of witches, fortune tellers, sorcery, and witchcraft. She is also known for her association with crossroads, dark places, caves, and forests. 

Aphrodite – She is the goddess associated with love, beauty, pleasure, desire, sensuality, sexual union, procreation, and motherhood.

All of these goddesses are great at inspiring others to achieve great things.

Athena inspires us to be brave. We admire her strength, intelligence, and resilience. She gives us the desire to succeed. She helps us with our studies. Her influence allows us to become excellent leaders throughout history.

Hera inspires us to keep our promises. She lets us know we can trust people. Artemis inspires us to be physically fit. She motivates us to be active.

Hecate inspires us to be powerful witches. She teaches us how to protect ourselves. Aphrodite inspires us to be beautiful and successful. She brings us happiness.

So, do you think you connect with one of these goddesses? Read on to see if you’re a good fit.

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Who Should Worship Athena?

Athena likes intellectual gifts most of all. She wants to know how someone thinks; she wants them to develop ideas and give her a reason to keep listening. She likes knowledge, learning, and wisdom.

She also appreciates beauty and charm. She likes people who make her laugh. She doesn’t mind if they do it naturally or use artifice.

She likes those who can show her the way to new challenges. She likes those who tell her stories. Those who have adventures. Those who travel.

She values freedom and independence. She likes those who are brave and bold. She likes those who have nothing to lose.

Athena loves victory. She likes it when her plans come together. Her favorite weapon is strategy. She can appear cold and aloof at times, but deep down, she’s warmhearted and compassionate.

She’s not usually impulsive like Ares. She’s calm and rational. But if she gets angry enough, she can destroy almost anything. She’s also fiercely protective of her friends and allies.

Her powers include wisdom, foresight, divination, eloquence, inventiveness, and inspiration. She’s a patroness of science, arts, crafts, commerce, architecture, engineering, literature, law, and medicine.

Athena is wise. She knows the truth. Her insight allows her to see into the hearts of humans and divine beings alike. It’s why she’s so powerful and influential. The goddess of wisdom is also fair. 

Her actions are usually based on logic, reason, and cause and effect. She cares deeply about the welfare of humans and animals. She is concerned about the weak and innocent. She wants peace among nations and within families.

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Who Should Worship Artemis?

Artemis likes devotional acts as gifts most of all. Her favorite things are strength, speed, agility, endurance, and grace.

Artemis represents female energy and intuition. She is the protector of young mothers, virgins, girls, and children.

Artemis’ domain is the wilderness, and she has many associations with animals (such as wild dogs, boar, hare, vole, bear, roe deer, stag, lynx) and plants (heather, grass, ferns).

As a goddess of nature and childbirth, she is closely connected with the seasons, birth, fertility, and rebirth. As a virgin huntress, she defends marriage vows, chastity, and fidelity. You can see similarities between her roles and that of The Deer Lady in Native American folklore.

She likes people who are strong-willed and determined. She loves people who take care of themselves. She likes those who work out regularly, such as athletes. She prefers women to men.

She likes people with good health habits. She likes people who eat well and exercise often. Those who wake up early with the wild game earn her blessings.

If you have a sharp mind and a strong body, she is your friend.

She likes those whose minds are keen on finding solutions. She likes those who solve problems and think logically.

She likes those with a sense of humor and who enjoy life. If you want to be loved by this goddess, you must be kind and generous.

Artemis also serves as patroness of seamstresses, prostitutes, midwives, herbalists, astrologers, beekeepers, fishermen, hunters and fisherwomen.

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Who Should Worship Hera?

Hera is the Queen of the Heavens. She is also known as Juno. Her symbols are the throne, the scepter, the diadem, the golden apples of the gods, the peacock, the pomegranate, and the cow.

Her influence extends beyond Olympus, she rules over the world below. She is powerful and majestic. Her domain includes earth, sky, sea, air and every living thing on Earth.

Hera likes people who are true to their word. She values loyalty above all.

She likes people who don’t spread rumors. She doesn’t like people who gossip or make false accusations against others.

Hera likes honest people who tell the truth. She can be manipulative at times, so be careful.

She loves a woman who is strong and independent.

She wants mothers to feed their babies properly. Mothers shouldn’t allow their babies to starve. Mothers who breastfeed their infants are among her favorites. She loves happy families.

She appreciates family gatherings and celebrations. You can tell she’s fond of family members by the way she treats them.

Heroes are admired by Hera. So are brave, noble and virtuous men and women.

As a goddess, she demands obedience and loyalty from all around her. If it is needed, she can be ruthless and merciless. She punishes her servants harshly.

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Who Should Worship Hecate?

Hecate is the patroness of witches and sorcerers. She has a great number of names depending on where she is worshipped.

Those who serve this goddess are usually quiet and shy. They like to read and listen. Hecate likes people with sharp minds. She loves people who read books and study. She likes people who are curious and inquisitive.

Their thoughts are usually focused inwardly and they live daydreams. They tend to be solitary and introspective.

Many witches feel connected to Hecate. Some say that she is their patroness or spirit guide. It is said that she has appeared in dreams and visions. She appears as various forms, such as a young woman or an old crone.

Hecate likes those who help others before helping themselves. She is also known as the Queen of Witches.

Hecate likes people who like to learn new things. She loves knowledge and wisdom.

She likes people with strong personalities. She likes people who get things done and don’t procrastinate.

People who talk about dreams and astrology also please the goddess.

Hekate works with the dead. She is a protector of the underworld, she is also the guardian of graves, cemeteries, graveyards, tombs, mausoleums, and crypts. She protects against evil spirits, ghosts, and curses.

Paired torches are used to ward off evil and protect against sorcery. Dogs are considered sacred to Hekate. They symbolize protection and loyalty.

Serpents are associated with Hekate as symbols of transformation and renewal. Keys represent access to hidden knowledge. Daggers are used to cut or stab.

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Who Should Worship Aphrodite?

What kind of person should worship Aphrodite as the divine embodiment of sensual pleasure and the source of universal love?

Aphrodite has many facets. She is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Fertility, Health and Prosperity. She represents a variety of emotions including laughter, joy, tenderness and passion.

Aphrodite’s favorite thing is beauty. To her, beauty means peace, happiness, joy, fun and pleasure.

She also favors elegance, youthfulness, gentleness, sincerity and modesty.

People who worship Aphrodite are usually youthful (regardless of their age), beautiful, charming, kind, warmhearted, gentle, cheerful, witty, happy, joyful, sexy, playful, graceful and full of energy.

Those who adore Aphrodite like to make people laugh. They like to please others and give compliments.

Aphrodite takes pleasure in making people feel good about themselves. She wants to make people feel pretty and attractive.

She is happiest when she is around people who are confident and love themselves. She loves to receive gifts, but only if they are given with pure intentions and from the heart.

Aphrodite likes worshippers who are courageous and honorable. She rewards those who dedicate themselves to goodness and honesty.

Aphrodite doesn’t like liars or cheaters. She demands loyalty and devotion. Those who insult her will suffer her wrath. Her punishments range from physical pain to mental anguish and even death.

As the Goddess of Love, pleasure and sexuality, Aphrodite is a powerful influence in our lives. She is linked with the planet Venus and represents beauty, charm, elegance, sensuality and all things beautiful and desirable.

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