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Who Should Worship Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes And Dionysus

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There are many gods in Greek mythology, but some of the most popular and widely known ones are Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, and Dionysus. Hellenic polytheists range from eclectic witches to hardline reconstructionists.

Regardless of your path, you may be looking to see which of the Greek gods you are most called to. This is a difficult task for Hellenic polytheists because there are so many gods that it can be confusing.

One way to figure out who you are called to worship is to look at the characters in mythology. This site provides detailed descriptions and explanations of the different mythological characters, including their attributes, powers, and role in the stories.

Don’t worry! We have made it easy for you by describing a little about the Greek gods and what kind of people they like as devotees.

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Who Should Worship Zeus

Zeus was an ancient god from Greek mythology whose sphere of influence extended over many areas, including weather, fertility, war, and justice. Zeus is the king of gods, so his followers are expected to be noble. Zeus likes devotion, loyalty, and truthfulness. To be worthy of Zeus’ attention, one must be honest, faithful, and reliable.

Zeus likes people who give him credit where credit is due. He wants people who do good deeds.

Zeus appreciates people who are responsible and thoughtful. He sees intelligence in people who pursue knowledge.

He likes people with a sense of humor. It pleases Zeus when others laugh at his jokes.

Zeus likes those who have a sense of justice. He likes people who take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

Zeus likes smart and loyal women who are devoted to their families. He wants them to be helpful and supportive. Zeus also likes women who are intelligent, creative, and independent.

His followers should try to please their king. Zeus loves it when people are polite and respectful.

Zeus loves those who have courage. They show loyalty and kindness to others. Zeus doesn’t like those who abuse or hurt others. He wants them to make the right choices.

Zeus also likes followers who are humble. They are grateful for what they receive. They try to repay favors given to them.

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Who Should Worship Apollo

Apollo likes followers who are dedicated to music, poetry, and healing. He appreciates people who sing beautifully, compose beautiful songs, and make beautiful sounds.

He likes people with great talent in the arts. Apollo is drawn to musicians, poets, and healers. He wants people who are passionate.

He likes people of integrity and loyalty. Apollo is attracted to honesty and truthfulness. He likes people who give back to society.

Their dedication keeps them focused. They have a great deal of integrity. They make decisions based on principle. They are dependable and reliable.

Apollo likes people who are dedicated to helping people who suffer. He likes people who volunteer their time and talents to help others.

Apollo likes those who dedicate their lives to service. He likes those who put others before themselves.

Apollo wants people who live by the rule book. He wants people who keep their promises, who are loyal, courageous, honest, humble, and fair.

Apollo prefers followers who are happy and cheerful. He doesn’t appreciate people who complain or blame others.

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Who Should Worship Ares

To please the God of War, one must demonstrate both courage and discipline. It helps if one possesses a steady hand while wielding a weapon. Ares likes people who are physically fit and mentally tough. He wants his followers to be courageous, focused, and determined. He also wants them to be able to handle any situation.

A follower of Ares should expect to face challenges and obstacles every day. Challenges can come from friends, enemies, and even gods. But if a follower of Ares doesn’t show bravery, he won’t last long.

A devoted follower should learn to be calm in times of crisis and never give up. Ares expects his followers to take charge of their own lives and to make their own decisions.

When asked to help someone, Ares will expect you to get involved. He’s ready to fight and die for the side he supports, and you should be too.

For a follower of Ares, it’s essential to live according to strict moral principles. Anyone caught breaking these laws will face punishment.

Followers of Ares should be decisive and quick to act. Ares believes that boldness is essential when dealing with difficult situations.

A follower of the god of war should be brave, strong, and fearless. He should be able to deal with dangerous situations and defeat his enemies.

Men who are devoted to Ares should expect that he won’t necessarily approve of every decision they make. But he’ll appreciate a man who sticks by his convictions.

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Who Should Worship Poseidon

Poseidon likes his followers to be resourceful, thoughtful, fair, and friendly. He appreciates loyalty and honesty.

A son of Poseidon is a man of action. He doesn’t hesitate to make decisions. He is decisive and believes strongly in himself.

Poseidon likes people who work hard at getting what they want. He prefers leaders and bosses.

Poseidon likes devotees who are reliable and loyal. They keep secrets. They are honest and keep their word.

These people have big ideas and are full of energy. They are quick thinkers and can solve problems.

They have grand ambitions and achieve them. They are resourceful and creative.

They are excellent leaders and inspire loyalty among the people.

As a father of thousands, he is the patron of men with large families. Take good care of that big family to gain his protection. Treat them poorly, though, and you’re in trouble.

The sea is where Poseidon rules. He is the protector of sailors, fishermen, and seafarers. His symbol is the trident.

He blesses those who follow him. He brings success and happiness. He is the lord of earthquakes, storms, and tidal waves. He protects ships, harbors, and ports.

Who Should Worship Hades

Hades doesn’t really care whether his followers are male or female. He just wants honest and loyal people. This god can be cold and may seem uncaring. Deep down under all that ice, however, is passion and desire that threatens to control them.

Hades is the god of death. He is also the ruler of the underworld. He controls the dead and has power over the souls of the departed.

Those who worship Hades must be prepared to confront death. If they don’t accept this fact, they risk being trapped forever in the realm of the dead.

Hades is not an easy god to serve. He expects obedience from his followers. If you go against this god, you better have a darn good reason.

If you disobey him, you could end up punished severely. Hades, like Pluto, is associated with power, politics, wealth, rebirth, knowledge, spirituality, transformation, destiny, the subconscious, renewal, and desire.

Hades is a dark god. He likes darkness and shadows. He sometimes uses secrets and lies. He may deceive people and trick them into doing something stupid to teach them a lesson.

Hades doesn’t like to see people living lives of comfort while others suffer. He likes dedicated people who work hard at making their families happy.

Hades likes people who live frugally, are thrifty, and save money. He doesn’t like spendthrifts or lazy people.

Those who love this god have no regrets. They live each day as if it were their last.

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Who Should Worship Hermes

Hermes is the messenger of the gods. In ancient Greece, he was known as Mercury. The god of trade and commerce, Hermes is often portrayed with wings. 

Hermes is the patron of thieves, liars, and travelers. He is the guardian angel of children and athletes.

Hermes likes people who are clever and quick-minded. He enjoys helping people to learn new skills.

Hermes likes intelligent people who enjoy learning and who can think fast. He likes bright and curious young people who are interested in the world around them. He wants people who are resourceful and imaginative.

Hermes carries messages between mortals and the gods. He helps people communicate with their loved ones.

Hermes is considered the patron of thieves, merchants, travelers, and athletes. He is also the god of commerce, trade, and communication.

Hermes rules the arts and crafts. He is also the protector of inventors and poets. Hermes is known for his quick wit and keen intellect. He is also the patron of education.

Hermes is always ready to help people. He is approachable and friendly. He enjoys helping others. He likes people who are trustworthy and dependable. Hermes likes people who are honest and fair.

Hermes likes clever people who can think outside the box. He wants people who are creative and inventive.

Hermes is often called upon to help people communicate with the gods. He helps mortals understand the language of the gods. He also mediates disputes among the gods and between humans and the gods.

Who Should Worship Dionysus

Dionysus is the god of wine, music, drama, fertility, and nature. He is known for his wild behavior and his unpredictable moods.

The god Dionysus is popular among the young and rebellious. His followers are often intoxicated by alcohol and drugs. Dionysus likes people who enjoy having fun.

He enjoys seeing people enjoying themselves. When someone is boisterous and loud, Dionysus gets excited.

When somebody is calm and quiet, he gets bored. Dionysus likes it when people get drunk and act foolishly.

He likes people who are spontaneous. He likes to see people acting crazy. He wants to watch people dance and sing.

If you devote yourself to this god, you must express your feelings. He likes people who are passionate about what they believe in and what they want to achieve.

Dionysus likes people who are adventurous. He likes people who take risks. He likes people who challenge authority.

This god prefers people who are enthusiastic. He likes people who have a positive attitude towards life.

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