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Stolas Altar Ideas: Ars Goetia Demon Altars

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Stolas is a demon prince of the Ars Goetia that is popular among witches that work with demons. He was originally a fallen angel that now commands a demon army. Also known as Stolos, he was originally a celestial being and taught herbalism and astronomy.

Stolas can teach astrology, the concepts of astronomy, herbology, how to make magical sigils and talismans, granting of wishes, and invisibility. He commands many legions of demons.

His symbol is a raven – which is also the shape of his spirit – and he can grant invisibility, give advice on learning, provide wisdom, and has a deep knowledge of herbs and their medicinal properties. This demon can also tell you about stars and planets.

Demon stolas altar ideas

Symbols Of Stolas For Your Altar

So you want to honor Stolas on your altar. This demon can be honored with text books, space symbols, and his sigil, among other things.

Honoring Stolas may encourage him to grant you more insight and wisdom in all that you study. You always have to remember to show him respect, however. He is a demon, and if treated poorly, can still be a malefic presence.

Consider some of these items to represent Stolas on your altar:

  • Astronomy symbols
  • All stones
  • All-natural items
  • Air element symbols
  • The number 36
  • Things made from tin
  • Scrying mirrors
  • The sigil of Stolas
  • Science textbooks
  • Books on herbalism
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Symbols and correspondences of Stolas demon

Plants Associated With Stolas

Stolas is associated with herbalism and is thus easily honored with any plants on your altar. He is most closely linked with poisonous plants, however. Always be careful when handling poisonous plants, as even a simple touch can be enough to poison a person with some of these plants.

Flax and cedar are also important to Stolas. This is because flax is associated with knowledge and wisdom, while cedar is associated with death, magic, and spiritual power.

  • Flax: Symbolically, flax represents knowledge, friendship, and health. Flax is a variety of the Linum genus and is a type of flowering plant with blue or white flowers.
  • Cedar: The sacred cedar tree is associated with strength and power. Cedar is used to summon spirits and is tied to death because coffins are often made from cedar wood.
  • All herbs: Learning herbalism is easier with the help of Stolas, who has centuries of knowledge to offer the right witch.
  • All poisonous plants: Working with poisonous plants in witchcraft is a very dangerous practice, so it is best to honor Stolas on an altar with great caution.

Animals Associated With Stolas

Stolas first represents himself as a large raven or horned owl before revealing a more human form.

Animals and plants associated with Stolas demon

Offerings For Stolas

Showing respect to a demon always means leaving them an appropriate offering. While some deities don’t ask for offerings, refusing to leave a sacrifice to a demon is just asking for trouble.

Here are some of the many options that you can leave for this demon of sciences.

  • Stones found outside
  • All precious stones
  • Moon rocks
  • Spending time learning about scientific topics
  • Spending time under the stars and pondering their mysteries
  • Respect towards all teachers
  • Photos or art of space, planets, and stars
  • Poisonous plants
  • Raven or horned owl feathers
  • Yellow items because yellow represents learning
  • Teaching others the mysteries you learn
  • Honey, cakes, or garlic to feed his many legions of demons
What to offer to Stolas, demon prince

Where Should You Stolas Altar Be?

Unlike many deities, altars to the demon prince Stolas should be outside. He is a demon that thrives in nature and demands that those who follow him spend time in nature.

Stolas is also a demon of the day, and so all summonings and communications should be done when the sun is up.

North is the direction of learning, so an altar that you sit at facing north may be the best option. 

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