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18 Yellow Crystals For Healing, Power, And Wealth

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Yellow crystals represent the mind, intellect, will and enlightenment. Yellow crystals bring clarity to an individual’s thought processes and stimulate the imagination in order to facilitate creativity.

The spiritual meaning of yellow crystals is that they are a reminder for seekers of their ability to manifest their desires into reality through the power of thoughts. They are potent crystals for manifestation, the Law of Attraction, prosperity magic, and magic for happiness. They represent the sun’s power and wealth.

In this article I will go over the symbolism, meaning, and correspondences of the most popular yellow crystals.

18 yellow crystals. Use pyrite in your witchcraft.

Yellow Crystals Meanings

  1. Gold:  Gold is the most well-known and highly regarded of all the yellow crystals. This is the king of yellow crystals and enhances other energies when used. It is the perfect crystal for increasing wealth, manifesting prosperity, and attaining abundance in general.
  2. Citrine: Citrine is a form of quartz that is yellow in color. This crystal stimulates the mind and intellect, and brings awareness to issues that prevent one from moving forward. Citrine does not hold negative energy or trauma, but rather transmutes it to help alleviate such issues and move on. Citrine is known as the “success stone” or “merchant stone” because  of how it actually helps one to achieve their goals in abundance. Citrine is a very strong stone that can help block out negativity so that the individual’s dream path to success and prosperity can be realized.
  3. Amber:  This stone is yellow-orange in color. Amber is a very strong healing stone because of its ability to advance the healing process in the physical body. Amber can also assist in manifestation attempts.
  4. Zircon:  This stone is a yellow-green in color. Zircon acts like a protective energy shield and can be used to protect an individual from negativity. It is also a good stone for practitioners of magic, because it can help the practitioner to connect with the energies of the universe. In addition, zircon is a very good crystal for manifestation purposes.
  5. Sulfur:  Sulfur has the ability to activate the energy centers of the body and not only stimulate the vitality of the physical body but also the mind. Sulfur is one of the most potent stones for banishing negative energy. It is associated with Saturn and the alchemical process. Sulfur is a very powerful stone and should be used with caution.
  6. Yellow Diamond:  Yellow diamonds are very highly regarded because of their high vibration and spiritual value. It acts as a portal into the higher realms, bringing awareness to issues that concern one’s physical body. It represents authority, the sun, energy, joy, and enlightenment.
  7. Pyrite:  This stone is a very strong and protective stone used as a shield against negativity and protects against psychic attack. For prosperity,  it is often used in magical rituals because it helps to manifest abundance, money and success.
  8. Yellow Tourmaline: Yellow tourmaline reflects the sun’s energy and enhances it to bring about prosperity above all else. It is a very good stone for aiding in the manifestation of abundance. It reflects the sun’s light and brings its power into one’s life to aid in material and spiritual growth.
  9. Yellow Jade:  Yellow jade stimulates the brain and calms the nervous system. In addition, it is a stone of wisdom that brings about clarity of thought and decision making. It also aids in prosperity magic and helps bring in abundance.
  10. Chrysoberyl:  This stone’s vibration is very high, it is a stone of optimism that stimulates the mind, and it helps with learning. It is also a good stone for thought processes. It is a stone of abundance, prosperity, and victory.
  11. Yellow Corundum:  Corundum is a very powerful healing stone that eases pain and increases the flow of energy around the body. Corundum has energy to stimulate intuition, and brings about awareness during meditation.
  12. Yellow Apatite:  This stone resonates at the heart and solar plexus chakras (the “power chakra”) and aids in manifestation attempts.
  13. Yellow Tourmaline:  This stone is used a lot in healing and detoxification purposes. It has a high vibration that can facilitate deep meditation and connect with higher realms of consciousness. It will also help you to be less angry and jealous, and to be more optimistic and cheerful.
  14. Calcite:  This is a stone of innovation, self-expression and originality that stimulates the mind. It brings inspiration, enhances creativity and intuition, and stimulates the energy flow through the body.
  15. Heliodor:  This stone’s energy is very high. It brings about peace and harmony, and is used to seal the aura from negative energies. Heliodor also assists in good fortune, wealth, and abundance.
  16. Limonite:  This stone is an excellent stone for healing purposes. It stimulates the brain and aids in healing the physical body. It also aids in enhancing the intellect and creativity.
  17. Narsarsukite:  This is a stone of higher realms, the crown chakra is associated with it. It is helpful in manifestation attempts and it strengthens intuition. Narsarsukite encourages us to let go of people who treat us badly and hold us back from spiritual growth.
  18. Orpiment:  This is a crystal of growth and helps with decision making. For those who seek clarity of mind and a stronger intellect, it is an excellent stone.
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