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Transform Your Outfit Into Magic

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There is magic in all that we do, and in all things there is magic. In that way, you can make your life more magical by doing every day things with intention.

One way you can be intentional with your life is by wearing your magic. From your hair to your toes, you can infuse your whole look with magic that will make all your dreams come true.

Witches seem to have one aesthetic according to pop culture, but real witches really all wear dark colors?

Absolutely not! I know as many witches that wear pink every day as I do witches that wear all black.

Not to mention the hippie witches in earth tones and the business witches that wear expensive dresses and suits daily.

No, there is no one true witch aesthetic. You can wear all black and steel toe boots, or you can wear all pink and patent leather heels. Or anything in between!

Your clothes and accessories are just a few of the many tools that a witch can use to wield magic, and they can be some of the most powerful.

Clothes can also project your intention to other people and the universe.

Witches don’t have to look a certain way, but different styles can act as daily rituals that cast magic when worn. So what should you keep in mind when dressing magically?

Transform Your Outfit Into Magic - Eclectic Witchcraft

Clothing Colors

The color of your clothes and accessories can signal to the universe what your intentions are. The table below will tell you what the meaning of different colors are. Can you use them in your outfit to create a spell?

BlackProtection, uncrossing, warding off negative vibes, banishment, violent power
BluePeace, protection, calmness, communication, clarity, the throat chakra
BrownEarth, reconnecting to the natural world, home life, stability
GoldFinancial gain, business endeavors, the sun, business success, career boosting, legal success
GreenEarth, growth, money, fertility, new businesses, new opportunities, the heart chakra, forgiveness, platonic love
IndigoThe third eye chakra, healing depression, healing emotional vulnerability, self-realization, empathy, letting go of emotional baggage
Light blueHealing, patience, understanding, honest communication, trust, being truthful and fair
OrangeCreativity, beating writer’s block, attraction, encouragement, new opportunities, fun and adventure, self-expression, the sacral chakra, healing mental health
PinkSofter love, self care, kindness, good relationships, empathy, healing the heart, friendship
PurplePsychic powers, intuition, creativity, your inner royal nature, your highest self, ambition, power, the crown chakra, connecting to the divine, fate
RedPassion, sex, love, romance, seduction, courage, health, competition, war, power, the root chakra
SilverThe moon, divination, psychic powers, dreaming, astral travel, women’s mysteries, pregnancy, truth, intuition
WhiteA blank slate, cleansing, purification, innocence, new opportunities, new ideas, connecting to the divine, peace, unity
YellowAbundance, joy, happiness, sunshine, the source of life, persuasion, protection, the solar plexus chakra, self-empowerment, self-control, self-confidence

With the table above, you can add splashes of color to your outfit with the intention to find love, get a raise, or block out curses and negative energy.

While you may have worn the same outfit with no effect in the past, having an intention for the color puts magic into the clothes you wear.

There are some magic tools out there that would be magical in anybody’s hands, but for mundane items like clothes and most jewelry you’re going to have to put the effort into it to make it work for you.

Which is good! You wouldn’t want to accidentally wear clothes that inspire passion when you’re going to break up with someone… unless you were trying to torture them!

Woman in brown sweater with dark green nail polish

Jewelry Metals

The metal in the jewelry you wear holds magical power, too! Which metal should you choose? Consult the table of magical metal correspondences below:

CopperHuman ingenuity, creativity, discoveries and inventions, Aphrodite, the planet Venus, energy transfer, money, prosperity, healing, sensuality, beauty, balance, peace, luck, negotiations, harmony
GoldThe sun, personal growth, accomplishment, financial success, power, wealth, protecting children against harm and curses, masculinity, male fertility, authority, leadership, common sense, investments, inner strength
IronThe earth, the skies, the universe, “As above, so below”, grounding, astral travel, shamanism, protection, reflection of negativity, magical barriers, the planet Mars, Ares, war, warriors, power, courage, new beginnings, self defense, male fertility, astral travel
PalladiumWisdom, knowledge, mysteries, spirit work, psychic power, safe travel
PlatinumBalance, meditation, intuition
Rose goldDivine feminine, heart expansion, gratitude, appreciation
SilverMoon magic, intuition, wisdom, psychic sensitivity, psychic power, the third eye chakra, protection magic, reflecting negative energy, preventing curses, truth, trust
TinThe planet Jupiter, Zeus, sexuality, the sacral chakra, attraction (of objects or desires) magic, success, prosperity, abundance, healing, rejuvenation, regeneration, lightning, legal success, honor, wisdom

Jewelry is especially useful for creating talismans and magical items. They’re beautiful, so they draw the eye of other people. That can be used in a similar way to sigils, where whoever looks at the item subtly empowers it with their own energy.

Pairing a good metal with a gemstone from the list below is the recipe for a powerful and long-lasting spell.


As we all know, gemstones have magical power. Wearing or carrying a gemstone with you can act as a talisman or a constant spell that works in your favor at all times.

The table below lists just a few of the possible gemstones that can be turned into fashionable accessories.

AgateConnection to your highest self, comfort, healing
AmethystPatience, psychic abilities, mood balancing, calm, healing, relief from stress
CarnelianPersonal power, security, confidence
CitrineThe sun, prosperity, business success, positivity, happiness
DiamondClear headedness, luck, prosperity
EmeraldProtection, prosperity, creativity, grounding, self-esteem
JadeFinancial balance, prosperity
Lapis LazuliStability, regaining connection, intuition, mental clarity
MoonstoneStops mood swings, emotional well-being, strengthens intuition
OpalCreative passion, inspiration
PearlDecision making, wisdom
PeridotHealing, mental health, mood lifting, communication with your heart
Rose QuartzLove, self-respect, self care, communication
RubyWarmth, generosity, harmony with others
SapphireMood lifting, dream magic
Tiger EyePerception, psychic development, connecting with your intuition, visions
TopazMental clarity, focus
TourmalineFocus, mental acuity, meditation

I couldn’t possibly list all of the gemstones and their magical power, but these are a great place to start.

If you want to learn more, I recommend checking out Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham or any of a number of books about crystals.

Enchanted Shoes

In hoodoo tradition, foot track magic is powerful magic that can inflict a sort of poison on a person for years, cursing them with bad health or binding them from returning to you. But any item that can be used to curse someone can be used to benefit them, as well.

All of my shoes have sigils written on them to correspond with the purpose their color has. So my red high heels have a sigil I created to ignite passion and love, while my black running shoes have a sigil for protection while I run.

If I have worn shoes during a trying time in my life, I will leave them out in the moonlight to be cleansed, too. You don’t want to carry around that negative funk.

Hair Decorations

This is where women can go a little wild (men can, too, but they might get a few weird looks). What can you add to your hair that can create magical effects? You can use hair pins that have feathers for freedom, pearls for integrity, or obsidian beads for protection.

Sewn On Patches

You can either embroider your own patches with sigils and symbols, or you can find premade ones with symbolism that resonates with you.

The self-made ones will be more powerful, but either will work to add some magic to your outfit!

Fall fashion flat lay

Sigils On Tags

Like the sewn on patches, you can use the tags on your clothes to carry sigils. My holiday dress has a sigil to stop stress and fighting, and I have to tell you it has been so helpful for those holiday parties.

Enchanted Glasses

This is my favorite option. My husband wears glasses, and he also is a bit of an Eeyore. His daily attitude is usually much more morose and depressed than mine. To help him to see the brighter side of things, I did a happiness spell (which I will share later) on his glasses. Now he’s much more likely to see the silver lining in crappy situations.

You can use this same concept to make your glasses reveal your true love, help you to see the truth of a situation, or identify new opportunities worth pursuing.

Nail Polish Colors

Refer back to the list of color correspondences above, but nail polish is another way to bring color magic into your outfit. So, say you were going out to a bar looking for a new lover, but you wanted to protect yourself from some trashy guy that would hurt you more than help you. Wear that red dress for passion, but wear black nail polish for protection!

Combining the different elements of your outfit into one grand spell is where the really big magic happens!

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Secrets of lipstick magick. Lipstick colors and their color correspondences, as explained earlier in this post.

    Dark Divine Feminine: Lilith Spells Book