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Eye Color Magic: 11 Astonishing, Innate Magical Witch Powers

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Not many people know this, but every part of ourselves changes our magical power. The shape of our hands, your blood type, and even your eye color.

Eye color can influence what kinds of magic you do best. Some eye colors influence people into being natural psychics, while others make them better suited to green magic.

This post will give you some ideas on the best magic for your to try to suit your eye color.

Dark Brown Eye Color

Dark brown eyes that can sometimes look black are mysterious and secretive. Those who have these dark eyes excel at protective magic and magic that heals emotional stress.

However, those with these eyes can tend to absorb the emotions of those around them, or even the spells that others have cast. It’s important for anyone with dark brown eyes to regularly cleanse themselves of other energies and protect themselves from spells.

Magic to try: Geomancy, attraction spells, banishing spells, binding spells

Light Brown Eye Color

Those with medium to light brown eyes are most powerful when performing protective and supportive magic. When a friend is in need, these people can turn things around for them with the simplest spells.

Grounding is also most powerful for these people, and when they are doing a group spell they help to magnify and intensify the power of the spell being performed.

Magic to try: Flame divination, trust spells, truth spells

Hazel Eye Color

Those with hazel eyes have aspects of both green eyes and brown eyes, but their are even more powerfully tied to nature. Those with hazel eyes can become master herbalists or work incredibly magic when in a natural setting.

Magic to try: Friendship magic, defense magic, conjuring spells

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Dark Green Eye Color

When someone with dark green eyes works magic in a natural setting, their magic is intensified. This also happens when they do spells that they created, as those with dark green eyes have a creative spark.

Often, you will find people with green eyes to have a strong sense of morality, and so these people will be very strict about sticking to their ethics.

Dark green eyes are also help with manifesting wealth, though not always for themselves.

Magic to try: Strength spells, law of attraction magic, energy magic

Light Green Eye Color

Light green eyes help to bring calm and stability to otherwise chaotic spells. Those with light green eyes will be able to do spells others might see as dangerous without much worry of it blowing back on them.

Those with light green eyes will also have an easier time contacting spirit guides and visiting the astral realm than most others. For this reason, they often do well when practicing shamanism.

Magic to try: Green magic, chaos magic, glamour magic, revenge spells

Dark Blue Eye Colo Color

Dark blue eyes are intuitive and often are powerful psychics. Working with someone with dark blue eyes can help you to open your own third eye.

Someone with dark blue eyes has the power to change everyone around them by making their friends and family more sensitive to things beyond the visible realm.

Magically, those with dark blue eyes should endeavor to make contact with the spirit world to help work their magic.

Magic to try: Dreamwalking, ancestor spells, meditation, scrying

Light Blue Eye Color

Those with light blue eyes can work powerful calming magic. A trained witch with light blue eyes can walk into a room with people arguing and almost instantly calm the situation.

Those with light blue eyes, like those with dark brown eyes, can sometimes hold onto the emotions of others and should regularly cleanse and protect themselves.

Magic to try: Soothing magic, healing magic, sweet jars, energy magic

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Gray Eye Color

Gray eyes are equally capable of all forms of magic, though this sometimes means they never find what they truly excel at. They are brimming with possibility, however, and if they do find their specialty they quickly master it.

Magic to try: Anything you want! But try meditation, folk magic, conjuring magic, fairy magic, and communicating with the gods

Black Eye Color

Someone with black eyes has the natural ability to absorb energies all around them. Sometimes those with black eyes will absorb too much negative energy, so they should ground themselves often and look for happy hobbies and music.

In my experience, those with black eyes tend to have an affinity for working closely with lower spirits like demons and ghosts. Because their eyes absorb energy, they can detect these energetic beings and are more likely to be able to see or interact with them.

Magic to try: Summoning magic, demon work, and energy transference.

Eye Color That Seems To Change

Emotional, powerfully intuitive, and excellent with chaos magick.

Those that have eyes that change with the weather will work best with weather magic. With merely a thought, they can bring a storm or a draught to an area.

If your eyes change with your mood, you are a powerful shapeshifter, capable of using chaos magick to change the world around you. You can mold the world in your image, and make your dreams (or the dreams of others) come true.

Magic to try: Weather magic, chaos magick, shapeshifting

Gold Flecks In Eyes

Gold flecks in eyes are a sign of someone with power over wealth and the law of attraction. Manifestation comes easy to you, but so does solar magic.

Magic to try: Cinnamon money tea, spells to improve optimism and give hope, prosperity magic, job spells, success magic

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