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16 Red Crystals And Their Correspondences In Witchcraft

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Red crystals are stunning gems in jewelry or on a pagan altar. Red crystals tend to represent the element of fire, and have traditionally been used for protection as well as to heighten sexual and physical energy.

Witches use red stones in their spells and magic for many reasons, including all the properties of the crystals themselves, as well as the color red’s ability to energize other colors and bring out their power.

Red crystals for witch craft. Red velvet background.

About Red Crystals

With its energy of passion and intense emotion, many witches use red crystals in love spells and rituals. They are also useful in spells for power over others, political success, and legal success.

Physically, red stones can help anemia, strengthen the blood, and boost sexual energy. They can also be used to activate the life force, and to help cure wounds.

When spiritual energy is called forth, the color red can be used in rituals and spells to bring that energy in a tangible form.

Red crystals for witches. Illustrated crystals.

Black Crystals And Their Meanings

  • Red Agate: Banish negativity, increase your creativity, and enhance your ability to achieve goals. Red agate will physically ground you and bring out your inner power and self respect.
  • Garnet: A great crystal for protection and personal empowerment. It is also helpful in money matters, and brings good fortune. Purify and balance your energy. Garnet is a good crystal for those who work with the public, because it protects you from negative thoughts and emotions of others. It also helps you to enhance your power of concentration, especially when going through powerful changes in life.
  • Andesine Labradorite: Balance the metabolism, find clarity in times of stress, and attract success. Bring out hidden potential, dispel negativity, and encourage positive thinking.
  • Bixbite: Recover from illness or strenuous exercise, heal from stress, and heighten your overall energy. Increase your metabolism, enhance the immune system, and protect the body from toxins and illness. This crystal rejuvenates the body and mind.
  • Carnelian: Find stability, overcome abuse, and strengthen your ability to trust yourself. Carnelian helps you to see clearly, and speaks to your heart. This is an excellent crystal for all types of magickal work. Banish apathy and bring out creativity and innovative energy.
  • Cinnabar: This crystal is useful when working with Archangel Michael and increases your wealth, persuasive power, and vitality. It provides spiritual protection for all forms of energy work.
  • Coral: In times of depression, this crystal will lift your mood and help you to feel more positive, confident, and successful in your endeavors.
  • Red Diamond: This gemstone is a powerful choice for love spells, and will help you to attract wealth and success. It also gives you strong mental power that can overcome difficulties.
  • Fire Opal: Work with the solar plexus chakra. This stone helps you to trust your own intuition. It is a great choice for increasing your creativity and originality, and for dispelling apathy.
  • Red Jasper: Assert your boundaries, remember your dreams, enhance your sense of peace, and banish anger. This gemstone is helpful in enhancing your intuitive insights and perception.
  • Red Beryl: This crystal is a powerful choice for healing others, and will increase your physical energy and stamina. It will also help you to overcome sexual problems, including impotence. Enhance your vitality, stamina, and sexual energies.
  • Ruby: A power stone with the fire element, bringing strength and tenacity to the user. Enhance your self-esteem and drive, and overcome negative energy. This crystal helps you to find balance and stability, and enhance your life force.
  • Spinel: This beautiful crystal strengthens your passion, sensuality, and love for life. It is an excellent stone for self-love. Its energy will cleanse your aura, and enhance your personal power. It will also open you up to accept the help others offer you.
  • Sunstone: Associated with wisdom and spiritual energy, this crystal clears blockages and heals the heart. The high level of energy in sunstone can help you to feel more alive, and to gain self-confidence. Improve your luck and find your true purpose in life.
  • Tourmaline: Banish negative thoughts and create a more positive attitude. This crystal encourages optimism and brings out your unique spiritual essence. Deepen your ability to love, and bring out your passion and individuality.
  • Red Zircon: Rediscover your happy, positive nature with this crystal. Its fire energy enhances your passion and love of life.
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