1 Easy Self Love Spell: How To Have Self Confidence and Inner Strength Even When Mercury Is In Retrograde And Everything Sucks

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Why do we need to perform a self love spell?

One Easy Self Love Spell For Tired, Anxious Witches

As we work through this Mercury retrograde, you may be feeling frustrated and sick of it all.

I know that I’m not only sick of everyone else, but I’m pretty sick of myself.

I keep making mistakes that are easy to avoid, which is just making my whole life absolutely chaotic.

But beating myself up isn’t helping anything.

Actually, being too hard on yourself during trying times will only make you more likely to make mistakes!

Let’s all take a step back and really love ourselves.

This spell isn’t going to draw in money or attract love.

This is a spell that’s all about you and how awesome you are.

Set aside some time before bed and allow yourself to soak in the loving energy the universe wants to give you.

Ease your aching spirit and restore your self love through this simple spell.

With only a few ingredients, you’ll feel like a totally new witch.

Self Love Spell

When you’re feeling down and really just need to love yourself, this spell is your go-to.

Do this after a long bath and reading a good book or whatever helps you to relax.


  • 1 purple or yellow candle
  • 3 Drops cinnamon essential oil (diluted in 1 tsp of carrier oil)
  • A large mirror
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 Paper


After taking the time to relax yourself with a long bath, reading a good book, watching some Netflix, or whatever other self care you choose, sit in front of your large mirror.

Light the candle you have chosen for this spell.

With the pen and paper, write down all the wonderful things about yourself.

Go for at least one for physical, mental, and spiritual.

For instance, I like my hair, my ability to find a way out of any bad situation, and how much I have improved in reading tarot cards.

Close your eyes and meditate on what you have written down.

Consider each of those good qualities you have written down, and really love yourself for them.

When you’re ready, use the cinnamon essential oil that you diluted in a carrier oil to anoint your forehead, wrists and neck with small hearts.

Anoint the paper you wrote on, as well.

Look into your own eyes and repeat some or all of your affirmations.

Put the candle somewhere safe and allow it to burn all the way through. Place it on top of your self love paper.

Read your affirmation paper every morning and night.

Keep it in a safe place, like in your pillow case.

After you perform this self love spell, you will probably feel pretty tired.

For that reason, I recommend doing this before bed.

A long, restorative sleep will help you to replenish your self love energy and will make this spell more powerful.

True wellness starts within. Caring for your spirit will give you the willpower to care for the rest of yourself.

This spell works best when used with other self care rituals, like baths, reading, watching a good movie, meditation, and hanging out with loved ones.

Whatever energizes and replenishes you.

Good crystals to use in conjunction with this spell are:

These crystals will raise your vibration and make self love even easier.

They aid you with finding compassion and empathy not only for others, but for yourself.

The hardest person for most of us to care for is ourselves, so using crystals like these make the process easier.

Self love spell for easy withcraft that works. Practicing self love is especially important during Mercury retrograde. Let this spell guide you to forgiveness, understanding, and relaxation. Ease anxiety with this self care spell. You can write your own self love affirmations with this self love exercise. Self loving spell with a mirror, cinnamon essential oil, and candles. Don't self sabotage! Find self happiness and defeat self loathing. #selflove #selfcare #witchcraft #witch #wicca #pagan

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