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Mercury Retrograde 2022: The Pros and Cons of Mercury Retrograde & How To Survive It

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Mercury retrograde is here! In 2022, we will have long periods of Mercury in retrograde. You may feel like you have reached the lowest of the low, like your luck has run out and you are struggling to find your way in life.

Mercury rules the mind, memory and communication. This can affect everything from work to relationships. Some of the things you may feel during retrograde are:

  • Distracted or forgetful. Mercury retrograde can erase your work, causing you to go to meetings and forget what your team was discussing or even that it was a meeting at all.
  • When Mercury is in retrograde, some people will stop speaking to you for no apparent reason. Mercury retrograde tends to bring out the worst in some people.
  • Social networks will be a little out of control during Mercury retrograde. It’s likely that you’ll suddenly find yourself with an abundance of new or old contacts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • You may have trouble speaking your mind, speaking up for yourself, or you may find yourself not wanting to talk at all.

Mercury Retrograde Dates

The upcoming dates when Mercury will be retrograde are as follows:

Mercury Retrograde DateNotes
January 14 – February 3 2022In Aquarius and Capricorn
May 10 – June 2 2022In Gemini and Taurus
September 9 – October 2 2022In Libra and Virgo
December 29 2022 – January 18 2023In Capricorn
April 21 – May 14 2023In Taurus
August 23 – September 15 2023In Virgo
December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024In Sagittarius
April 1- April 25 2024In Aries
August 4 – August 28 2024In Virgo and Leo
November 25 – December 15 2024In Sagittarius
March 14 – April 7 2025In Aries and Pisces
July 17 – August 11 2025In Leo
November 9 – November 29 2025In Sagittarius and Scorpio
February 25 – March 20 2026In Pisces

Mark these dates in your calendar!

It’s always good to be ready for them, so you can start doing cleansing and blessing spells well ahead of time.

Mercury Retrograde Meaning

So what does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde?

The term retrograde comes from the Latin word retrogradus, which literally means “backward step.”

When a planet is in retrograde, it looks as if it is moving backward when viewed from the Earth.

It’s an optical illusion caused by the Earth’s rotation and the speed of orbit around the Sun of the other planets.

It happens when Earth moves faster around the Sun than another planet, that planet appears to travel backward as compared to the stars.

When Mercury is in retrograde, for many people, things begin to go bad.

It seems like a string of bad luck:

  • Your car breaks down
  • You lose your wallet
  • You fry your computer
  • You break up with your significant other
  • You fight with friends

Mercury is associated with the Greed god it was named after.

Mercury the god govens transportation and communication.

When the planet travels backward, its power to positively influence those things it governs is stifled.

It’s a time when one should be more cautious when speaking or travelling, double checking things, and maybe putting off bigger decisions until the retrograde is over.

What NOT To Do During Mercury Retrograde

Don’t accept a new job, and avoid doing any interviews at this time. Communication issues will hamper your chances of success.

Don’t buy technology or install new tech accessories. Hold onto that new stick of RAM until the retrograde is over!

Drive less. Car problems are very common during Mercury retrograde, so when you can, walk or use your bike. You’ll save money by not having to repair a blown tire or damage from a crash!

Don’t start a new business. Communication issues will make things turn sour.

Don’t move homes. You may find that what seemed like the perfect home actually had many issues!

Don’t travel away from home. Cancellations, postponements, and delays will hound you!

Limit large purchases. You’ll probably end up with buyers remorse!

The Positives and Negatives of Mercury Retrograde

There are many obvious negatives associated with Mercury retrograde, but there are some positives too! Here are the pros and cons of Mercury retrograde:

Positive Aspects of Mercury Retrograde

Brainstorming: This is a time of great creativity. Ideas will take new twists and turns.

Reflection: Issues from your past will come into a new light. Clarity and resolutions will follow.

Organization: Mercury Retrograde is the perfect time to declutter, sort through old clothes, organize files, and deep clean.

Planning: If you’re considering starting a business or new project, this is the time to slow down and really plan it out. New details and information will pop out that you hadn’t noticed before.

Research: For those who are writing a book or trying to learn something new, this is the time to really do some deep researching.

Going with the flow: This is the perfect time to practice letting things go, learning how to focus, and increasing your patience. Maybe take up some meditation so you can stay relaxed.

Negative Aspects of Mercury Retrograde

  • Contracts and agreements fall apart
  • New jobs become jobs from hell
  • New customers for your businesses end up being nightmare customers
  • It’s hard to write or say the right thing
  • Meetings and appointments end up cancelled, delayed, or taking forever to finish
  • Long distance travel is more dangerous or more annoying, with delays, items being lost, unexpected weather problems, etc
  • Computers, phones, printers, and all tech end up going bad or losing data
  • When shopping, what you thought was a great deal ends up being a scam or more expensive than it should have been
  • New roommates that move in during this time will be absolute nightmares
  • New home bought at this time will have unexpected problems and need expensive repairs
  • Cars break down more easily
  • Arguments are much more likely
  • Miscommunication! Nothing will be coming out of anyone’s mouths the right way.

I hope this Mercury Retrograde survival guide has helped you learn how to survive and thrive during these trying times!

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Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Mercury Retrograde can be a pain, but there are ways to survive it! What's stopping you from living your best life? There are ways to make it through Mercury is in retrograde: learn how now!

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