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Dealing With Mercury Retrograde Like A Witch

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Is Mercury Retrograde real? Yes! Mercury is a planet and it does undergo a retrograde period. Mercury stations retrograde approximately three to four times a year. When the planet is stationing retrograde it does not appear to move in its chronological motion. It appears to move backwards, and this optical illusion can cause many strange things in our lives.

A witch can cope with the weirdness of Mercury retrograde with protection spells, patience spells, meditation, and shadow work. It’s all about working with the energy of the sign Mercury is in, and with the Mercury energy in your own natal chart.

Is Mercury retrograde causing me problems? It could be, but not always. Mercury Retrograde can have different effects from person to person, depending on their natal chart. However, it’s wise to take special care with all kinds of communication when Mercury goes retrograde.

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When Does Mercury Go Retrograde In 2022?

As I write this, we are in the final Mercury retrograde of 2021, but looking ahead when will we have to deal with this retrograde in the coming years?

We start 2022 with a Mercury retrograde starting January 14 and running until February 3. This retrograde begins in Aquarius and ends in Capricorn.

The next Mercury retrograde is May 10 2022 to June 2 2022, starting in Gemini and ending in Taurus.

September 9 2022 to October 2 2022 is the third Mercury retrograde for the year, starting in Libra and ending in Virgo.

Finally for 2022 and into 2023, Mercury stations retrograde from December 29 to January 18. It remains in Capricorn.

April 21 to May 14 2023 has Mercury in retrograde in Taurus.

August 23 to September 15 2023 will be Mercury in retrograde in Virgo.

December 13 2023 to January 1 2024 will have Mercury in retrograde in Sagittarius.

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Mercury Retrograde DateNotes
January 14 – February 3 2022In Aquarius and Capricorn
May 10 – June 2 2022In Gemini and Taurus
September 9 – October 2 2022In Libra and Virgo
December 29 2022 – January 18 2023In Capricorn
April 21 – May 14 2023In Taurus
August 23 – September 15 2023In Virgo
December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024In Sagittarius
April 1- April 25 2024In Aries
August 4 – August 28 2024In Virgo and Leo
November 25 – December 15 2024In Sagittarius
March 14 – April 7 2025In Aries and Pisces
July 17 – August 11 2025In Leo
November 9 – November 29 2025In Sagittarius and Scorpio
February 25 – March 20 2026In Pisces

How long are Mercury retrogrades? The retrograde cycle of Mercury lasts about three to four weeks. That can feel like an eternity when you’re dealing with tech issues, car troubles, and canceled travel plans.

Luckily, there are ways to cope with the chaos and drama of Mercury retrograde!

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Mercury Retrograde Coping Techniques For Witches

If you’re not content to just sit and suffer during these chaotic astrological transits, there’s good news! There are a few ways to make the most of Mercury retrograde, and witches have the best ways of all. Just use a little bit of magic!

Light Some Incense

You can light some incense to create a protective space. Incense can also help you refocus your thoughts on what’s important, and use the power of scent to attract luck during this stressful time!

Incense can protect, cleanse, and banish negative energy. You just have to choose the right incense!

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Clear Your Space

Mercury retrograde is a time for reflection, but it can also be a time of messiness. Don’t let your space become filled with the chaos of the retrograde! Cleaning your space can have magical effects, and it’s an activity you can easily do every day.

Cleaning everyday is also a very witchy practice! You just have to decide how you want to approach the process. Using incense like I said above, you can cleanse your space of negativity.


Meditation is a powerful tool that can help you to get through the madness of Mercury retrograde. You can meditate on your purpose during this time, or meditate on positive energies that will bring you through the next few weeks.

Meditation is one of the easiest ways to cope with stress and re-center when the world seems to be falling apart. That means Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to try meditation to clear away negative energy.

You may choose to focus on your purpose, or to work on your joy when things are dark. Mercury Retrograde can be when you’re at your most connected with yourself spiritually. It’s all up to you how you want it to look!

When things get hectic or crazy in your everyday life, (which they often do during Mercury Retrograde) it’s always important to ground ourselves. There are many different ways to do this, but meditation can really help us achieve that.

You can meditate anytime, anyplace – I find that I’m drawn back to meditation when things get really crazy, so I encourage you to try it every day!

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Protection Spells

Protection spells can ward off bad things and negativity- which is what we’re trying to do when Mercury Retrograde hits. You can find protection spells all over the internet, but simply imagining an egg of energy around you is one of the simplest and most effective protection spells out there.

You can even do something as simple as wearing black to block out bad energy. Or you can use protection crystals or make a protection jar spell.

Use Your Power Of Positive Thinking

It’s all about blocking out the bad vibes. The power of suggestion can have a powerful effect on your life. Our thoughts and visions about the future have a major impact on what we see when we look in the mirror.

This is why it’s important to use care when thinking out loud, because what you say and think about yourself during Mercury Retrograde may just come true!

It’s easy to get into the habit of worrying when Mercury Retrograde begins, but by being mindful and using positive thoughts, you can overcome evil events. Manifest positivity instead of chaos!

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Do Shadow Work

Shadow work journaling is an act of introspection and reflection. It is the process of writing about your thoughts, fears, and emotional responses to any events that happened in recent times. It can also consist of reflecting on past events that contributed to your current state.

This is the best time for shadow work because it provides you with space to think about all your current issues without them weighing you down. Shadow work may not solve all your problems but it will make dealing with Mercury Retrograde easier!

Focus On Flexibility

During Mercury retrograde it’s important to be flexible because you never know what type of high stress events are going to happen.

Manifest a spirit of flexibility within yourself during these chaotic weeks. It’s a lesson that will carry through the rest of the year and serve you even when times are good.

During Mercury retrograde, you’ll find that your plans may fall through or you’ll deal with delays. If you plan for this, you’ll have an easier time during the retrograde and outside of it too!

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Spells For Patience

To survive Mercury Retrograde, it is important to use spells for patience as a way of preventing stress during the retrograde. Some spells that you might like to try are:

Slow Down

One of the most important ways to survive Mercury Retrograde is to slow down. Focus on taking one step at a time, don’t try to multitask if you can avoid it, and double check your plans before you act on them.

Slowing down like this can help you to avoid the sort of mistakes that can lead to tech problems or plans falling through. Choose to be mindful in all that you do, even if it means taking a little bit longer. This won’t protect you from EVERY mishap, but it’ll save you from a lot of them.

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Carry Crystals

Crystals can be a great way to help you calm down and take advantage of the chaos during Mercury Retrograde. Emotional healing is something that can happen when we’re in tune with our bodies and give them time to heal themselves.

Crystals like Tourmaline, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite are all excellent choices for this type of meditation because they have been known to soothe frazzled nerves and calm wild thoughts.

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