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Air Spell: Safe Travel With 1 Simple Airplane Spell

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This elemental air spell will help to ensure safe travel on an airplane. Air elements symbolize the spirit of freedom, movement, change, and growth. They represent the power of the wind, the breath of life, and the energy that moves us forward in our lives.

Airplane travel can be stressful for many people. In fact, some people find it so stressful that they suffer from anxiety before their flights. Use the element of air to help ease your nerves and have an easier flight.

If you are in a season of travel, you may be feeling some anxiety about flying. Anxiety can be defined as an unpleasant emotional state that involves feelings of fear, worry, nervousness, apprehension, and unease.

I know that I get anxious every time I am about to fly.

I hate heights and I really get into my head about what I see as a very dangerous form of travel.

So I made this travel spells when I was about to fly down to Florida.

This is specifically a spell for flying in an airplane.

Book Of Shadows
Air Spell: Safe Travel With 1 Simple Airplane Spell

Download a simple spell to ease your mind when you have to travel via airplane.

Perfect for your book of shadows.

Magical Correspondences In This Spell

Understanding the magical correspondences of the ingredients in a spell can help to enhance the intention and energy behind the spell. Here are some potential correspondences for the ingredients in the elemental air spell for safe airplane travel:

  1. Toy airplane: The toy airplane serves as a physical representation of the mode of transportation being used for travel. It could be seen as representing the energy of forward motion, travel, and exploration.
  2. Sharp knife or athame: A sharp knife or athame is often used in rituals and spells to direct energy, cut through negative energy or barriers, and create a physical connection to the spiritual realm. It could be seen as representing the energy of clarity, focus, and protection.
  3. Anise oil: Anise oil is known for its ability to promote psychic awareness, clarity, and protection. It could be seen as representing the energy of purification, clarity, and protection.
  4. Three-leaf clovers: Three-leaf clovers are often associated with luck and abundance. They could be seen as representing the energy of prosperity, abundance, and protection.
  5. Uncooked rice: Rice is often used in spells and rituals to represent abundance, prosperity, and fertility. It could be seen as representing the energy of nourishment, abundance, and growth.

These ingredients could be seen as representing the energy of safe and abundant travel, protection, clarity, and growth. By incorporating these correspondences into the spell, you can help to enhance the intention and energy behind the spell and promote safe and stress-free travel.

Air spell

Elemental Air Spell For Safe Airplane Travel

Simple Travel Spell

Simple Air Travel Spell

This easy spell is perfect for before you go on an airplane.

Travel safely and ease your own flying anxiety.


  • 1 toy airplane
  • 1 sharp knife or athame
  • 1 tbsp anise oil
  • 1 cup three leaf clovers
  • 1 cup uncooked rice


    1. Take your toy airplane and carve a pentagram in it on any part of it.
    2. Anoint the airplane with anise oil.
    3. Place the airplane on your altar or on a safe space at least 2 feet from the ground.
    4. Surround the airplane with the rice and clovers for at least one full night.
    5. Either leave the plane on your altar or take it with you when you fly.

If you want to learn more about elemental magic, Earth, Air, Fire & Water by Scott Cunningham is a great place to start.

Tips For This Safe Travel Spell

Performing a spell is a personal practice, and what works best for one person may not work as well for another. However, there are some tips you could consider when performing the elemental air spell for safe airplane travel to help make it more powerful and effective.

  1. Set your intention: Before you begin the spell, take a few moments to ground yourself and set your intention for the spell. What do you want to achieve through this spell? Do you want to release anxiety or promote safe and stress-free travel? Clarifying your intention can help you focus your energy and attention during the spell.
  2. Choose a sacred space: When performing the spell, choose a sacred space where you feel comfortable and protected. This could be a quiet room in your home, a peaceful outdoor location, or your altar. Creating a sacred space can help to enhance the energy of the spell and promote a sense of calm and focus.
  3. Use high-quality ingredients: When performing the spell, use high-quality ingredients that resonate with you and the intention of the spell. For example, you may want to use anise oil that is pure and high-quality to enhance its energy and effectiveness.
  4. Align with the energy of the air element: To make the spell more powerful, consider aligning with the energy of the air element. This could involve performing the spell during a particular phase of the moon or at a specific time of day when the energy of the air element is strongest. You could also incorporate symbols or tools that represent the air element, such as feathers or incense.
  5. Visualize your intention: During the spell, visualize yourself experiencing safe and stress-free travel. Imagine yourself feeling calm and relaxed during the flight, and arriving at your destination feeling energized and refreshed. By visualizing your intention, you can help to align your energy with the energy of the spell and make it more powerful.

By following these tips, you can enhance the energy and effectiveness of the elemental air spell for safe airplane travel. Remember to trust your intuition and personalize the spell to fit your own needs and preferences.

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How Does The Air Element Relate To Travel?

The air element relates to travel because it can be used to help you get there. In this case, the air element represents the means of transportation that will take you to your destination.

The air element is also related to the planet Mercury and the deity Hermes, which are related to the very concept of travel.

Hermes And Mercury

In many spiritual and magical traditions, the deity Hermes and the planet Mercury are associated with travel, communication, and commerce. Both Hermes and Mercury are known as “messengers of the gods,” and are often depicted with wings on their feet or helmet to symbolize their swift movement.

Hermes, in particular, is associated with safe travel and protection during journeys. In Greek mythology, Hermes was the patron god of travelers, and was often invoked for protection during long journeys. In addition to travel, Hermes is also associated with commerce, language, and writing, and was seen as a mediator between the human and divine realms.

The planet Mercury, which is named after the Roman counterpart of Hermes, is also associated with communication, travel, and commerce. In astrology, Mercury is known as the planet of communication and the mind, and is associated with intellect, language, and technology.

When performing the elemental air spell for safe airplane travel, you could invoke the energy of Hermes or Mercury to enhance the energy of the spell. This could involve creating an altar dedicated to Hermes or Mercury, or incorporating symbols or offerings that are associated with these deities. For example, you could include a feather or a statue of Hermes on your altar, or burn incense that is associated with the planet Mercury.

By invoking the energy of Hermes or Mercury, you can help to promote safe and stress-free travel, as well as enhance communication and understanding during your journey. Remember to personalize the spell to fit your own needs and preferences, and trust your intuition when working with these powerful energies.

Book Of Shadows
Air Element Plants: 30+ Divine Witch Herbs And Plants

Start your journal as a magical herbalist with this list of air element plants.

You can use these plants in travel spells, communication spells, and any spell that relies on the air element.

This PDF is formatted to fit your Book Of Shadows.

Safe Travel Spell Affirmations

In addition to spells and other magical practices, affirmations can be a helpful tool for promoting safe and stress-free travel. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself to help change your mindset and focus on the positive aspects of a situation.

Here are some affirmations you might consider using before and during your next flight:

“I am safe and protected during my travels.”
“I trust in the pilot and crew to safely guide us to our destination.”
“I am calm and relaxed during my flight.”
“I am grateful for the opportunity to travel and see new places.”
“I release any fear or anxiety and embrace the adventure ahead.”
To use affirmations, repeat them to yourself in a quiet space before your flight or during moments of stress or anxiety while flying. You can say them silently or out loud, and it may be helpful to write them down or create a visual reminder (such as a post-it note or phone wallpaper) to keep them top of mind.

While affirmations may not guarantee a completely stress-free travel experience, they can help shift your mindset and promote a sense of calm and positivity. Remember to combine affirmations with other practical measures, such as arriving at the airport early and staying hydrated during your flight, to promote safe and comfortable travel.

Spell for safe travel


Why is Hermes god of travelers?

Hermes is the Greek god of commerce, language, writing, thieves, and travelers. He was often associated with travel due to his swift movements, which were believed to allow him to travel quickly between the worlds of mortals and gods. As the messenger of the gods, Hermes was responsible for carrying messages and delivering news across great distances, which further emphasized his association with travel and communication. Additionally, Hermes was seen as a protector of travelers and was often invoked for safe journeys and protection from harm.

What does Hermes use to travel?

Hermes was often depicted with wings on his feet or helmet, which allowed him to travel quickly and efficiently. In Greek mythology, Hermes was known for his swiftness and agility, and was often called upon to deliver messages or transport people or objects from one place to another.

Does Hermes protect travelers?

Yes, Hermes was known as a protector of travelers in Greek mythology. As the god of commerce and travel, Hermes was often invoked for safe journeys and protection from harm. In some traditions, travelers would leave offerings at shrines dedicated to Hermes in order to ask for his protection and guidance during their journeys. Additionally, Hermes was associated with luck and good fortune, which further emphasized his role as a protector of travelers.

Who is the god of travelers?

There are several gods and goddesses associated with travel in different mythologies and cultures. In Greek mythology, Hermes is the god of travelers, while in Roman mythology, the god Mercury is associated with travel and commerce. In Norse mythology, Odin was sometimes referred to as the “All-Father” and was believed to be a protector of travelers. Additionally, there are many deities in different cultures who are associated with specific types of travel or journeys, such as the Hindu god Ganesha, who is believed to be a patron of travelers and new beginnings.

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