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9 Steps To Connect With Your Angel Guides

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Connecting to your angelic guides is a profoundly rewarding experience that can open up greater possibilities and spiritual insight into your life. Angels have universal symbolic appeal and thus have remained essential to a wide range of spiritual beliefs across religious and pagan traditions. From the Archangel Michael symbolizing faith in Christianity, to the Islamic Munkar and Nakir who test the faith of the dead, angels are seen as powerful beings with immense influence. In paganism they may also be personified by guides, guardians, or even gods of a particular religion or spiritual practice.

The power of angels often bridges divine beings and people on Earth. They can act as emissaries between humans and the supernatural realm, carrying messages from deity in order to calm disasters, announce miraculous births, grant wisdom or bring revelations.

When invoking pagan deities for guidance or divine blessing it is important to remember that each angel has its own agency and connection to one’s own pantheon of deities; therefore it is vital that proper respect and rituals be observed before calling upon any angel. Furthermore, we should remember that angels also thrive on belief as much as we do on their guidance. Faith can open many doors – may your journeys always be blessed with angelic insight!

St. Augustine believed that angels were divine messengers, sent by God and the ruler of the heavenly host. According to him, these wondrous beings could bring us great comfort, wisdom and guidance if we have an open-heart to receive their gifts. He has said that if we develop a sincere relationship with our personal angel and invite their presence into our lives, then they will be able to provide priceless insight into our lives, help us make better decisions in the moment, and assist us in any other areas where help is needed.

We should seek relationship with our angels in much the same manner as we would with any earthly friend; consistency and genuine openness is key. Praying for guidance or sending up prayers of thanks alone will not suffice – it is important to also actively express interest in developing these relationships and talk directly to them like you would talk with another person. While it can be difficult at first to recognize divine communication from a usually elusive angelic presence, if you trust in your intuition and raise your frequencies by utilizing methods such as meditation or yoga practice – then you will soon begin to see evidence that your efforts have been fruitful.

There are 9 simple steps you can take to open the pathway of connection and communication with your angelic guides:

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Quiet Your Mind

Take some time to sit in reflection or meditate, allowing yourself to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and any distractions that can arise.

Meditation helps the mind to settle in stillness and find peace. During meditation, one can access a state of quiet contemplation, allowing for deeper insight and self-reflection.

Through the process of calming down mental chatter, one can connect with their own authentic wisdom and guidance by diving into spiritual realms and uncovering hidden messages. Additionally, regular practice of meditation can assist greatly in improving focus and clarity as well as taming negative emotions or thought patterns.

Taking part in this practice will open up a portal to creativity, intuition, healing and higher states of being – as it is possible to look within our true self by doing so. Angels are always around us, but we must be open to receive their messages.


Spend a few minutes visualizing a scene where you are surrounded by angels and other heavenly light beings connecting with you on both a physical and emotional level.

During this time of visualization, focus on the angelic energies around you and connect with them. Ask for guidance and assistance from these beings, visualize yourself communicating with them and listening to what they have to say. Feel a wave of warmth washing over you as the angelic energies foster a feeling of peace and comfort within you.

Once your visualization is complete, take a moment to reflect on any answers or messages that resonated with you during your session. Hold onto these feelings or insights close as they come from your angels who are ever-faithful guides. You can additionally use an object such as a crystal or card as a physical representation of their presence in your life.

Finally, remember that when it comes to connecting with angels, practice makes perfect! With regular practice and dedication, your connection will continue to grow stronger until you no longer feel alone in this world.

Invoke the Blessings

Ask for the highest vibrations of love and light to be within your vicinity during your next practice of spiritual connection. If desired, call upon Archangel Michael for protection or Archangel Raphael for assistance in matters pertaining to healing.

Sit in a comfortable position and maintain a soft relaxed focus with your eyes closed. Start breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Allow yourself to relax deeper before taking each breath until eventually you are fully immersed in a meditative state.

When ready, summon the angel that you wish to connect with. Speak their name aloud or inside your mind and send forth an invitation for them to come into your presence. Continue silently welcoming this presence and thank the angels for their willingness to assist you on your spiritual journey before asking what message they have brought with them today.

Be patient and always remain open to receiving messages from the angelic realm as it could be in subtle forms like feeling physical sensations, hearing words or phrases, seeing bright colors or images in visions or simply knowing things without being told directly by someone else. Once you have received all necessary information from the angelic presences, offer thanks one last time then gently let go after taking some moments of contemplation with the new insights gained from your experience.

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Open Your Heart

Visualize your heart center opening up as a flower blossoming with the purest Divine love available. Allow any doubts or fears to drift away from you like clouds in the sky, making space for an optimal connection filled with truth and unconditional love.

Call forth the angelic presence of your guardian angel, higher self and spirit guides to be with you in this moment. Speak out loud any greetings or messages they have for you. Take a few moments to listen carefully to their message and allow your heart to hold the truth of these words.

Visualize yourself enveloped in the presence of love, guidance and protection that is available through your spiritual family. Feel the weight of their presence upon you while taking a few deep breaths, allowing yourself further access into the realms of support and wisdom that lie on the other side of your reality.

Take a few moments to explore this space within yourself, connecting with its infinite power as it opens up access to all life’s lessons, challenges and opportunities; all given through love. You are now open for direct contact with your angelic helpers who will guide you throughout life’s journey.

Connect with a Particular Angel

Once you feel open and vulnerable within the connection, ask the angelic realm to connect you with an angel that aligns with the spiritual lesson and wisdom you are seeking in this moment.

Once you have made your request, take a few quiet moments to open up to the angelic connections that come. Listen deeply and you will likely receive messages on what is most important for you to know in this moment.

These messages may come in the form of images, words, feelings, or all three at once. Take time to write down any insights or unexpected messages that you receive and acknowledge them as divine guidance from your guardian angels. Throughout this process, be sure to honor any spiritual boundaries you set in order to stay safe and surrounded by love.


Observe how they respond to your request and allow yourself to sense their presence within your aura/space. Pay attention to any feelings that arise, any energetic responses or symbols that may present themselves as answers or solutions to questions asked.

Be sure to take time to listen and observe the angelic presence that is with you. Allow yourself to be open and receptive to any messages they may have for you. Ask questions, express gratitude and remain in a state of receptivity as you receive their answers. Be mindful of any physical sensations or emotions that arise as these are often indicators of the truth behind the message being sent.


Begin a conversation with your angelic guide, discussing the issues at hand or any pertinent messages that are to be shared. Ask questions and listen intently to the answers they give. Speak openly and honestly, expressing any doubts or fears that may arise.

Be sure to thank your angelic guide for their presence and guidance throughout the process. Express gratitude for the wisdom they have shared with you and acknowledge the importance of this connection in your life.

Thank Them

After you have finished talking, thank your angelic guide for their teachings and insight. Let them know that their guidance was greatly appreciated and invite them back again should you feel called upon to continue the dialogue in another moment of need.

Through regular contact and grateful reverence, you can gradually become more attuned to your angel Guides. With practice, you can learn how to recognize the signs and symbols your Guardian Angels send in response to your queries.

Prayers of gratitude are an important part of deepening your relationship with angel guides and help orienting yourself towards the highest good for all involved. By expressing deep appreciation for the wisdom offered by angelic guidance, you can foster a meaningful connection that helps guide your actions towards greater harmony within yourself and with other beings.above all else on this spiritual journey.


Take the time to review your experience and write down any insights or messages that came through in your conversation with your angelic guide. Make sure to utilize the wisdom in a way that brings goodness, light and love into the world and your own life. With continued practice you are sure to gain a greater appreciation for the power of angels and their ability to help us expand our spiritual consciousness in powerful ways. Meditate

Take time to meditate on the messages received and allow yourself to be open to any further insights that may arise. Connect with your angelic guide in a state of stillness and receptivity, allowing their presence to fill you with peace and love.