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White Candle Blessing For Yule

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If you’ve made it here, your spiritual guides are telling you it’s time to do a candle blessing. The holidays are a stressful time, which means it’s the perfect time to bless and protect yourself and your loved ones. Even those of us on the most steady path deal with bad intentions from other people, the emotional scars of the modern times, and the need for healing energy.

Every witch from all walks of life can use the simple but powerful tool: candles. Even beyond Wiccan belief, candles are known as one of the most potent but easy to master magical tools. This simple guide for beginners will introduce you to positive candle magick that can be done with any type of candle.

Reignite Your Light Through Healing Magick

A candle flame can represent your own inner light. Adding positive energy through candle magic will allow you to grow your own light and get you through periods of pain, trauma and burnout.

Modern witches often suggest beginning with candle magical rituals because they are so easy to master. That doesn’t make them weak though! Candle wax can hold sigils and prayers, a piece of paper burned with that candle or beneath that candle can help you manifest. Oils and herbs can be rubbed onto the candle or mixed with the candle wax to help you focus on your magical intent.

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The Natural Light From Within You

Using your own spiritual awareness, you can choose the color that best suits your understanding of color magic. However, white candles can replace any color, and are the easiest to come by.

The size of candle you choose is also up to you. A small votive candle is great for personal use, while larger pillar candles are more appropriate for group ritual work.

But that candle represents your inner power (or the collective inner power of the witch’s coven or group doing the spell). Pour yourself into that candle to get the most out of it.

There are many different ways to perform candle spells. Some witches like to create their own custom blend of oils and herbs to add to the candle. Others prefer using pre-made blends available at stores on Etsy and Amazon.

White Magic During Christmas

Yule is the perfect time for performing blessings, protections, and any other kind of white magic ritual.

White candles can be burned in order to dispel bad luck and attract positive energies. There are several reasons why this works. For one thing, the light emitted by these candles resembles sunlight, which means that they will help remove darkness from around you. Also, the light produced by white candles is soothing and helps heal tired minds and hearts.

Burning a white candle in your home and especially in your bedrooms is a great way to ward off negativity and ensure a restful sleep. Many people use white candles to light the way for their dreams as they go to sleep. By placing the candle right next to the doorway of the bedroom and leaving it burning (while you are awake and watching it!), you are protecting your sleep space from anything that might come along and disturb it. You won’t need to worry about nightmares or restless nights once you do a candle spell.

At Christmas time, the holidays don’t always bring out the best in everyone. We try to spread joy around us to our friends, family members, and neighbors. Sometimes the stress of the holidays can leave us feeling drained. To recharge, we need to do something to restore ourselves mentally and physically.

White candles are sometimes associated with good luck, but they can also help us overcome obstacles in our lives, especially during times when darkness seems to reign supreme.

In addition to providing light, white candles produce warmth and heat. For this reason, they have long served as a source of comfort, warmth, and healing.

White candles represent purity and innocence. They are associated with spiritual upliftment and positive change.

During the holidays, white candles can serve as protective charms against black magic.

White candles can also act as a powerful tool for bringing peace and harmony to troubled relationships.

How To Perform The White Candle Blessing On Yourself

You don’t have to be a professional magician to perform candle magick. You just need to know how to set up a ritual space, light a candle, and add some intention. It’s not hard to learn, and once you start using candles in your spells, you’ll find yourself wanting more.

The first step is to create an altar space where you can place your candle. An altar should be clean and free of clutter just for the sake of fire safety. A small table works best. But in a pinch, I’ve been known to keep a long-burning candle in my cleaned and blessed kitchen sink. It’s far from any clutter that may catch fire, and within close reach of a water source.

Next, choose a candle that represents what you want to work on. Candles come in many different shapes and sizes, so pick something that feels right to you.

Now, take out your supplies. This is simple. Aside from the candle, the supplies are totally up to you!

I like to anoint my candles with olive oil or an Art Of The Root oil.

When you light the candle, allow its flame to blend with your higher will. Make it grow, and so will your own inner strength. Empower that flame, and yourself, until the light is blinding and all-powerful. You are that eternal flame. You are the source of that power.

When your intuition says to do so, set the candle somewhere safe. Ask the gods and the spirits to bless you during the holidays, to protect you around family and friends and enemies alike.

Once the candle has burned down, read the candle wax for clues about how the spell went. Only you can really interpret those shapes, however! If you want to know my own personal interpretations of wax patterns, keep reading.

If you find that your wax has taken on a particular shape, then that means something significant happened while you were casting the spell. If the wax forms waves, then you know that you had success getting what you wanted out of the situation. If the wax flows together, then you were blocked from a total success for some reason.

If you see a pattern of lines, then you’re probably going to have trouble getting what you want. If you see a a cloaked, then you might be able to achieve your goal with the help of your spirit guides.

So pay attention to the shape of the candle wax. Try to understand what it tells you. Maybe it means that the spell was successful, but you need to do more research or ask for help. Or maybe it means that you need to change the way you approach the problem you’re trying to solve. Whatever it means, remember that only you can truly interpret the wax properly.

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