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Sabbat Magic With Beltane Colors And Correspondences

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Beltane colors harness the power of spring and represent the warmth and fertile growth of the Earth. With the sun becoming ever warmer, we celebrate the land and how full of life it is on May Day. 

Beltane is the halfway point between spring and summer. The sun is almost at its most powerful and growing stronger every day. Plants and trees are alive with new life as they bloom in glorious colors. 

Beltane is a time to put aside your worry and let yourself be free to have fun. The Earth and its bounty are at its very best, so allow yourself to be full of life and vigor.

This is the season of love, warmth, and sensuality. It is a time to celebrate the entirety of nature and all the pleasures it has to offer. The bonfires are lit, and fertility rites are performed in hopes that the crops will be bountiful.

For our ancestors that lived on the land, Beltane was a celebration of their bountiful farmland. As a result, Beltane is concerned with fertility and growth and the new life that both nature and people produce. If you are looking for a way to celebrate fertility and growth in your own life, check out these Beltane correspondences.

Beltane colors for witches to use in their spells. Color correspondences for red, green yellow, white, and pink.
What do the Beltane colors represent?

Green Color Magic For Beltane

Green represents growth, both in nature and in ourselves. In our own development, we may find that our ideas change to break away from the past and embrace the new. As Beltane is so closely associated with trees, blossoming flowers, and new life – green is the perfect color to harness its power. 

If you want to bring about change in your life, try using green when casting a spell or performing your own ritual. Green candles also make a great addition to a spell or ceremony. By incorporating green candles into a ritual, you can enhance the power of the ritual itself.

Green is also used in magic for money magic. As green is also associated with abundance, you can use it to bring in more money effortlessly. As the sun rises to its peak in the sky, let its power bring in all the resources you need.

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Green color magic for Beltane.

White Color Magic For May Day

White symbolizes youth, virginity, and beginnings. It is also a symbol of peace and hope. White can also be used in spells and rituals for healing, forgiveness, and cleansing. It is an excellent color to use when working with a new moon or casting spells for the first time. 

It is also used in spells to protect and save a relationship from fading.

Spiritually, white represents the spirit world and the forces of good. It can also be used for protection and healing – clearing negativity from the household aura. 

Using white in magic for Beltane will help you to bring hope and new beginnings – a time to celebrate the freshness and vibrancy of life.

White candle magic can be used to bring peace and healing to your home, as well as to ward off negative energies.

White color magic for Beltane.
White is a Beltane color for new beginnings and hope.

Red Color Magic For Beltane 

Red represents vitality, progress, and growth. It is also a symbol of passion and love. It honors the bright sun and the growing fertility of the land and animals. 

Red can be used in love spells and to improve the quality of your love life.

If you are looking to help someone else bring themselves out of a period of depression, try using red in a spell or ritual designed just for that purpose.

Spiritually, red represents the masculine and the male archetype. It is a fiery color that can be used to draw energy from the sun. 

Red color magic for Beltane.
Try magic using red candles during Beltane.

Pink Color Magic For May Day 

Pink is a feminine color that represents the divine feminine. It can be used for spells for love, healing, and reconciliation.

Pink candles are perfect for rituals designed to bring in love or a peaceful environment. Pink is also the color of healing and can bring about a healthy, happy state of mind.

During Beltane, Pink represents a woman’s beauty, her feminine energies, and her fertility. As a symbol of femininity, pink is also used in love spells and rituals.

Spiritually, pink represents the heart chakra and the concept of love. It is also the color of passion and friendship.

Pink color magic for Beltane.
Use pink flowers to celebrate Beltane.

Yellow Color Magic For Beltane 

Yellow represents the concept of wisdom. It can also be used as a symbol of optimism and happiness and communication, and knowledge. 

You can use yellow in spells and rituals that are designed to attract new opportunities. 

Spiritually, yellow represents the sun and the principle of light. It is also a symbol of fresh starts and new opportunities. Yellow crystals can be used as powerful talismans to keep the house’s energy positive through all four seasons. 

Yellow is also the color of protection and can be used in spells and rituals for healing, forgiveness, and cleansing.

Yellow color magic for Beltane.
Beltane colors to celebrate May Day.

How To Use These Colors In Your Witchcraft On May Day

As mentioned above, the easiest way to work with these colors is with candle magic. As Beltane is also a fire festival, use your colored candles to cast spells. 

You can also create floral crowns made from flowers in these colors. Blossoming flowers are a great representation of Beltane, and these floral crowns make an excellent decoration for the day. 

Another way to use these colors is to wear something that incorporates them. Or you can place items in these colors on your Beltane altar. 

You can also place flowers in these colors around the house or on your Beltane altar. This will help to bring their energy into your home. Making wreaths of flowers is a fun and easy craft that will allow you to deck the halls with flowers and draw in wealth, fertility, and happiness through the season.

Beltane is a time of celebration, but it is also a time for reflection. Think about how these colors make you feel, the memories you have involving them, and if your color correspondences are different from traditional color correspondences.

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