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August Witchcraft: 12 Months And Their Magical Correspondences

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August witchcraft is all about harvesting, vitality, and appreciation.

We reap what we have sowed at this time of the year, when the sun is still hot but we are entering the liminal energy of autumn.

I am trying to work more closely with the energies that already surround me.

For that reason, I am working with seasonal, monthly, and lunar energies.

If you are like me, and trying to work with the energy around us instead of against it, I hope that these correspondences will help you in that endeavor.

In the end, tuning our spells and rituals to be appropriate for the season we are in can only make our magick stronger.

And isn’t that exactly what we all want?

August Spirits

The spirits of August are hot and fiery, just like the month itself.

This isn’t a complete list of spirits that are most active at this time, but it should give you an idea of what types of spirits to work with.

These are entities that represent the sun, or cycles of rebirth.

They are also entities that are closely related to royalty of some kind.

Decorative image of the Sphinx

The Phoenix

The story of the phoenix is well known. When this bird dies, it is engulfed in flames and is born anew from its own ashes.

For this reason, the phoenix is symbolic of renewal and the life, death, and rebirth cycle of all living things.

The phoenix is also important in alchemy, as its story is about overcoming darkness.

This mystical bird is found in many cultures, from China to Greece.

ThemePhoenix Correspondences
Celestial bodyThe sun
Phoenix KeywordsLife, time, magick, purity, clarity, rebirth, renewal, longevity, creativity, protection, immortality, resurrection, reemergence, transformation

The Sphinx

The mysterious sphinx has captivated the human imagination for centuries.

The large sphinx in egypt is a representation of an animal from myths that would dole out riddles to passers by.

If one answered the sphinx’s riddle, they were allowed to continue on their journey.

If, however, they failed to answer the riddle, the sphinx would kill and eat the unlucky traveler.

The sphinx is associated with the sun, and with the power of the pharaoh.

From Quarto Knows:

As a solar symbol, the sphinx was also associated with Harmakhis, Lord of the Two Horizons, who represents the rising and setting sun identified with rebirth and resurrection. The sphinx’s dual nature later came to reflect the dual nature of Christ, who was both human and divine. Like other solar symbols, the sphinx was placed in or near early Christian graves to represent the divine Light of the World.

The sphinx symbolizes the deep subconscious and the intellect.


The dragon is one of the most common, and most powerful, entities in myths from around the world.

Dragons represent all things chaotic and untamed, as well as royality and courage.

ThemesDragon Correspondences
ElementWater, fire
DirectionUp and down
SeasonThe whole year cycle
Energetic MovementsCoiling, Spiraling, Twisting, Turning
Dragon KeywordsTransformation, royality, ferocity, courage, protection


Dryads are feminine tree spirits.

They are nature spirits that inhabit trees and forests, especially oak trees.

In myths, they were often accompanied by satyrs, their male counterparts.

These are shy spirits that are rarely seen.

Some say these entities are actually the spirit of the tree they inhabit.

Decorative image of wheat against the setting sun for August witchcraft

August Magickal Herbs

There are many herbs that are in season during August.

There are also herbs that may not be seasonal, but work with the energy of August to improve our lives.

Below is a list of herbs for August and their correspondences or uses in magick.

August HerbsCorrespondences
BasilLove, exorcism, wealth, manifesting, flying, protection
MintsHealing, calming, money
YarrowProtection, healing, restraint, regulation, creativity
MeadowsweetProtection against evil, love, balance, harmony, stopping thieves, beauty
Ground ivyDiscovery, divination, protection from negative magick, courage, confidence
MugwortDreams, the moon, divination, warding off evil, astral projection, purification
ElderberriesAstral travel, blessing, removal of curses, emotional balance, healing, intuition, protection, rebirth, journeys to other realms
ChamomileProsperity, soothing tempers, sleep, breaking curses
St. Johns WortMidsummer, warding off mental illness and depression, warding off ghosts and evil spirits, protection from fire and misfortune, banishing unwanted spirits, prophetic dreams
BayMoney, wishes, healing, protection, psychic enhancement, success
FennelWar, confidence, courage, harvests, fertility, protection from evil and ghosts, stops intruders, memory, strengthening magick
RueWard off evil spirits, blessings, grace, purification of iron, warding off (other) witches, cursing enemies, psychic abilities
OrangeLove spells, marriage, prosperity, divination
CornSummer, harvests, fertility, mother earth, the mystery of life, longevity, prosperity, protection, spirituality
WheatFertility, harvests, prosperity, abundance, rebirth

August Color Correspondences

When you think of August, you probably think of the sun, and maybe wheat fields.

The colors of August are reds, golds, yellows, and oranges. These are sunny colors that represent the prominence of the sun during this month.

You can work with these colors by choosing candles, altar cloths, and even clothes that have those colors on them.

If you are an artist, you can work some August witchcraft into your art by painting with these warm tones, too.

Decorative image of sunflowers for August witchcraft

August Flowers

To find flowers to place on your altar to make witch crafts with, consider what is in season.

When you walk around your neighborhood, what’s in bloom?

If you want to use these flowers for August witchcraft spells, consider their correspondences.

SunflowerWishes, fertility, truth, integrity, luck, protection, loyalty, happiness
MarigoldProphecy, legal matters, psychic energy, seeing other realms, love, dreams, attraction, energy
CalendulaRemoving stagnation, enforcing boundaries, energy, prosperity, happiness, opportunities

August Scents

Wear these scents or use them as incense during rituals to build the powerful August energy around you.

Scents can subtly shift the way we think, and they can evoke memories with more strength than any other sense.

FrankincenseWards off negative energy, purification, spiritual development
HeliotropeDevotion, unrequited love, prophetic dreams, finding lost things, divination, wealth, banishing, amplifying intentions

August Crystals

Crystals are always an easy go-to if you don’t have much energy to perform magick.

Just by being in their presence, you can be effected by their vibrations and energy.

The crystals of August can be carried with you, placed on your altar, or placed around your home.

Try carrying one of these crystals or wearing them as jewelry.

PeridotCompassion, good health, better sleep, peaceful relationships, emotional balance, creativity, happiness, love, wards off anger, friendship, wards off envy, protection from the evil eye
SardonyxCourage, happiness, communication, relationship stability, charisma, power, protection from evil
SpinelRevitalization, hope, encouragement, stops negative thoughts, gratitude, calming, beauty, inspiration, creativity, immortality, confidence, success
Cat’s EyeDetermination, willpower, courage, self control, intelligence, intuition, grounding, protection, good luck, happiness, serenity, optimism, generosity, confidence, creativity, kindness
CarnelianSocial skills, creativity, warmth, individuality, memory, harmony, courage, happiness, rebirth, self esteem, recalling past lives, vitality, motivation, self trust, mental analysis, concentration, mental clarity, calms anger, fertility
JasperWard off evil spirits, stop exhaustion and fatigue, stabilizing, healing, grounding, fertility
Fire AgateGrounding, inspiration, spiritual awakening, courage, stop psychic vampires, passion, happiness, protection, new love, vitality
GarnetPassion, sensuality, romance, intimacy, positivity, energy, inspiration, success, social skills, self confidence, serenity, hope, courage, removes inhibitions
Decorative image of a woman holding a peridot gemstone

August Animals

The lion, crane, falcon, and eagle are the animals of this powerful month.

These animals are strong, and symbolize pride and power.

Working with these animals in your meditations will help you to empower yourself and rediscover your hidden strengths.

For those of us that are dealing with abuse, anxiety, or depression, these animals can become powerful symbols of hope.

August Deity Correspondences

Any sun deity can be honored during the month of August.

The sun is about to undergo its great sacrifice, as it slowly dies out over the autumn.

Other deities of August are liminal, like Hecate, and guide us into the autumnal season where the veil between our realm and the spirit realm thins.

Some of the deities of August are Lugh, Ganesha, Thoth, Diana, Hecate, Vulcan, Mars, Nemesis, Hathor, and Thor.

August Witchcraft Correspondences

The magickal keywords of August witchcraft are harvest, appreciation, vitality, health, friendship, power, courage, and strength.

Keep these keywords in mind when scheduling your magick for the month.

Consider how you can improve your health or friendships, or build your own personal power with witchcraft.

If you have found your courage or strength waning in the previous weeks, now is the time to revitalize those essential elements of life.

The energy of August is very strong, and lends itself well to self improvement.

August is also the month when we celebrate Lammas or Lughnasadh, one of the 3 harvest festivals of the wheel of the year.

ThemeAugust Correspondences
SpiritsDryads, phoenix, sphinx, dragon
HerbsBasil, mints, yarrow, meadowsweet, ground ivy, mugwort, elderberries, chamomile, St. Johns wort, bay, fennel, rue, orange, corn, wheat
ColorsYellow, gold, red, orange
FlowersSunflower, marigold, calendula
ScentsFrankincense, heliotropeCrystalsPeridot, sardonyx, spinel, cat’s eye, carnelian, jasper, fire agate, garnet
TreesHazel, alder, cedar
AnimalsLion, crain, falcon, eagle
DeitiesLugh, Ganesha, Thoth, Diana, Hecate, Vulcan, Mars, Nemesis, Hathor, Thor
Full Moon NameSturgeon moon, green corn moon, grain moon, red moon
KeywordsHarvest, appreciation, vitality, health, friendship, power, courage, strength

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