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Where To Store Moon Water: Keeping Your Magick Water Safe

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Once you know the history of moon water and how to make it even if you’re stuck inside, you may be wondering how best to store moon water.

The good news is that you can store moon water in about a million different ways, and all of them are easy and affordable.

Keep reading to learn more about storing moon water.

Moon Water Isn’t (Usually) Safe To Drink

Leaving water out under the moon can make a perfect pool for bacteria. For your safety, you shouldn’t drink moon water.

An exception would be if you put it out in a sealed container that you collect in the morning.

You probably won’t die from drinking moon water left out, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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What Is Moon Water Used For

Moon water is used in spells for witches, including spells to induce sweet dreams.

It can also be sprinkled on objects to cleanse them and put positive energy into them.

When put into a spray bottle, moon water can be used to cleanse a room and banish negative energy.

Why You Should Store Some Moon Water

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes forget to collect moon water at the appropriate phase for a spell.

But I usually have some saved from the last time the moon was in that phase!

Storing a little bit of moon water for every phase of the moon means you never have to worry about doing a spell without the water you need.

Since I store my moon water in the mini glass bottles that I have on my Etsy store, I also like to store moon water because it serves as pretty decor on my altar.

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Jars For Storing Moon Water

Jars are by far the most popular way to store moon water. Mason jars are easy to come by and very affordable.

Mason jars come in many different sizes, as well.

If you want a more decorative jar, you can find mini witch jars in my shop on Etsy.

These mini witch bottles are more portable than larger jars, and can be easily buried as an offering to the gods.

Because they can be closed with a cork, the water in them will last quite a while.

My suggestion is to use these mini witch jars with moon water mixed with herbs and small crystals.

Turn the bottles into full spells by combining herbs and crystals that have correspondences that fit your needs.

Doing this is also beneficial to you as a witch, because it teaches you how to make your own spells.

You’re creating a spell specifically for your needs, and not for the needs of some other witch that wrote a spell that you found online.

Other Places To Store Moon Water

So where else can you store moon water?

Obviously, you can store them in water glasses. Shot glasses are actually very useful to put moon water on your altar as an offering.

Wine glasses are another option, much preferred by some deities like Aphrodite.

Bowls are great for serving an offering of water. Floating candles can even be placed on top of the water if the bowl is wide enough!

As mentioned above, moon water can be put into a spray bottle. Spraying moon water is a great way to easily cleanse a room with the dreamy energy of the moon.

Moon water, when not being used or offered to a deity, is best stored in a cool and dark place.

Any container that can close is suitable for storing moon water. Tupperware. Wine bottles. Liquor bottles.

Anything you have lying around that is water proof is a suitable place to store moon water. Just make sure it’s clean first.

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