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Moon Magick: Can You Make Moon Water Inside?

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Moon magick is one form of magick that brings most witches together. While not everyone works with the moon, most witches do moon magick at some point in their lives. Even simply making moon water to use as a spell ingredient is a form of moon magick!

But how can you perform moon magick and make moon water when you can’t (or simply don’t want to) go outside? The good news is you can make moon water while staying inside your house! It’s easy to do and just as potent as making the moon water outside.

All you need is a jar and a windowsill. But first, let’s explore why moon water is such an essential part of moon magick.

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What Is Moon Magick

Moon magick is any spellwork, ritual, or intention that uses the power and correspondences of the moon. Moon magick is common in many pagan faiths.

The moon has always held our interest, since the first moment of human cognition. It has played an important role in our myths, and has influenced our spiritual selves as much as our physical bodies.

It is a source of light during the darkest parts of our lives. The moon has historically been associated with love, fertility, death, rebirth, and the afterlife. It is there through every turn of the wheel of our life.

From ancient pagan religions to modern Wicca and witchcraft, the moon is a vital part of our practices and still empowers us to this day.

Moon magick often comes in the form of working with the lunar cycle. As the moon waxes and wanes, its influence over us changes. The waxing moon brings growth and expansion, while the waning moon brings reduction and elimination.

Why Use Moon Water In Moon Magick

Moon water is just one tool of many that allows us to add the moon into our practice. The simplest way to create moon water is to simply fill a cup or jar with water and leave it outside at night.

No matter what part of the moon cycle we are in, the moon will imbue that water with some of its energy. The water can then be used as offerings to deities or added to spells and charms to pass the moon energy on into our magickal working.

Moon water has been used at least as far back as the 1800s in occult rituals, though the practice has exploded in more recent years.

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Moon Water Correspondences

The moon influences and affects all living things. It’s tied to all forms of water, and people and animals behave differently depending on the phase of the moon.

The moon water you make has different properties depending on when you made it, too. The table below will help you better understand the magickal effect your moon water will have on you and your spells.

If you combine the right spell with the right moon water, you will make your spells even more intense and powerful!

New Moon WaterNew Beginnings, new employment, new relationships, new energy, shadow work, setting intentions and goals, letting go of the past
Waxing Moon WaterGrowth magick, fertility spells, wealth, luck, business, self esteem magick
Full Moon WaterStrength, love, protection, health, emotion magick, charging crystals and tools, meditation for clarity
Waning Moon WaterRemoval magick, banishing magick, getting rid of bad habits, toxic people, addictions, stress, and illness, weight loss spells
Dark Moon WaterJustice magick, crossing, hexing, binding
Super Moon WaterAdds an incredible amount of power to your spells. An enhanced version of full moon water.
Lunar Eclipse Moon WaterDrastic change, shadow work, seeing true motives, seeing your true self, deity work, uprooting your life
Moon In Aries WaterCourage, positive energy, charging energy, authority, leadership, ambition, willpower, independence, new beginnings
Moon In Taurus WaterStability, earth magick, fertility, love, perseverance, patience, real estate, money
Moon In Gemini WaterOvercoming obstacles, communication magick, positive attitudes, learning, logic, travel
Moon In Cancer WaterLove, maternal energy, protection magick, domestic life, family, safety, moons and feelings, lunar deities
Moon In Leo WaterLuck, creativity, success, art, politics, love, romance, power, dignity, fun, your inner child
Moon In Virgo WaterPracticality, planning, employment, business, organization, health
Moon In Libra WaterPersuasion, balance, legal matters, partnerships, teamwork, harmony, art
Moon In Scorpio WaterPsychic abilities, spirituality, banishing, secrets, sex, soul mates, power
Moon In Sagittarius WaterTransformation, spirituality, meditation, writing, sports, travel, freedome, adventure, optimism, finding the truth
Moon In Capricorn WaterCareers, politics, material goods, security, manifestation, ambition
Moon In Aquarius WaterInnovation, inventions, science, problem solving, seeing the future, divination, friendship
Moon In Pisces WaterDreams, psychic growth, astral projection, imagination, trust, spiritual healing, music, divination, emotions
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How To Make Moon Water Inside Your Home

So what do you do if you want moon water to use in your moon magick, but you can’t go outside? Whether you’re sick, it’s too cold, or you just don’t want to leave the house, you have one super simple option!

Leave the water on your windowsill!

This works better if you can leave the window open, as some forms of light can’t penetrate glass. But even with a closed window, some of the moon’s energy will flow into the water.

This is a good way to get water that is safer to consume. Water left outside is much more likely to be contaminated than water in your home, and thus it shouldn’t be used internally.

Any form of moon water can be used in spell jars, to cleanse witch tools, to clean water safe crystals, and to spray in your room as a banishing spray.

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