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How To Cleanse And Bless An Object: 1 Powerful Blessing Spell For Witches

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When you need to bless an object, do you need to call a priest? No way! You can use blessing spells and cleanse things of negative energy all on your own with just a few tools.

In Wicca and other forms of witchcraft, anyone can bless an object. With tools like moon water, bells, and an altar, any object can be cleansed and blessed to remove negative energy.

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Why Should You Use Blessing Spells?

Obviously, every object in our home carries the energy put into it by ourselves or other people.

Usually, that will be neutral or good energy, but what do you do when it’s bad energy?

You need to bless an object with a spell after you cleanse that object because if you don’t, you run the risk of keeping cursed items and bad energy in your home.

To keep your living space peaceful, you should follow the spell instructions below.

Every now and then, we all buy, are given, or own an object with negative energy attached to it.

Sometimes, you had those items when you received bad news, like your grandma’s ring that you were wearing when she died.

You want to keep those objects in your life, but they are painful reminders of bad times.

Other times, those objects came to you with the lousy energy attached, like a thrift store scarf that gives you an ominous, negative feeling.

No one wants those kinds of negative emotions in their home or their life.

At times like these, you need to bless and cleanse the object so that the negative energy can be banished and positive energy can begin to flow into the object.

Can a witch bless an object with holy water? Hydrangeas in the sun

Can A Witch Bless An Object With Holy Water?

If you believe in holy water’s efficacy, I don’t see anything wrong with using it to bless an object.

Make sure it was actually blessed by a priest, however.

There are scam artists out there that sell fake holy water.

But if you have a terrible relationship with Christianity, I would stay far away from holy water.

That bad association can only make things worse.

You can’t bless an object with something that you see as evil, annoying, or harmful!

Can anyone perform blessings in witchcraft? Hydrangeas on a green background.

Can Any Witch Bless An Object?

Yes! Any layperson can bless an object with blessing spells. Since blessing spells are some of the simplest spells to do, it is really beginner-friendly, too.

There’s no reason to run out and find an expert to bless the jewelry you want to turn into a talisman. Simply find a blessing spell, like the one below, and tap into your own magical energy.

How Can You Easily Bless An Object That Has Negative Energy?

There are several witchy or pagan-friendly options to cleanse and bless and object.

Here are a few options:

Cleansing An Object

Before you bless an object, you need to remove the negative energy with a cleansing. Cleansing objects should be done periodically to release stagnant energy, primarily if those objects are used in spells or rituals.

Your athame, jewelry, tarot cards, and other witchy tools should be cleansed in one of these ways.

  • Use incense smoke to cleanse your object. Dragon’s blood, frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin are popular options for object cleansing.
  • Bathe the object in essential oils. I like to use lemon to represent the sun. Don’t use oils on anything that may become oil-stained, like clothing.
  • Wash the negative item in warm soapy water, then allow it to dry in the sun for a few days.
  • Soak the object in water with sea salt. Use enough salt for the water to taste like the sea.
  • Wash the object in the sea.
  • Jewelry can be buried, where the earth will absorb the negativity. Anything that came from the earth can be buried in the soil to change its vibrations.
  • Leave the item on a windowsill during a sunny day to be cleansed by the sun.
  • Hold the object in your hands and envision black energy pouring out from it and into the earth. Keep the item in your hands until all of the negative energy has been emptied into the ground. Best to do this outside. 
Beginner witchcraft: banish negative energy from items and tools. A witch holding a white candle and wearing jewelry.

Blessing An Object

Once your item is cleansed of negative energy, you can then begin the work of blessing it.

What is an object blessing, though? We ask for blessings from deities or the universe to grant positive energy or attributes to whatever is being blessed. Some blessings simply ask for good energy. Others aim to make an object stronger or for that object to hold the power of love or prosperity.

The important thing is to set a positive intention for the item. Don’t just assume that a blessing spell will work without giving the object a purpose.

I have found blessings to be most potent under a full moon, but any night will be good enough if you’re in a hurry.

These spells are usually relatively easy to do. They can be draining, however. While they rarely backfire, you should still use any magical protection you deem necessary.

Blessing spells are ideal for beginner witches, so don’t be afraid to try one.

It also helps to meditate before you go into a blessing or any spell, really. You just want to clear your head as much as possible.

Beginner witchcraft: bless an object magically to give it positive energy. A witch's altar with lit candles, herbs, infusions, sigils, and jars.

Bless An Object Spell

This is a simple pagan blessing spell for objects that have been cleansed of negative energy.

This is perfect for antique or thrift store items that may have carried negative energy when bought or objects that you had during a gloomy time of your life.

Bless An Object Spell

Bless your items with positive energy. Anyone can bring more good vibes into their life!


  • 1 white candle
  • 1 small piece of paper
  • 1 pen
  • 1 burning incense
  • The item you are blessing


  1. With your intention in your mind, light the candle and begin burning your incense.
  2. Hold your object first over the incense, then over the flame of the candle. Repeat your intention in your mind or out loud.
  3. Set the object at the base of your candle.
  4. With paper and pen, write down your intention.
  5. Rub the paper on the object. Really focus on the intention.
  6. Fold the paper, then hold it with tweezers or some other metal utensil and allow it all to burn.
  7. Blow out the candle and take the object into your hand. If the item is too large to take with you, simply repeat your intention to it either out loud or in your mind.
  8. Take the ashes outside and place them under a tree. Repeat your intention in your mind or out loud.
  9. Go inside, and thank the object for holding your intention. That's it!
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