This is a simple witch spell that works to banish negativity and heal your life and emotions. Banish anxiety, depression, and find inner peace again with this renewal spell. This is easy witchcraft that anyone can do with just a few tools! Find your inner peace again after a break up, death in the family, or any other reason to mourn. Find peace of mind. Finding peace and love for yourself isn't easy, but it's a little bit easier with a spell and meditation like this. #witchcraft #peace #spell

Find Peace and Renewal With This Spell

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This spell is perfect for anyone that needs to remove negativity from their life.

Whether that’s negative thoughts, people, or actions, this spell will help you to do just that.

Make sure before you begin this spell that you know exactly what you’re trying to remove from your life.

What you see as a problem at first glance may merely be a symptom, or may be a positive thing in disguise.

You should also prepare yourself for a flood of emotions.

Purging is always emotional, trying, and draiing.

If you find that you aren’t ready to release your pain while you are doing this spell, it is perfectly safe to to stop in the middle of the spell and try again another day.

Remember to be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to feel pain.

Have a few self care activities lined up for the days after the spell is completed. And make sure you truly allow yourself to feel every emotion that comes to you, but don’t wallow in it.

Peace and renewal spell

Get a fresh start in your life after trauma and get rid of the negativity.

This spell pairs well with self care activities like long baths, meditation, exercise, and splurging on something yummy.


  • Dragon’s blood incense
  • Music that calms you
  • 1 Black or red candle
  • Something to write on (A photo, a letter, anything that will symbolize your pain)
  • 1 pen or marker


At noon, take your tools to the sunniest part of your yard.

Light your Dragon’s Blood incense and candle.

Sit for a few moments, meditating on how you want to feel.

Imagine yourself happier, brighter, smiling more than you have in years.

Give yourself time to really feel that image, until you naturally start to really smile.

Bathe the item that symbolizes your pain in the smoke of the incense, making sure every part of it touches the smoke.

Rub the symbol with your thumbs with the image of yourself happy still in mind.

Now, write your spell on the thing that symbolizes your pain.

This should come in the form of a command- “I will forgive this person”, “this emotion will disappear from my life”, “I deserve happiness”. Whatever works and is in line with your desires.

Set the symbol on fire, but do it on something where you won’t lose the ashes.

Bury the ashes of the symbol in the sunny spot, at least a foot deep.

If you feel negative emotions coming back, return to this spot with your Dragon’s Blood incense to meditate on your happiness again.

I hope that this spell will help you to find your inner peace and to move on. Take care of yourself.

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