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The Water Element in Witchcraft, Magick, Paganism and the Occult

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The water element is closely associated with emotions and fluidity.

When we work with this element, we learn to go with the flow and tap into our deepest feelings.

Even when those feelings are painful and make us cry.

What does the Water element represent? This element is in constant motion, but is focused on slow and steady movement.

Whereas the Air element is about speed, water is about the slow progression of life.

Calm blue waves on a clear ocean

Illusions come from water’s great depths.

As we peer into a deep dark body of water, mystery rises from it.

Can we ever truly know what the deepest oceans hold?

In this way, Water represents our own inner mysteries, those parts of ourselves that we barely know.

The reasons for our behavior, our genetic memories, our emotions.

Water represents the way that these things are passed on from generation to generation, especially through the mother.

When the water element is balanced within ourselves, it is calming, objective, artistic, flexible, and offers clarity.

When it is off balance, however, it can result in deep fears and indecisive behavior.

Unbalanced water can also cause us to make foolish and irrational decisions.

In Chinese medicine, the Water element is connected to the kidneys, the bladder, and the reproductive organs.

The Water Element In Astrology

The element of Water is associated with the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, and it also rules the Fourth, Eighth and Twelfth Houses.

These signs are constantly battling with their emotions or the emotions of others around them, but this makes them deeply intuitive and empathic people.

Emotional and nurturing, these are the friends that will always be there to comfort you.

You may find that people with water sign placements have intense, overwhelming emotions.

These people need love and patience when their emotions send them into a spiral.

These signs also care a lot about compassion and understanding.

If you have a problem in your life that is causing you deep emotional problems, turn to a water sign and they will help find a solution.

Their talents often lie in artistic behaviors, and even if they aren’t artistic themselves they have deeply held aesthetic sensibilities and can sometimes be offended by ugly things.

To be at their best, water signs must remain active and engaged in things that make them curious and bring out their inner child.

Staying busy will help to keep them from brooding and obsessing on negative things.

A woman with red hair diving into a deep, dark pool of water

How To Represent The Water Element In Feng Shui

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature, and the element itself is incredibly powerful in the home.

It can either heal or destroy, much as rain can either create life and heal the earth or destroy it utterly with great storms.

Adding a variety of blues will make your home feel calmer and more fresh.

This color also promotes a sense of connection with our inner mysteries and the mysteries of the world.

Adding water feng shui elements also draws in abundance in many areas of your life.

Abundant friendships, love, wealth, and more can be called to you with the Water element.

To decorate with the water element in mind, simply add blue decor or mirrors and fountains in North, East, and Southeast areas of your home and garden.

Water Elemental Spirits

Undines are elementals of the Water element.

They are mermaid-like beings that move with subtle, quick motions.

They can also be shapeshifters and control the tides and the weather.

You can call upon undines to cleanse waters that are being polluted or poisoned.

Undines work hard to heal water pollution.

When you try to stop single use plastic straws from going up baby turtle noses, you are working in tandem with these water spirits. ”

A large wave on the ocean

Water Element Correspondences

Animals: Dolphins, sharks, fish of all types. Otters and polar bears.

Colors: Blue, silver, white, gray

Court cards: Queens

Direction: North

Function: Caring, floating, emotional, sensitive. Changeable and artistic. Romantic, but jealous. Subtle, affectionate, passive. Loving and peaceful. Healing.

Organs: Kidney and bladder

Qualities: Cold, moist, heavy. Deep, reflective, dissolving, ripping, abysmal, fluid, and resurgent. Obscurity, solidity, and motion.

Sense: Taste

Stones: Aquamarine, beryl.

Taste: Salty

Tarot trump: The hanged man, The Moon, Death, The Lovers.

Tibetan failing: Hatred.

Tibetan wisdom: The wisdom of reflection.

Time of day: Dusk

Time of year: Winter

Types of magic: Psychic, scrying, mirror magic, relationship magic.

Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You can also see a huge list of herbs and plants related to the water element.

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