Simple Friendship Spell For Witches

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Friendships require a constant effort to keep them alive.

As friendships age and the people in them mature, sometimes the relationship can sour or they can grow apart.

This simple friendship spell will help witches improve these important relationships alive.

I recommend doing this pagan ritual as often as needed.

If you feel like your friend may be angry with you, or maybe you’re both sick of being around each other, obviously it is good to give your friend space.

But if you have given each other space and there exists an awkward gap between you, this simple friendship spell can really help.

When To Use This Friendship Spell

  • If your friend has moved far away from you, and you’re having a hard time keeping the friendship alive
  • Either one of you has done something to hurt the other emotionally
  • A change in one’s life has caused strain on the friendship, like a death or medical diagnosis
  • You two simply don’t have a compatible schedule and you are seeing less of one another than you’d like

Simple Friendship Spell

Help improve your friendships with this little bit of witchcraft.

This simple friendship spell can help bring two friends closer together again.


  • 1 cup or bowl of water
  • 1 blue candle
  • Lavender or jasmine essential oil
  • A gift given to you by your friend. This can be a lock of hair, a photo, or some other gift. Make sure it is waterproof.
  • Something that you intend to give to your friend, again it should be waterproof.


First and foremost, since this spell is about improving a friendship, you should get the consent of your friend to perform this spell.

Friendships are based on trust, and subtly manipulating your friend behind their back isn’t a good idea.

Put two drops of your essential oil in the water, and mix it with the bottom of your candle.

Then light your candle. Place both objects in the bowl with the water and essential oil, then say the following:

I call the power of water to bind these two objects together, as it will also bind (friend’s name) and (your name) together in harmonious friendship.

If you don’t like that sentence, feel free to make your own based on your intention

Leave the bowl of water out under a waning moon for one night, then take the objects out.

Keep yours near you, or cling to it during a fight. Give the gift to your friend and tell them to do the same.

As noted in the spell recipe above, you should get the consent of your friend before performing this spell.

There are times when you can do a spell behind someone’s back, but in this case you want to work off of the mutual respect you have for each other.

This might be hard if you’re still in the broom closet.

I have a blog post with tips on telling people that you are a witch.

Once you have performed this spell, it is then up to both of you to spend time together and work through whatever was straining your relationship.

Magic can do all the work, but it rarely does. So put some effort in!

Hopefully this spell will help you and your friend to find a harmonious relationship with one another.

Remember that some friendships have a shelf life, however.

If your friendship was meant to end, then not even magic could save it.

A friendship that has ended naturally isn’t a failure, but merely a part of the cycles of life.

Neither of you are bad people if you have to move on.

Give yourself the space and permission you need to move on.

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