Are witches real? Is magic real?

Do witches actually exist?

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We live in a more secular world, where faith and magick are scoffed at and ridiculed.

Many people think witches and magick are fake, which is frustrating to those who believe in them.

Are witches real?


Witches really do exist, and we really do practice witchcraft.

Often when people claim that witches don’t exist, they are really claiming that magick doesn’t work, but I know it does because I have experienced the life changing effects of my spells.

Admittedly, all I have on that matter is anecdotes, but I have experienced too many of those anecdotes to ignore them.

I truly believe magick is immensely powerful, that my spells actually work, and that I am a real witch.

That’s not to say that my magick resembles that which is found in Hollywood.

I think we all know that isn’t the case.

Mine is more subtle. It relies more on a watchful eye to see the magick in action.

There are no sparkles, no puffs of smoke, and rarely demons to speak with.

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But even if you don’t believe that magick is real, you must admit that witches exist.

And if you won’t, then don’t be surprised when we get a little bit upset!

Not only do witches exist now, they have always existed.

Sure, the women killed during the witch hunts probably weren’t witches.

But before most of the major religions were even dreamed of, witches were there, performing rituals, healing people with herbs, consulting the stars, and crafting spells.

We were there.

We have always been there.

Witches are a growing demographic in America

According to the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the witch population has grown an average of 143% between 1990 and 2001.

Alex Mar, a journalist and author who explored the subculture of witchcraft in America, estimates that as of 2016 there are at least a million witches in the United States, “comparable to Seventh-Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses.” 

A witch is anyone that identifies as a witch.

Which is a pretty reductive definition, but it’s also the most accurate one you will get.

Otherwise we would have to go into thousands of intricacies and differences between different kinds of witches, some which contradict others.

That includes witches that only identify as a witch to themselves, because although acceptance of witchcraft has grown over the last two decades, witches are still persecuted and vilified, even in America.

Outside of America, that vilification is even worse.

In 2009, Amnesty International reported that up to 1,000 people in Gambia had been abducted by the government on charges of witchcraft.

In 2014, it was estimated there were over 1,100 people in witch-hunt sanctuaries in Ghana.

An estimate of 20,000 people have been murdered in Tanzania for being witches.

When you act like witches don’t exist, you ignore the people dying because of the fear of witchcraft.

Ignoring those deaths allows them to continue.

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Do witches perform real magick?

What is your definition of “real magick”?

I don’t bend spoons with my mind, nor do I wave my hands to instantly heal broken bones.

But I do use my energy to influence the world around me, to send out my intentions to change fate and sometimes get what I desire.

Like I said, there’s no sparkle and smoke here. Well, there is smoke coming from my incense and candles.

But if you can see energy work, communing with nature, talking with the gods, affirmations, and other hallmarks of witchcraft as real magick then, yes, we do perform real magick.

Do witches really exist? Find out about how many witches there are in America, whether or not magic is real, and if Hollywood witches are realistic. This is a series on frequently asked questions about witchcraft.

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