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Herbal Iced Tea: Cool Down During The Summer With Herbalism

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During the warmer months, I sip on this cooling herbal iced tea every evening.

Because my hormones are a little out of whack, I tend to get very hot at night, and sweating in bed is awful.

When this first started happening, I was desperate for a natural remedy for hot flashes!

The good news is that this recipe for a cooling herbal iced tea has helped me to beat the night sweats, and it’s easy to make! You can make a big batch all at once, or just make enough for one night.

Either way, this herbal iced tea isn’t just lovely to drink, it smells and looks beautiful, too.

The rose and hibiscus petals make the tea sweat and bright red.

The red clover helps to gently manage feminine hormones, which can often be the cause of our night sweats and hot flashes.

It’s important that you use the flowers of the red clover in this tea and try to avoid the other parts.

Historically, only the flower was used to help with hormonal issues, and I prefer to stick with what has worked for ages.

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Cooling Herbal Iced Tea Recipe

  • 1/2 part mint
  • 1 part rose petals
  • 1 part hibiscus petals
  • 1 part red clover flowers


  • Put each ingredient into a mason jar or larger glass container.
  • It is helpful to use cheesecloth or another material to keep herbal particles from free floating in the mixture, but you can also strain it into another container if you prefer.
  • Pour hot water over the ingredients and allow it to steep.
  • My personal preference is to let the herbs steep overnight. I allow the water to cool to the touch, and then place the container in the fridge to cool further overnight.
  • Enjoy as often as you like. It is best to take it an hour or two before you usually get your hot flashes or before bed.

Herbal Correspondences

You may be wondering how these herbs can be used to make this tea magickal.

Every herb has a magickal essence that can be used to make every dish and herbal tea we make into a witchy ritual.

Learning the magickal correspondences of the herbs we use most often can help us to keep even the mundane parts of our lives magickal.

Here are the magickal correspondences of the herbs used in this herbal iced tea.

HerbHerbal Correspondences
MintFire element, water element, prosperity, abundance, good fortune, cleansing, consecration, awakens psychic senses, justice magick
Rose PetalsLove, romance, female intuition, psychic powers, health, good luck, wish fulfillment, prophetic dreams, protection magick, attracting fairies
Hibiscus PetalsSun magick, Venus magick, divination, clairvoyance, increase spirituality
Red CloverProsperity, lust, love, fidelity, success, luck, blessing of pets, consecrating ritual tools made of copper, banish negative spirits
Decorative image of green tea in cups, mint leaves, candied ginger, and a ceramic tea kettle. Herbal iced tea.

Enjoy Your Herbal Iced Tea

I hope that this herbal iced tea recipe helps you to keep cool this summer!

One note for you is that I don’t recommend doing a cold brew herbal iced tea.

Herbal teas need to be boiled to kill off bacteria that may be on the tea.

Plus, heating the tea up first allows any sweetener added to mix in properly.

This can easily become a healthy homemade drink that you consume every day, or just when the weather is especially hot.

Either way, you’ll be amazed at how much this herbal tea cools you down and helps you regulate your body temperature!

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