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How To Use Neville Goddard’s Affirmations To Manifest Your Ideal Life (It Really Works!)

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Ah, the wonderful world of Neville Goddard’s affirmations! Have you ever been curious to know how these affirmations can take your life from mundane to magical? Let’s explore and see just how far we can go with the Law of Assumption.

The Law of Assumption states that whatever we choose to believe will be brought into fruition. So, if you think positively about yourself and your life, positive thoughts and realities will enter your life! It really is that simple! And this is where Neville Goddard’s affirmations come in. A single affirmation holds the power to manifest whatever it is you wish for in life. All you need to do is picture what you want in detail while saying the affirmation aloud.

These affirmations work with your subconscious mind, so repetitively chanting an affirmation out loud has a greater effect than merely thinking it. Just remember, as long as what you desire aligns with your authentic self, anything is possible! So why not give Neville Goddard’s Affirmations a try and begin building a life made up of all the things your heart desires? Much love and light on this chaotic journey called life!

What Is the Law of Assumption?

The Law of Assumption is a powerful tool to help bring your dreams and goals into fruition. It can be thought of as an advanced version of the Law of Attraction — both have similar concepts, but the Law of Assumption takes it a step further.

It works by changing the energy around you and tapping into the power of your subconscious mind. You must convince your inner self that you already hold the reality you desire. Speaking, feeling, thinking and behaving as if you already possess what you are working towards is key for this type of manifestation.

Once you start to vibrate at this frequency, it’s like sending out a beacon to make all that potential come true for you! By believing in yourself and infusing your thoughts with confidence and positivity, recognizing how valuable and unique you truly are — even in moments when it feels challenging — this fuels the process that will get you where you want to be.

So why not give The Law of Assumption a try? After all, good things really do happen when we “assume” they will!

Now, the teachings I am discussing in this article are based on the work of Neville Goddard, a New Thought teacher and author from Barbados. (You can find Neville Goddard’s books here if you’re interested in learning more.)

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Why Using Manifestation Techniques Is Helpful

Have you ever wondered why it’s important to use manifestation techniques? The Law of Assumption states that whatever is in our subconscious mind and energy field manifests into our reality. So, if we can change our subconscious to align with what we desire, then we can also change our reality!

Put simply, when we use manifestation techniques, we are attempting to convince our subconscious mind that we already have—or are—what we desire. We want to reprogram it so that it no longer holds limiting beliefs or doubts, but accepts the beauty and power of abundance in all forms.

Think of yourself as a piece of God, capable of creating your own world. Your higher self takes whatever information is stored in your subconscious mind and energy field and uses it to match you up with a reality that reflects those contents. By using manifestation techniques like affirmations and visualizations, you can redirect these contents towards success in order to manifest your ideal life.

You already possess within you the power and ability to transform your future—all you have to do is tap into it!

Neville Goddard’s Affirmations

Creating the life of your dreams starts in your mind. Whether it’s a career promotion, financial freedom, or in this case, marriage with children, you can use affirmations – crafted phrases that affirm what it is that you desire to be true – to help manifest your desires through connecting with your subconscious.

To create an affirmation for marriage and parenthood when you are currently single, start by believing deep down inside that it is already true for you. Affirm “I am a happily married mother/father of 2” as if this has already been accomplished. Feel the joy and love of being part of a family unit. Visualise yourself surrounded by children and living with your partner in wedded bliss every time you say your affirmation. Make sure to speak from the heart each time you recite it so as to allow yourself to deeply connect with the emotion behind the words.

By taking time throughout the day to tap into these positive vibes and say affirmations out loud, or in silence and stillness within, the truth becomes clearer within your subconscious and will begin to manifest outwardly in reality too! So remember – repeat these statements often enough and they are sure to lead you on an exciting new path towards having exactly what it is that you want: a happily ever after as a married parent!

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My Experiences Using Affirmations

For years I’d tried using affirmations to feel better and become more positive, but to no avail – in fact it seemed to make me feel worse! That all changed around 4-5 months ago, when I decided to give affirmations another go. Little did I know that others would start repeating my affirmations back to me, word for word. This has been happening multiple times with multiple people, completely unbeknownst to them that I had made these phrases up or even that I was affirming at all. It’s clear to me now that as these statements have become more firmly rooted in my subconscious mind they have also taken hold in the external world.

As an affirmation enthusiast myself, I’m often asked why affirmations work so well – and the best answer I can give is this: with consistent practice and dedication, affirmations enable us to tap into a state of being where everything is possible – where nothing is too far fetched and our true potential knows no boundaries. As we align ourselves with this inner awareness, reality begins unraveling into something we never imagined before – each day brings new rewards and life takes on a whole new meaning.

So don’t get discouraged if things aren’t going your way initially – every day brings us closer and closer to our full potential. Affirm frequently and boldly, watch the universe rearrange itself perfectly in your favor!

Caveats to Using Affirmations

Are you feeling skeptical about affirmations? Trust me, I get it! Affirmations can seem too good to be true, like some magical cure-all. But there are a few important caveats that I want to go over before we move forward.

The number one rule with affirmations is that they must come from your heart and soul—you need to actually believe what you’re saying in order to make them effective. It’s not enough just to say the words if you don’t truly feel them as true.

And most importantly, don’t use affirmations as a way of escaping reality. Even though they can help bring positive change into your life, affirmations are not meant to be an avoidance tactic of tackling tough challenges head on. It won’t do any good if you just ignore what needs to be done and repeat some magic words instead.

So take these suggestions into consideration when using affirmations and see where the journey takes you!

The Role of Visualization in Manifesting with Affirmations

Creating a reality of your dreams through affirmations requires more than just repeating the words; visualizing that desired reality is equally important. Visualization can be an incredibly powerful tool in convincing your subconscious mind of something.

Let’s say your hope is to become a successful business owner – by affirming this idea, it also helps to create a mental image of yourself achieving this goal. Picture yourself in your office, interacting with clients and discussing business deals. Imagine how it feels to be respected for the success you’ve achieved and see yourself as the confident businessperson you aspire to be.

Visualizing yourself being exactly who you want to be helps to solidify this reality in your mind and can give you an added boost of motivation to take action towards your goals. So when using affirmations, don’t just focus on saying them – include visualization as an essential part in manifesting what you want for a more fruitful journey!

Tips for Using Affirmations Effectively

Creating a better and brighter future for yourself is an amazing journey that starts with the power of positive affirmations. Using affirmations to manifest our ideal life is not only an effective tool but also an incredibly empowering experience. To ensure you are using your affirmations as best as possible, here are a few helpful tips!

Consistency is key when it comes to harnessing the power of affirmation. You can decide on the frequency that fits best with your lifestyle—it can be daily or every other day—or even carve out some time during your daily routine like first thing in the morning or right before bed. This way, you’ll have the best chance at reaping all of their benefits.

It’s important to make sure that whatever affirmations you decide to use feel true and authentic to who you are and your values. After all, by affirming things that go against what we truly believe, we won’t get any results.

Lastly, it’s great to make sure you’re in a positive state of mind when repeating your affirmations; free from any negative thoughts or doubts that may be lingering around in the back of your mind. By having an open heart and a clear mind before starting these powerful practices, you’ll be able to reap full rewards from them!


In conclusion, using affirmations to manifest your ideal life really does work, as long as you are consistent and believe in what you are affirming. The Law of Assumption and affirmations are powerful tools to bring about positive change in your life, and I hope this article has inspired you to give them a try.

Blessed be, beautiful witches!

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