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50 Badass Positive Affirmations For A Witchy New Year

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These positive affirmations are written specifically for the spiritual, witchy, and pagan readers of my blog. Make the coming year even more magical with these affirmations.

When you choose a few of these to repeat, you are using the magic of positive thinking to manifest good things into your life. Some of these affirmations are aimed at gaining prosperity, some at self acceptance.

Fifty Awesome Witchy Affirmation For The New Year

  1. What is meant for me will always find me.
  2. I do everything in life with passion.
  3. My ancestors guide my every step.
  4. I am one with the universe.
  5. I embody forgiveness.
  6. Every action I make is spiritual.
  7. Everything I want to manifest this year is headed my way.
  8. I am a master at manifesting.
  9. Everything I touch turns to gold.
  10. Manifesting my best life is easy!
  11. I am more than a human being, I am a spiritual being.
  12. I am on the right path.
  13. I am allowed to change and grow.
  14. I am allowed to put up new boundaries.
  15. I am allowed to let go of the past.
  16. I live a life suitable for my highest self.
  17. I find sticking to my plans not only easy, but fun.
  18. I deliberately choose the feelings I want to generate.
  19. My work brings me joy.
  20. I try new spells often and find joy in learning more about magic.
  21. Witchcraft brings me solace and strength.
  22. I am fully engaged in life.
  23. The gods shine brightly upon me.
  24. I am ready for all of the new opportunities life wants to bring me.
  25. I accomplish everything I set out to do with courage and strength.
  26. Every goal I set is achievable.
  27. Nothing can stop me from manifesting my best life.
  28. Nothing can stop me from casting great and powerful magic.
  29. This year, I am finding my inner strength.
  30. I choose to be kind to myself this year.
  31. My mind is filled with positive thoughts.
  32. I am transforming myself.
  33. The inner strength of the Goddess courses through me.
  34. I am ready to see things differently.
  35. I accept that things are falling in place for me.
  36. I accept and love myself the way that I am.
  37. I accept my shadow self with gentle love.
  38. I declare my intentions.
  39. I follow my intuition bravely and without regrets.
  40. This year, I choose a path of happiness and wellness.
  41. I can clearly see the blessings around me.
  42. I release last year’s mistakes and open myself to a new year of opportunities.
  43. With passion and joy, I am creating my own future.
  44. I release all fear from my life.
  45. I am meant to have a magical life.
  46. The gods guide my actions with a plan that leads me to greatness.
  47. I love myself.
  48. Every step I take in life brings prosperity.
  49. I am enough.
  50. I am unstoppable.

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