Using bells in witchcraft and magick to raise the vibration of your home

Magick Bells In Witchcraft And Paganism

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I am on the hunt for a ritual bell. I don’t want to buy a new one, I’m being called to buy a used one.

When I go to a thrift store, I hope to find one there to use in my witchcraft.

Why do I want a bell for witchcraft? Because they’re the best tool for sound clearing out there.

The bell is a feminine symbol of creative force.

It’s used to invoke a goddess or the four elements.

Evil spirits hate the clear sounds of high pitched bells.

Bells have so many uses and purposes in witchcraft.

It’s really an essential tool for witches, and one of the harder ones to make ourselves.

That’s why I am looking for a used one that is beautiful and still holds the clapper inside so that it still makes a sound.

In the end, my goal will be to have many bells with different tones, but for now I need one.

One bell to cleanse my home without smoking things up.

A bell to help introduce my son to this part of witchcraft.

The Bell Is A Spiritual Tool Found Around The World

Many religions use bells in their practice.

From Church bells to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Japanese Shinto.

Their purposes and meanings vary between these religions, of course, but generally the thing that ties these beliefs together is the use of bells to communicate a message of some kind.

For me, and many other pagans, bells disturb the vibrations of other energies.

Sound cleansing with bells is a nuclear option that will truly clear the area of ALL energy.

Good, bad, ugly, beautiful.

I need to clean my home of really bad and stagnant energy.

It’s almost sticky energy, and you can really feel it when you step inside.

Smoke isn’t working, and using smoke to banish this energy is starting to irritate my throat.

So I need to get a bell to sort of act like spiritual Drano.

Get that sticky bad energy out so that I can replace it with calming, loving energy that will nourish and protect my family.

We have someone staying with us that is giving off bad energy all the time, so the sound clearing will have to be a regular thing.

Until that guest is out of our home, I will probably be removing that gunky energy weekly to monthly.

Other Uses For Witch’s Bells

Some pagans and witches uses bells for reasons other than sound clearing.

Some other uses for witch’s bells include:

  • Clearing and charging crystals and other metaphysical items
  • A bell hung on a door is said to grant wishes and draw prosperity into the home
  • Some keep bells on their altars to use in formal rituals
  • Fairies love bells, so they can be used to please them and hopefully keep their mischief at bay
  • Bells can be used to represent the element of Air in spells and rituals
  • A ringing bell can be used to balance the mind and is helpful for meditation
  • Some use bells to represent Water because of the sound waves of the bell’s ring
  • Bells can be used to invoke goddesses or the elements in rituals
  • A bell can be rung after casting a circle to create a bubble of protection and energy, and then ring it after the circle has been released to disperse remaining energy

Buying A Witch’s Bell

With this tool, the sound of the bell is very important.

That makes shopping online hard.

Shopping in person should be preferred unless you already have a collection of bells and you are just looking for one that is aesthetically pleasing.

How the bell looks only matters to you.

Because I’m looking for one in thrift shops, I’m expecting to get the typical “grandma designs” with flowers or solid colors.

Maybe milk glass. Maybe silver!

I really want to encourage you to look for your witch bell in a thrift store as well.

We don’t need to let these beautiful bells go to the dump if they sit for too long when their sounds are just as lovely as one bought from a New Age shop.

Once you have your bell, regardless of how you bought it, you should clean it with water and incense to reset its energy and intent.

After that, spending time to meditate with and upon it will help your bell to pair with you.

Ring it to learn the energy the sound gives off and how it interacts with your home.

Allow it to do its magickal clearing and you will find yourself with a home that is ready to be turned into a truly magickal space.

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