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Tips For Working With Persephone Or Kore

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Persephone is the Queen of the Underworld and goddess of both spring and autumn. She is also associated with fertility and birth, as much as she is associated with death and the afterlife.

I’ve been reading about this goddess for quite awhile now and have finally decided to make offerings to her and see what happens. So far everything has gone pretty well.

I started by making a small shrine outside of my window. Then I began to make offerings. The first thing I did was to light some candles and place them around the shrine.

Speaking to Persephone in quiet moments, I asked her to bless me and my family. I then made a special meal of food that I knew would be pleasing to her. It included garlic bread, salad, and a fruit tart. After sharing it with her, I went into my home and read a book about her. When I finished reading, I had a bath under the moon with the window wide open. I felt beautiful!

Then I lit some incense and placed it near the shrine. I left some water in front of the shrine so that she could drink from it if she wanted.

Now I want to share some ideas on how YOU can work with and honor Persephone, too!

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Offerings For Persephone

At your altar, you should leave offerings to the deity you want to work with. Persephone is a nature goddess, and she loves flowers, especially fresh ones. Offerings of these will please her greatly. You can offer dried flowers or fresh ones. If possible, keep them in a glass vase with water.

You may also wish to use herbs like rosemary, lemon balm, parsley, sage, chamomile, and thyme. These can be used in cooking or added to teas or baths.

  • Daisy petals
  • Buy some fresh-picked flowers and offer them at your altar
  • Try to find some vanilla scented candles
  • Lavender
  • Lilies
  • Pomegranates
  • Floral tea
  • Offer a bowl of fresh strawberries or other berries
  • Breads
  • Grains
  • Cakes
  • Sweet fruits
  • Wildflowers
  • Mint
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Red wine
  • Asphodel
  • Poppies
  • Roses
  • Wildflowers
  • Flower crowns and wreaths
  • Bat shaped items
  • Ram imagery
  • Parsley
  • Black or white poplar
  • Weeping willow
  • Cypress
  • Honey
  • Honey wine
  • Herb or fruit infused waters
  • Potted plants
  • Small animal bones
  • Jewelry
  • Artwork
  • Poetry
  • Seeds
  • Petunias
  • Lilacs
  • Sunflowers
  • Grapevines
  • Corn stalks
  • Ferns
  • Plants that bloom in late fall
  • Dried apples
  • Freshly picked apples
  • Rosemary
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Devotional Acts For Persephone

So what should you actually do to honor this dark goddess? There are a lot of Persephone approved activities. The most important thing to do is to spend time in nature!

The best way to honor Persephone is to spend time outside, especially in nature. There is no better place to commune with Persephone than in the woods. Persephone loves the forest. She lives among the trees and flowers. If you visit the forest, you will see her everywhere.

In addition to spending time in nature, Persephone also appreciates gifts. Offer her something beautiful, like fresh roses or jewelry. Persephone enjoys receiving these kinds of offerings, and they help her remember what she does for the living. Persephone is the queen of the underworld, so she needs a little extra attention every now and then.

  • Gardening
  • Have a bath and cleanse yourself
  • Meditation
  • Spending time with your mother
  • Spending time with your spouse
  • Hiking in nature
  • Fulfilling your duties
  • Making love
  • Walking in the woods
  • Reading about Persephone
  • Cooking foods that are good for you
  • Drinking red wine
  • Giving thanks for blessings received
  • Sacred dance
  • Learn herbalism
  • Visit cemeteries
  • Ancestor worship
  • Make a playlist of music that reminds you of her
  • Meditate outside
  • Clean up litter
  • Donate to those who can’t afford a funeral service
  • Honor Hades
  • Honor Demeter
  • Honor Dionysus
  • Honor Hecate
  • Offer a sacrifice after sunset
  • Offer a sacrifice before sunrise
  • Offer a sacrifice during full moons

If you’re worried about offending Persephone, don’t worry. She doesn’t hold grudges. Persephone is more interested in what we do than how we do it. Persephone wants to know why we care about helping other people, and whether our actions are motivated by love or selfishness. Persephone won’t punish you for being kind; she’ll appreciate it even more.

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Fragrances And Incense For Persephone

Persephone likes incense because it smells nice! You can buy scents that remind you of her or just make your own incense.

There are so many different types of fragrant materials available today that it would be impossible to list them all here. However, I have included a few suggestions below. I hope this helps you to create beautiful incenses that Persephone loves!

  • Vanilla
  • Almond
  • Pomegranate
  • Dragon’s blood
  • Bergamot
  • Juniper berry
  • Clove
  • Amber
  • Nutmeg
  • Cardamom
  • Eucalyptus
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Crystals For Persephone

Crystals can be used to protect against psychic attack and the influence of evil spirits. They can also be used to strengthen the will, raise vitality, increase fertility, enhance health and beauty, and dispel negativity.

  • Obsidian – Obsidian is a protective stone. It can help repel negative forces such as ghosts, vampires, and demons. It is especially useful for protection against psychic attacks. It can be worn around the neck or carried in the pocket.
  • Coral – Coral has a soothing effect on those who are emotionally unstable. It helps to calm the mind and relieve stress.
  • Jasper – Jasper strengthens the will and increases mental clarity. It is particularly useful for helping to overcome emotional blockages and self-destructive tendencies. It can also improve memory and concentration.
  • Black onyx – Black onyx is helpful for combating depression and anxiety. It can help us to focus our attention and overcome distractions. It can also help us to relax and release pent up emotions.
  • Pink tourmaline – Pink Tourmaline promotes love and affection. It enhances sexual desire and improves relationships. It can also provide strength and stamina.
  • Tiger’s eye – Tiger’s eye is good for improving vision and increasing intellectual capabilities. It can also aid in meditation and communication.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst is useful for enhancing creativity and intuition. It can help us see clearly what needs to be done and how best to do it.
Persephone Altar Supplies

Persephone altar supplies include dark candles, pomegranates, roses, and obsidian. These items should be placed in a bowl, or on a table covered with a cloth. Get these handmade supplies for your Persephone altar on Etsy. The site also has other offerings, including incense, perfumes, crystals, stones, herbs, spices, oils, and artwork that would fit a Persephone altar.

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Prayers To The Queen Of The Underworld

What does it mean to worship Persephone? Persephone is goddess of fertility, love, passion, and death. She represents the underworld and its mysteries.

These prayers can help you to connect with her.

Prayer For Protection

My Lady I pray, protect me from all harm!

Protect me from all fear! Protect me from all pain!

Be my guard from every danger! From every evil!

From every ill at once! From all these!

My Lady I pray, protect my beloved!

Protect him from every ill, every dread!

Be the guardian and protector of his head!

Let him not know any sorrow,

Nor feel any grief, nor suffer any pain!

Another Prayer For Protection

O queen Persephone, daughter of Demeter,

Queen of the underworld, of Hades, I call to you,

Guardian of all things divine, protect me!

Protect me, protect me against evil!

Protect me from all things that cause harm!

Protect me, guard me against the violence of the beasts,

Against the malice of all who would hurt me!

Prayer Of Devotion

I am yours, O goddess, forever and ever!

Your beauty shines like the sun. Your eyes are bright like stars.

You are soft as silk. Gentle as honey. Sweet as nectar.

I devote myself to you, O Goddess.

Persephone, Daughter of Zeus, Queen of the Dead.

Goddess of Spring, Goddess of Nature, Goddess of the Earth.

Goddess of Love, Goddess of Fertility and Life.

Hear me, hear me now! Hear my prayer!

Mother, Mother of All Things Divine, I offer you this gift.

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It is said that Hekate helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our way, and to achieve our goals. In addition to being a benevolent Goddess, she is also a fierce warrior. When we summon her, we invite her to help us take charge of our lives, to lead us into battle, and to fight for justice.

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Great read - a must have for anyone interested in working with the Goddess during the full moon! Highly recommended! - Luis Meyer

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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