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Spirit Guides And Angels

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You are never truly alone! Before you were born, divine companions chose to be with you throughout your lifetime. They are called spirit guides and they are highly evolved beings who have already completed the cycle of birth and death in the physical plane. They serve as teachers and guides to help you raise your vibrations. Although they vibrate at a different level than us, they are just as real as we are and exist in another plane of existence.

Spirit guides are always there to help you on your journey, offering guidance and support. They can help you make decisions, provide insight into difficult situations, and offer comfort when needed. Angels are also with us, providing protection and love. They are messengers of the gods and act as intermediaries between the physical world and the spiritual realm. They can help us find peace in times of distress, bring healing to our hearts, and help us manifest our dreams.

Difference Between a Spirit Guide and An Angel

The main difference between a spirit guide and an angel is that spirit guides are more closely connected to us, while angels are more distant. Spirit guides have been with us since before we were born and they remain with us throughout our lives. They serve as teachers and mentors, helping us to raise our vibrations and reach our highest potential.

Angels, on the other hand, are messengers of the gods and act as intermediaries between the physical world and the spiritual realm. They are more distant than spirit guides, but they can still provide guidance and protection when needed.

Other differences between spirit guides and angels include the type of energy they bring. Spirit guides bring a more personal, intimate energy, while angels bring a more universal and terrifying energy. Spirit guides are also more likely to give us direct advice, while angels may provide us with signs or symbols that we must interpret on our own.

Further, spirit guides are more likely to be with us for the duration of our lives, while angels may come and go as needed.

Ultimately, both spirit guides and angels can provide us with guidance and support on our journey. They are here to help us reach our highest potential and live a life of joy and abundance. It is important to remember that they are always with us, even if we cannot see them. We just need to open our hearts and minds to their presence and allow them to help us on our path.

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What Are Spirit Guides?

The presence of Spirit Guides is a longstanding tradition in many cultures and societies, throughout time they have served to empower those seeking spiritual guidance. At their fullest development, the role of a Spirit Guide is akin to that of an invisible mentor or teacher. They guide individuals to make decisions in accordance with their own sense of inner wisdom, rather than relying on external forces.

A relationship with a Spirit Guide can be developed through visualization, prayer and regular meditation practice. Through these acts, one learns to open themselves up to the connection between self and spirit world and build trust with their guides.

By honoring one’s unique relationship with each guide there is tremendous opportunity for growth, understanding and empowerment. It is said that when we reach out for help our guides answer, as long as we are open minded and attentive to any advice or counsel which come through us.

What Are Angels?

Angels are powerful spiritual emissaries with deep cosmic knowledge, yet they remain true bearers of Divine grace and mercy. They often work in the least dramatic of ways, imparting subtle guidance to worldly matters and consoling souls in grief; yet many are known to manifest their presence bombastically, either through powerful winds , loud voices, dazzling lights or even thunder that roll across stormy skies.

Unlike Nature Spirits and other spirits which frequent the earthly realm, Angels posses a higher order of power, aligning them perfectly with the will of the gods.

In a word, Angels offer us wisdom from beyond and link us directly to source truth, lifting us up toward enlightenment.

How Does a Spirit Become My Guide?

Many people develop a relationship with a spirit guide over time through meditation, spiritual practice, and communication. When we begin to meditate deeply and frequently, we open ourselves up to the spiritual realms and any guide that may be awaiting us.

During this process, it’s important to trust in ourselves, our intuition, and the divine support from the spirit realms that is always available to each of us. Additionally, setting an intention for guidance or direction during meditation can help bring clarity of insight into your life.

How Many Spirit Guides Can I Have?

Each individual’s spiritual travels and evolution bring different experiences, preferences, and lessons to their unique soul journey. As we grow in knowledge and experience our spirit guides may come in the form of a guide from this life or from our past lives, ancestral and family influences, teachers or ordinary people who cross our paths by chance.

Each individual has a specific number of guides to suit their personal needs at any given time of their life’s journey. It is possible to have as many as you wish; however the ones who will be most influential for your journey – whether navigators or counselors – can provide clues about how to take the next steps in life. You will gain the most from the ones with whom you are connected on a higher-consciousness level because they can offer crucial advice regarding your spiritual path.

It might help to keep an open mind when it comes to accepting new guides into your inner circle, rather than setting up rigid expectations about who should be present as your accompanying advisors throughout this beautiful experience called life.

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Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides may come in many forms—from human or animal, to totem and plant spirit—and can offer direction and guidance to the seeker.

Some are familiar spirits, known since childhood and abiding oftentimes for a lifetime. Others are foreign powers who appear quite suddenly in times of need to introduce new perspectives; transient beings whose presence may pass as soon as its purpose is met.

Particularly powerful beings remain involved throughout the spiritual evolution of the individual, fostering an ever-changing terrain of learning, wisdom, testing and support spanning from birth till death. In this way the Student gains an indelible connection amongst manifold models of divinity which arise more naturally than through anything ascribed by religious doctrine or linear formation.

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

Connecting with your spirit guide can be a powerful and fulfilling experience. One way to do this is through meditation – focus on who you want your spirit guide to be, allow yourself to be still, and open up your heart and mind to the possibility of connection.

You can also meditate with the intent of meeting or speaking to your spirit guide – it can help to mentally construct a ritual, such as a sacred circle, lit candles or burning incense, that you perform ritualistically while focusing on connecting with your guide.

Visualizing the presence of your spirit guide will also bring them closer – imagine them being right beside you, feel their presence in the room with you. If they are still stubbornly resisting communication or contact feel around for energies associated with them; this could present as light, warmth or a feeling of familiarity. Additionally, try creating an object that embodies their strength and wisdom – such as a stone or crystal that has their energy – so that their presence is always with you.

Here are some more ways to interact with your spirit guides in a more proactive way:

Asking for Guidance:

Ask for guidance from spiritual beings to understand and interpret the messages, symbols, and signs associated with them.

Being in a meditative space allows an adherent to more fully connect to the spiritual realm, while keeping their own mind and intuition open. Consulting a professional psychic/intuitive can also assist in discerning unknown spiritual teachers or guides.

Specific symbols such as a man in a suit, Native American archetype, Buddhist monk, feathers, feather tattoos, hawks, and melodies all may serve as signposts of spiritual guidance. Adherents should trust themselves and their internal wisdom about what particular signs are meant for them specifically.

Activity such as this can help individual adherents draw closer to their path by recognizing connections between themselves and the natural environment around them.

Tarot Cards:

Tarot cards can offer insightful and accurate glimpses into the spiritual aspects of our lives, providing us with important messages from our spirit guides. The cards contain archetypal symbols that represent the collective unconscious and its connection to our individual experiences. Each card has an interpretation based on its own structure and design, revealing a wealth of wisdom about feelings, relationships, choices, paths, and inner work.

The power of a tarot card reading comes through allowing the user to connect deeply with his or her subconscious mind. When this happens, one can gain insight into the often hidden nuances of life’s journey and come away with powerful tools for personal growth. As one learns to interpret various card interpretations over time, he or she also develops an intuitive understanding about life’s spiritual connections and how best to act in alignment with them.

A simple spread to contact your spirit guides is to lay out three cards in a row. The first card represents the spiritual guide, the second card is about what they want you to know and the third card is about how you can best work with them.


One of the most powerful ways to connect with the non-physical world is through dream work and the use of dreams to gain guidance from spirit guides.

Before going to sleep, ask your spirit guide for guidance or insight into a particular question or situation and record any images, symbols, or feelings that arise during the night. Taking some time upon awakening to write down any thoughts or insights that you had as soon as possible can help both remember details about your dreams and also provide a bridge between the physical world and your inner spiritual wisdom.

Similarly when one pays attention to recurring vivid dreams, metaphors and symbols often arise that can be used as tools for self exploration and personal growth. By paying close attention to these signs in our subconscious minds we can gain invaluable insight into our own patterns of behavior and beliefs, deepening our understanding into ourselves while allowing us to transcend our physical constraints enabling us to progress further along on our spiritual journey.


Rituals are an important part of connecting with spirit guides and angels. They can be used to create a sacred space for meditation, prayer, or other spiritual activities. Rituals can also be used to honor the divine presence in our lives and to express gratitude for the guidance we receive from our spirit guides.

Rituals can take many forms, including burning incense, lighting candles, chanting mantras, using crystals or stones, or simply sitting in silence and allowing yourself to be open to the presence of your spirit guides.

No matter what form your ritual takes, it is important to remember that rituals are a way of connecting with the spiritual realm and honoring the divine guidance that is available to us. By taking time out of our busy lives to honor our spirit guides, we can open ourselves up to a deeper understanding of our own spiritual journey and the power of our own intuition.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Contacting a Spirit Guide?

Summoning a spirit guide is an ancient practice, but it is important to remember that this type of activity has its risks. When attempting to contact a spirit guide, it is essential to seek guidance from experienced practitioners and proper instruction before attempting any kind of spiritual communication.

The most common risk associated with contacting a spirit guide is that the practitioner can be emotionally overwhelmed and unable to handle the energy exchange between them and the spirit. Additionally, reckless attempts at spiritual communication can also attract demonic entities or other malevolent beings who can potentially cause harm to both the practitioner and their environment.

It is also important for practitioners to maintain strong mental focus when reaching out to a spirit guide in order to keep the energies in balance. Finally, practitioners should always use methods of protection in order to shield themselves and create boundaries between themselves and any spirits they may encounter during their pursuits. Continue reading for some examples of protective magic.

What Are the Benefits of Contacting a Spirit Guide?

Working with spirit guides can bring powerful insights into one’s personal and spiritual growth. Spirit guides exist on a higher level of vibration, and thus provide untainted wisdom and advice distinct from that of physical beings.

Spirit guides are especially helpful in seeking guidance in areas such as relationships, which may be inflected by the mundane day-to-day details. Calling upon spirit guides for guidance allows one to gain more understanding and make wise decisions. Additionally, one can ask for healing energy from them before sleep so that it may work through them during rest.

Spirit guides are spirit entities from the unseen world who offer wisdom and guidance on life’s biggest questions. Contacting a spirit guide can provide insight, support and validation about your current situation and future endeavors. Here are some of the benefits of connecting with one:

Receive spiritual advice – A spirit guide can provide spiritual advice about any challenge you may be facing, giving you the insight you need to make positive changes in your life.

Connecting with spiritual energies – By contacting a spirit guide, you open yourself up to connect with higher levels of spiritual energies which can help raise your vibrations and enable a more profound connection with the divine realm.

Accessing higher wisdom – Spirit guides have access to spiritual knowledge and truths that can provide an understanding of life’s toughest trials. By working with a spirit guide, one can receive messages from beyond themselves and find the strength to overcome any obstacle.

Connecting with your true purpose – Working with spirit guides leads to profound spiritual growth, as it helps you uncover your true self, find your path, and live in alignment with it. Through tapping into their divine light, spirit guides will help you unlock part of yourself that you’ve been searching for forever.

Maximum personal growth – A spirit guide helps you access your spiritual power and empower yourself from within. Through a connection with the divine world, you are able to open the doors to truly become your best self. Your spirit guide will provide guidance about which steps to take for furthering along your journey of spiritual awakening.

Protection through higher vibrationsSpirit guides offer powerful protection against negative energies by raising your vibration and helping to create an energy field of positive energy around you. Working with them will keep you safe from various forms of lower vibrational influences that can bring down important life transitions or hinder one’s progress on their spiritual path.

What Are Some Common Signs that Your Spirit Guide Is Trying to Communicate with You?

One of the most common signs that your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you is a feeling of being watched, especially in moments when you are alone. Your intuition can pick up subtle energies sent from your spirit guides and if you pay attention, it can be quite powerful.

Other signs include repetitive dreams or visions, hearing a distant voice whispering in your head, feeling warm and protected or a strong urge to go somewhere without any real explanation as to why.

Other physical sensations may also occur such as chills or goosebumps running through your body or experiencing strong synchronicities with certain numbers such as 11:11.

Finally, you may also experience a strong sense of déjà vu or a feeling of being connected to something greater than yourself.

How Can I Make Sure I Am Connecting with My True Spirit Guide?

When it comes to connecting with your spirit guide, there are a few key things that you can do to ensure that you’re connecting with the right energy.

Firstly, make sure that you’re going into the experience with an open mind and an genuine intention to connect with someone who has your best interests at heart.

Secondly, take some time for yourself before you start any type of spiritual practice so you can get rid of any distractions and open up enough space for messages from your spirit guide to come through.

Next, create a sacred space where you can find stillness within yourself and be open to any messages coming through. This is also a great time to practice guided meditations or visualizations which may help increase connection with your spirit guide.

Finally, keep an eye out for signs or symbols in everyday life that may signal that your spirit guide is trying to communicate with you – whether it be through repeating numbers, special songs or certain objects.

Protecting Yourself While Connecting with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are spiritual mentors that can provide guidance and insight on life matters. Connecting with spirit guides is a practice within many occult traditions, but it is important to do so safely. Here are some basic steps for protecting yourself spiritually when attempting to communicate with your spirit guide:

  1. Set intention – It is important to set a clear intention for your connection with the spirit guide. This can be done through meditation or visualization, and it will help keep you focused and protect your energy from unwanted entities that may try to interfere in your connection.
  2. Grounding – Before establishing a link with the spirit guide, take time to ground your energy and raise any protective shields you may want in place before proceeding further. Grounding helps keep you connected to the Earth’s energy, which gives you added protection during spiritual work.
  3. Shielding – Use shielding techniques such as bubble visualizations and creating a sacred space before attempting any connection with the spirit guide. This will help keep you more focused on your desired activity instead of being distracted by anything else at the time.
  4. Invoking – Invoke the energy of the spirit guide through recitation of chants, rituals or prayers. This lets them know that you seek their presence and it also has a dual function of protecting yourself by acting as another layer of defense against any unwanted entities.
  5. Listen – Once contact is made, be sure to stay focused and listen to the spirit guide’s advice and guidance. This will help put your mind at ease and allow you to receive their wisdom in the best way possible.
  6. Disconnect – When you are finished with your activity, take time to properly disconnect from the spirit guide by sending them love and gratitude for any insights they may have provided. Then, release all boundaries and shields that were created in order to remain protected after the connection has finished.

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