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How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Your Dreams?

How Mercury Retrograde affects your sleep and dreams. Mercury rules over the nerves and brain, so while communication is breaking down your body is too. Mercury retrograde 2019 will be a rough couple of days where everything goes wrong and you'll start to have nightmares. Dream interpretation will be harder. The effects of mercury retrograde explained. How to survive mercury retrograde insomnia. Mercury retrograde astrology facts and tips. #astrology #witchcraft #mercuryretrograde #pagan

During Mercury retrograde, everything feels off balance. If you’re feeling like your whole life is in chaos, you’re not alone. Everyone is feeling the clouds hanging over their heads!

Mercury retrograde is known for causing car problems, arguments, travel delays, and broken tech. But can it affect you at night while you sleep, too?

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Mercury Retrograde 2019: The Pros and Cons of Mercury Retrograde & How To Survive It

What are the positive and negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde 2019? Mercury retrograde is around the corner. Learn the mercury retrograde meaning in this blog post and how to survive and thrive. Plus, Mercury retrograde dates for Mercury retrograde 2019, Mercury retrograde 2020, and Mercury retrograde 2021. Mercury retrograde in Leo. Mercury retrograde astrology. Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Mercury retrograde and relationships. #mercuryretrograde #astrology #leo #cancer #astro #mercury

We are halfway through the year and we are coming up to the second period of Mercury retrograde in 2019. From July 7 to July 31, we will be in a period of misunderstandings, tech and machines breaking down, and general bad luck. For instance, you may be dealing with a broken laptop right now!

This chaotic time will be especially hard for Leo personality (source) and Cancer personality types (source), who will feel distracted and thrown off course. Promises may be broken, things could be forgotten, and car problems are more likely. Travel safely!

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