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100 New Moon Journaling Prompts

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The new moon represents a fresh start and new beginnings. As the lunar cycle resets, it offers the perfect energy for intention setting, release work, reflection and visioning. Journaling during the new moon is a powerful way to harness this potent phase for growth and inner alignment. Developing a regular practice with these prompts will amplify your self-awareness and manifestation power.

The new moon signals a blank slate and opportunity for change. By tuning into its empty, open energies, we can clarify goals, shed old patterns, plant the seeds of our future and tap into our inner wisdom. Writing at this time provides a focused container to download inspiration and gain clarity for what wants to emerge in the coming weeks.

Dedicated new moon journaling helps us set the tone for the lunar month ahead. Through exploratory prompts and self-inquiry, we excavate truth and expand our self-knowledge. The process aligns us with the universe’s expansive potential as well as our core essence. Let these prompts guide you to harness the new moon for your highest potential.

New Beginnings Prompts

The new moon’s blank canvas is ripe for charting new beginnings. Use its fertile energy for planting the seeds of change and creation.

  1. What do I want to create or manifest this moon cycle?
  2. What intentions am I setting for this lunar month?
  3. What skills do I want to develop?
  4. What new habits or routines do I want to implement?
  5. What next chapter am I ready to begin?
  6. What project do I want to initiate?
  7. What new opportunity feels aligned for me now?
  8. How do I want to stretch and grow?
  9. What adventure feels calling to my spirit?
  10. What first step can I take towards a dream?

Ask yourself what wants to be born at this time. Let the wide open new moon energy spark inspiration about how you want to show up. Make space for new endeavors to take root and flourish.

Journaling during the new moon

Release and Renewal Prompts

Alongside planting new seeds, the new moon offers space to clear out and compost the old. What needs releasing in order to call in desired new beginnings?

  1. What thoughts, beliefs or mindsets no longer serve me?
  2. What limiting stories about myself am I ready to shed?
  3. What behaviors or patterns do I want to change?
  4. What part of my life feels stale and needs renewal?
  5. What dreams do I need to lay to rest?
  6. What emotional baggage wants release?
  7. What relationships or connections feel ready to dissolve?
  8. What resentments and grudges can I forgive?
  9. What jealousy or comparisons undermine me?
  10. What old roles, identities or labels no longer fit?

Lean into the empty quality of the new moon for removal work. What requires clearing out to make space for the vision of your highest potential? Let things fall away with grace.

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Self-Reflection Prompts

The new moon provides the perfect pause for checking in with yourself. The low-energy environment supports introspection and inner listening.

  1. What am I proud of accomplishing recently?
  2. What past challenge did I overcome?
  3. What do I appreciate about myself right now?
  4. What makes me feel alive and energized?
  5. What brings my spirit joy?
  6. How do I want to grow in the coming weeks?
  7. What makes me feel most like myself?
  8. What is my heart and soul calling me towards?
  9. What inner wisdom wants acknowledgment?
  10. What empowers and uplifts me?

Develop deeper self-knowledge by turning within. How can you acknowledge yourself with compassion? What intuitive truth wants loving attention? Let self-inquiry guide you home to your essence.

Visioning and Goal-Setting Prompts

The blank new moon canvas is ripe for infusing with dreams and inspiration. Clarify your vision while aligning with realistic action steps.

  1. What does my ideal life look like one year from now?
  2. What does my ideal day look like?
  3. What short-term goals will move me towards this vision?
  4. What long-term dreams make my heart soar?
  5. What action steps can I take this month?
  6. What resources or support do I need to accomplish this?
  7. Who can help me progress and stay accountable?
  8. How can I celebrate milestones and stay motivated?
  9. How will reaching this goal make me feel?
  10. What small daily actions add up to big results?

The new moon offers a reset point to get clear on your overall trajectory. What guiding vision moves you towards your highest potential? Make it tangible with bite-sized goals for the weeks ahead.

New moon journaling prompts

Gratitude Journaling

Practicing gratitude shifts energy from lack to abundance, the perfect mindset for new beginnings. Appreciate what is here now as you call in new desires.

  1. What are 5 things that I’m grateful for today?
  2. Who am I feeling thankful for right now and why?
  3. What do I appreciate about my community and network?
  4. What recent challenge did I overcome?
  5. What past disappointment can I now see as a blessing?
  6. What gift or talent am I ready to fully embrace?
  7. How has a recent loss or ending made space for growth?
  8. Where do I see beauty around me?
  9. What small pleasures enrich my day?
  10. How can I share my gratitude with others?

Giving thanks for all that is already present cultivates fertile ground for planting and growing more goodness. Allow gratitude to soften and open your heart.

Intentions and Empowerment

Set your intentions and affirm your inner strengths to make the most of this new moon.

  1. What is my deepest intention for myself and my life right now?
  2. How do I want to feel moving through this lunar cycle?
  3. What empowering message does my inner wisdom have for me today?
  4. How can I act from a place of confidence and courage this month?
  5. When I believe in myself, what more becomes possible?
  6. What loving advice would I give my younger self today?
  7. What soul gifts am I ready to share with the world?
  8. How can I take care of my needs while serving others?
  9. What makes me special and important just as I am?
  10. What fear keeps me playing small and how can I let it go?

Align with your inner power and set intentions to guide you on the path of soulful living. How can you further embrace your wholeness?

New moon phase journaling

Creativity and Passion

Tap into the new moon’s fertile energies to reconnect with the passions that light you up. Make time for creative play and self-expression.

  1. What creative projects most excite me right now?
  2. Where does my curiosity want exploration?
  3. What interests have I been neglecting lately?
  4. How could I spice up my routines and habits?
  5. What makes me lose track of time?
  6. Who or what inspires me creatively?
  7. What dreams and ideas feel wild, yet full of potential?
  8. How could I infuse more creativity and play into my days?
  9. What talents can I share to uplift others?
  10. What brave creative leap is calling to my spirit now?

Follow inspiration to reawaken your creative energies. Let the new moon spark the curiosity of your inner child once more. Play, imagine and wonder.

Health and Wellbeing

Balance your goals and dreams with nurturing mind, body and soul. The new moon offers a fresh start for healthy daily rhythms.

  1. How am I feeling mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?
  2. What self-care practice would energize me right now?
  3. What boundaries do I need to set for my overall wellbeing?
  4. How can I nourish myself with rest and relaxation?
  5. What foods or movement make my body feel alive?
  6. Where do I need more balance and moderation?
  7. What relationships and connections fill my cup?
  8. How can I create calm amidst busy-ness and stress?
  9. When do I feel most confident in my skin?
  10. What makes my spirit come alive?
  11. What is one small step I can take today towards a bigger goal?

Check in on your holistic health and rhythm. Make choices that honor your wellbeing as the foundation. Dream from this centered ground of self-care.

Relationships and Community

The relational spheres of your life also want alignment with your growth. Use the new moon for intention setting around connection.

  1. How can I improve my relationship with family?
  2. What friendships nourish me?
  3. Is my romantic partnership aligned with my goals?
  4. How do I want to contribute to my community?
  5. Whose wisdom and company uplifts me?
  6. What causes or organizations resonate with my values?
  7. How can I build connections across difference?
  8. What richness can I appreciate about other cultures?
  9. Who needs my compassion and support now?
  10. How can I deepen trust and intimacy in my relationships?
  11. Who appreciates me just as I am?
  12. What boundaries do I need to communicate?
  13. How can I show up as a supportive friend lately?
  14. Who sees and believes in my dreams?
  15. What connections need healing or closure?
  16. How can I increase the love and laughter?
  17. What relationships are distracting me from my goals?
  18. What new social hobbies or circles could enrich my life?
  19. Who inspires me by being their authentic self?

Focus on fostering relationships that help you stay true to your essence and purpose. Surround yourself with those who support your highest vision. Let go of draining connections that dim your light. Use the new moon to set intentions around your interpersonal environments and community.

The new moon offers a portal into new beginnings, release, self-knowledge, inspired visioning and abundance. Consistently journaling with these prompts will help unlock lunar potential. Let the self-inquiry excavate truth and expand your self-awareness each cycle. Keep refining your practice as you ride the cresting crescendo towards full manifestation.

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