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5 Best Crystals For Weight Loss In 2022

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Is using crystals for weight loss too good to be true? Can you reduce your weight and improve your health through the use of healing crystals? Trust me, it’s possible!

The best crystals for weight loss are blue apatite, peridot, bloodstone, carnelian, and amethyst. Each of these crystals will boost your energy, improve your metabolism, and help you to stick to your goals.

I have personally used the crystals on this list to help with my weight loss after having my son. While I couldn’t just rely on crystals to shed weight, they improved my energy, and I think they even had a more physical effect on me.

Of course, your mileage may vary, but I think healing crystals are worth a try for losing weight! 

5 best weight loss crystals boost your mood metabolism and confidence. Blue crystals.
How to use weight loss crystals to meet your New Year’s Resolutions.

Can You Use Crystals For Weight Loss?

Crystals help us to lose weight through many pathways. Some crystals work with our mental state, making us more positive, so we are less likely to overeat.

Other crystals help to break addictions, so we aren’t so unhealthfully attached to foods. Some improve digestion and lessen food cravings.

Which kind of weight loss crystal you choose will depend on your own weight loss goals. If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll want to choose to work with both amethyst and blue apatite. They both work together to improve your mood, reduce cravings, and heal your mental health so that you deal with stress better.

If you have terrible food cravings and addictions, working with carnelian and citrine will be your best bet. They will fix how your body processes food and eliminate your food cravings. They also work together to improve your metabolism and detoxify your body.

Did you know that fat cells hold onto toxins and pollutants? While it’s true that healthy bodies are just fine at detoxifying toxins that we are exposed to, holding onto extra fat makes that harder to do.

Your weight loss goals must be met through hard work. Luckily, crystal therapy helps us to achieve our desired results faster and more efficiently! 

How To Use These Crystals To Lose Weight

There are a few ways to get the most out of these crystals. Keep them in your pockets while you are outside of the home. They will form a protective barrier between you and the world. This barrier will help you to deal with everyday stress, so you’re less likely to emotionally eat and binge.

Wearing these crystals on jewelry is an inconspicuous way to use these gemstones. Many people love to wear crystals simply because they are beautiful. No one will suspect a thing!

You can also carry these stones in a pouch or mojo bag. Combined with magick herbs for weight loss, these pouches can pack a serious magickal punch.

Another acceptable option is to meditate with these crystals or create a crystal grid with them.

Sleeping with these crystals under your bed or pillow will allow them to work with your energy all through the night.

No matter how you use these crystals, though, you must remember to nourish your body correctly. A good diet and regular exercise are necessary to become your healthiest self and reach your weight loss goals.

Weight loss crystals that work great every time. Healing crystals for weight loss. Clear quartz.
Crystals can help boost your metabolism.

Which Crystals Are Best For Weight Loss?

Crystal healing has long been used for health benefits as well as spiritual and emotional benefits. These crystals will help you reach a healthy weight when used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise.

The healing properties of these crystals can build your self-love, positivity, and confidence so that you can shed excess weight. Crystal energy is a powerful healer and helps us to rebuild our positive energy.

Some of these crystals will be a hunger suppressant, while others help with our emotional stability, so we don’t binge eat.

Blue Apatite

Choose blue apatite to heal your unhealthy relationship with food, increase your willpower, suppress hunger, and improve mental clarity. When we are determined to reach our goals, blue apatite focuses that determination, so you are more likely to succeed.

This crystal also helps your body remember its ideal body weight- the weight you will feel and be your healthiest.

Combine sunstone with apatite to further increase your metabolic rate. Sunstone also increases your courage and soothes hunger pangs, but this effect is most noticeable when combined with blue apatite.


Peridot helps with detoxification by stimulating the liver and improving its function. It also stimulates the metabolism. It is used to control weight gain and helps with the absorption of nutrients.

Other health benefits include anemia, eyesight, IBS, Chrohn’s disease, breast pain, stings and bites, asthma, and digestive disorders.


When you need to stimulate your metabolism and detox your body, turn to bloodstone. This crystal works well with other crystals and will help you to burn extra calories during the day.

If you tend to fall off your diet, the good news is that bloodstone will also help you with your determination. Stay focused on your goals with the help of this healing crystal!

Bloodstone will make you want to get your blood pumping, so you’ll be encouraged to exercise, too.


The hot nature of this fire crystal will help you burn off extra calories and lose weight quickly. It will also strengthen your confidence and remind you that you can do ANYTHING that you set your mind to.

This crystal enhances your metabolism, though be aware it may increase your hunger as well. Pair it with other crystals to dull this hunger increase. Blue apatite would be an excellent crystal to pair with carnelian.

Crystals to boost your weight loss and fitness. Crystals for weight loss. Rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst. People working out.
Amethyst is a great weight loss crystal.


Apatite and amethyst work together beautifully to help you shed extra pounds. Amethyst helps you to break away from addictions, including food addictions.

Amethyst is a balancing crystal that helps your body to find its ideal weight. It also suppresses hunger and food cravings.

Can You Wear Weight Loss Crystals Every Day?

Yes! It is entirely safe to wear all of these healing crystals every day to help you lose weight. It’s even safe to wear them once you hit your weight loss goals!

Crystals are more akin to adaptogenic herbs. They seek to find balance in our bodies, so you’re not in danger of taking things too far when you wear these crystals.

Of course, everyone reacts differently to different crystals. Make sure to assess how you feel when you hold these crystals, and never use a crystal that leaves you feeling drained or worse than before you held it.

Crystals used for weight loss should also be cleansed often, as they might hold onto negative energy that you give off when you’re frustrated with your dieting efforts. 

The weight loss process can be a long and frustrating one. Luckily, we have healing crystals to be our allies on the long road to better health! These crystals can help build our willpower and enhance our healthy lifestyle. 

Remember that you can’t rely on crystal healing alone to lose weight. You must use diet, exercise, and hard work, along with your crystal healing.

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