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18 Purple Crystals And Their Correspondences In Witchcraft

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Purple crystals are very desirable crystals. People love to have them, and they’re used in many different ways, including jewelry. Because of their beauty and variety of uses, Purple Crystals have been a big hit for centuries.

Witches find purple crystals useful because they have correspondences related to magic and psychic abilities. They are used to enhance psychic abilities, and offer protection from psychic attacks. They are also associated with prosperity, the ability to receive material gains, and they can be used to remove obstacles that are stopping you from reaching your goals.

Purple crystals for psychics and witches.

Purple Crystals For Witches And Psychics

Here are the most popular crystals for witches, and some of their spiritual correspondences:

  • Amethyst: Protection, divination, and increased psychic abilities. Amethyst is used in witchcraft to protect from psychic attacks and to enhance the strength of healing spells. Amethyst also has a strong energy to bring material abundance and prosperity.
  • Sugilite: Emotional strength, healing, and purification. Sugilite aids in relaxation and peace, and it builds strong emotional strength. It’s a powerful healer, and it can be used to help resolve emotional issues that are blocking your path.
  • Charoite: Endurance through adversity, and strength during job loss. Charoite offers spiritual comfort, and is empowering in times of stress, and personal/emotional hardship.
  • Lepidolite: Dispel negativity and restore calm when your life is chaotic. Lepidolite is said to bring balance to the emotions, and it promotes self-discovery. It’s also used for business dealings, and it is used for making quick decisions.
  • Ametrine: If you are an artist, this crystal will help you to focus on your work, and to express yourself in a creative way. Ametrine is also a powerful healing crystal, and it is very effective at balancing the crown chakra.
  • Rhodolite garnet: Rediscover joy with this energy enhancing crystal. It provides protection against depressive feelings, and if you are feeling down, it can help to quickly bring you back to an upbeat mood.
  • Purple sapphire: Also known as violet sapphire, this gemstone is useful for meditation, and it can be used to attune to the spirit world. Connect with the universe and feel spiritual peace with this beautiful gem.
  • Tanzanite: This is the crystal for those that are just starting their psychic journey. It is protective and it promotes spiritual harmony. It can be used to keep out negative energy, and it can be used to enhance the psychic gifts that are just starting to emerge.
  • Kunzite: This is the crystal for emotional healing, and it encourages inner peace while empowering your soul. It has fire energy, which is unusual for a purple stone. If there are spiritual obstacles in your path, this crystal will help you to overcome them.
  • Siberite tourmaline: This crystal can reduce headaches, ground and protect, and it can help release emotional attachments. It’s good for meditation, and it can be used to lower stress levels.
  • Purple and lavender fluorite: This crystal is useful for dealing with chaos, and it can help to stop obsessive thinking. It also has a strong energy that can help to overcome addictive behaviour. For students, this crystal helps with memory and information retention.
  • Taaffeite: Fight off misfortune and balance the energy in your body with Taaffeite. You can also use this crystal to change your mind, so that you can move forward and achieve your goals.
  • Purple aventurine: This crystal is a very powerful healer, and it is useful for protecting the mind. It is also said to help with sleep disorders, and it can be used to increase spiritual awareness.
  • Thulite: Thulite works with fire energy to create passion, emotion, and new ideas. It can be both creative and destructive. Thulite can be used to increase sexual desire, and it can also be used to help remove obstacles in your life.
  • Purpurite: Purpurite can be used to help you lead a more balanced life, and if your life is chaotic, this crystal will help you to restore calm. It also helps with decision making. It also enables you to assert yourself, and it sends out spiritual energy to help you achieve your goals.
  • Phosphosiderite: In times of emotional turmoil, this crystal can draw peace and tranquility to your life. It is also good for healing, and it can help to overcome fear.
  • Marialite: Discover unique solutions and see into your future with this crystal. It can help to break down past issues and conflict, so that you can move forward. It also helps to strengthen your psychic abilities.
  • Scorolite: When you are fighting with everyone you life, or you are surrounded by conflict, this crystals will soothe the situation. It promotes balance, and it helps to keep the peace.
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