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Ruby Zoisite Benefits: 5 Reasons Every Eclectic Witch Needs This Crystal

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Ruby zoisite benefits are out of this world! If you need a crystal to help you kick depression and anger, this is it.

Ruby zoisite benefits include balancing energy, increasing psychic abilities, releasing suppressed anger, and regulating emotions. Ruby zoisite is a lucky healing crystal for happiness, passion, and love.

I am so impressed with this crystal, and it’s relatively unknown to others! I want to go over the many ruby in zoisite healing properties and hopefully convince you to grab this crystal, too.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Ruby zoisite beads make beautiful jewelry.

Why I Need Ruby Zoisite Benefits

For the past few weeks, my anxiety and depression have been at an all-time high. I mean, I couldn’t even think about cooking dinner without feeling sick to my stomach and dreading it. I was having near-daily panic attacks and was so irritable that nobody could talk to me without me snapping at them.

I tried medication, but it didn’t work. I felt like I was doomed to be miserable until spring, but then I went to my local metaphysical store, Earth Lore.

My goal was to pick up whatever called to me. I hoped that my intuition would guide me to something that might help.

And boy, did it ever!

I was drawn to the ruby zoisite bracelet hanging from a rack.

There were other crystals I am usually more called to: rose quartzhematite, and citrine.

But I was drawn to the strange green and red crystals that I had never noticed before.

I picked it up and took it to the counter, buying it immediately. And I am so glad I did.

I’m going to be honest here. For a while, I had been skeptical about the actual healing properties of crystals.

Sure, I still used them, but I had never had a reaction like this.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Increase your psychic ability and empower your crown chakra.

Ruby Zoisite Has Incredible Healing Properties

The first time I put on that ruby zoisite bracelet, my stress and anxiety started to melt away.

Sure, the things making me stressed were still there, but I felt it was easier to deal with it all. It only took a few minutes to work.

That’s why I call ruby zoisite an adaptogen crystal.

Adaptogenic plants and herbs help the body to deal with stress, rather than stopping us from getting stressed in the first place.

I’m unfortunately allergic to most popular adaptogenic herbs, but I get the same effect from ruby zoisite without the whole-body itchiness!

I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same effect I did, but I was impressed.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Heal your heart chakra with red ruby and green zoisite.

What Is Ruby Zoisite?

Also known as Anyolite, which means green in Maa, the language of the Maasai.

Other names include Ruby In Zoisite or Tanganyika Artstone.

Ruby zoisite gets its unique look from a natural combination of both ruby and zoisite crystals.

It was first discovered in the Longido mining district in Tanzania, which is still the only place that this crystal can be found.

The earthy green zoisite embedded with fiery red ruby is often accented by small black patches of the endmember hornblende tschermakite.

These powerful crystals have many healing and metaphysical properties and resonate with the heart and crown chakras.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
What are the ruby in zoisite metaphysical properties for witches?

How To Cleanse Ruby Zoisite

To physically clean this crystal, you should take care not to expose it to intense heat, direct light, temperature changes, acid, bleach, or harsh cleaners.

Use plain, soapy water and a soft cloth to clean it, then rinse it well.

You should also be sure to remove this crystal before exercising or doing anything else that works up a sweat.

It can be dipped in moon water or left out under the moonlight to be cleansed of bad vibes or energies.

Make sure to grab it before the sun comes up, though.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Ruby zoisite has many healing properties and spiritual meanings.

5 Reasons Why You Need Ruby Zoisite In Your Crystal Collection

Ruby Zoisite Balances Fire And Earth Energy

Passionate fire energy often has a problem with remaining realistic.

Grounding earth energy often has a problem of giving in to laziness.

Ruby zoisite balances both of these tendencies.

These energies complement each other well and help to make you a more well-rounded person.

This is especially important for anyone struggling with finding their work-life balance!

If you tend to go from one hobby to another without ever finishing anything (looking at you, Aries suns!), then this crystal can help you settle in and really focus.

If you find that your emotions are dulled or that your favorite hobbies are now dull, ruby zoisite will help you rediscover your passion.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
The meaning of ruby zoisite is a blend of both rubies and zoisite crystals.

It Works Well When Used With Other Self Care

Ruby zoisite can help enhance the power of your depression or anxiety medication.

Similarly, it will make any self-care practice more powerful and healing. When you are looking for spiritual comfort, you need to work with this crystal.

This crystal also helps you stick with your self-care routines to always feel your best.

Enhances The Connection Between Your Heart And Your Brain

Sometimes either your heart or your brain will take over, leaving you feeling unbalanced.

When our brain is dominant, we can be cold and unfeeling.

When our heart is dominant, we can be overly emotional and unable to control our actions.

Ruby zoisite helps to connect these two parts of our identity and balances our emotional and rational sides.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Increase the energy flow to your reproductive organs and base chakra with ruby in zoisite.

Helps To Release Deeply Buried Anger And Frustration

Living and working with other people requires compromise, but sometimes that can lead to anger and frustration when we feel like we are giving too much and others are giving too little.

Ruby zoisite can help us rationally react to these situations and actively release any anger we are holding on to.

Even when things are unfair, moving on is an important skill when dealing with other people and is a sign of maturity.

Ruby Zoisite Is A Stone Of Growth

This crystal helps us to grow in many ways, including spiritually and financially.

It is also a lucky stone that will help you to realize your dreams.

Ruby Zoisite crystals
Access your deep feelings and calm mood swings during times of stress with this healing crystal.

How Ruby Zoisite Impacts The Chakras

This crystal causes an increased energy flow from the heart chakra to the base chakra. At the same time, it energizes the crown chakra.

For this reason, ruby in zoisite is a crystal that balances your whole spiritual body.

Use this crystal to tune the heart chakra to the third eye. It balances your emotional needs with your spiritual needs and opens your psychic senses up to the universe.

The black Tschermakite inclusions will ground you to this world, making for safer psychic experiences.

Wearing ruby zoisite jewelry while meditating or exploring the astral plane will help you access your soul memory. Your spirit guides may need you to do this to aid your spiritual learning .

All psychic experiences require a strong and activated crown chakra.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

What Chakra Is Ruby Zoisite Good For

Chakras are the seven energy centers in your body that affect you on all levels. They are like wheels within wheels; they are part of an energetic system that affects every cell in your body. When these chakras are balanced, you feel healthy, happy, and energized.

When one or more of them is out of balance, you may experience physical symptoms such as pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc.

Ruby zoisite works with the heart and crown chakras. 

The meaning of the heart chakra is love, compassion, empathy, joy, peace, and acceptance. The crown chakra is associated with spirituality, wisdom, intuition, creativity, and enlightenment.

Ruby zoisite effects the heart chakra by balancing emotions and bringing feelings to the surface. It helps you connect with your inner self and bring awareness into your life.

It also helps you find happiness and contentment.

Ruby zoisites help you become aware of what you need to let go of so that you can move forward.

Ruby zoisites work with the crown chakra by helping you gain spiritual insight and understanding. They give you clarity about who you really are and where you’re going.

Ruby zoisite helps you understand yourself better so that you can make positive changes in your life.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

What Is Ruby Zoisite Crystal Used For

Ruby zoisite crystals are used for healing, protection, divination, meditation, and spiritual growth.

Ruby zoisites should be placed near your bed or at your altar so that it will protect you from negative energies.

They are also good for protecting children and animals. They are helpful when you want to know if someone has been unfaithful to you.

When you are going through a time of deep sorrow, ruby zoisite brings comfort and hope.

Ruby zoisites serve as a guide during times of transition. You can use them to help you decide which direction to take next.

For psychics, ruby zoisites can help you see past the veil of illusion. This allows you to get a glimpse of what lies beyond.

For those who have lost loved ones, ruby zoisite can help you remember their presence and love.

Spiritual growth comes from using ruby zoisite crystals. They help you develop spiritually and emotionally.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

What Stone Goes Well With Ruby Zoisite

There are many crystals that work well with Ruby In Zoisite

  • Aquamarine – Using ruby zoisite with aquamarine crystals helps you to tap into your intuitive side. It helps you to communicate with others and receive messages.
  • Amethyst – Amethyst is known to enhance psychic abilities and aid in emotional healing. It is great for grounding and centering.
  • Onyx – Onyx enhances psychic abilities and provides protection. It is said to increase mental acuity.
  • Rose Quartz – Rose quartz is a powerful stone that aids in emotional healing. It promotes unconditional love and attracts abundance.
  • Sapphire – Sapphire is a protective stone that helps you overcome obstacles and challenges. It balances hormones and emotions.
  • Tiger Eye – Tiger eye is an excellent crystal for meditation. It clears energy blockages and opens up communication channels.
  • Turquoise – Turquoise is a stone of transformation. It helps you release old patterns and beliefs. It stimulates creativity and imagination.
  • Sunstone – Sunstones are a wonderful way to balance your body and mind. They promote health and vitality.
  • Sardonyx – Sardonyx is a stone of courage. It strengthens willpower and encourages independence.
  • Cinnabar – Cinnabar is a powerful stone that helps you manifest dreams. It inspires confidence and self-esteem.
  • Tinaksite – Tinaksite is a stone of strength and endurance. It helps you face any challenge head on.
  • Pink tugtupite – Pink tugtupite is a stone of joy and happiness. It helps you feel more connected to nature.
  • Tanzanite – Tanzanite is a stone of inspiration. It helps you find answers to questions.
  • Apophyllite – Apophyllite is a stone of truth and honesty. It helps you understand yourself better.
Ruby Zoisite crystals

Is Ruby in Zoisite Real Ruby

Yes, ruby in zoisite is real ruby. The color of ruby in zoisite varies depending on its quality.

The most common color is pinkish-red. In my ruby zoisite bracelet, the ruby actually looks more black than red depending on how the light hits it.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby in zoisite represents royalty and power. It symbolizes the combined divine masculine and divine feminine principles.

It is associated with the element fire. It is linked to the sun and the planet Mars.

In mythology, ruby was often associated with the goddess Venus. It represented her beauty and love.

For dreams, ruby zoisite can bring you insight and guidance. It can help you understand yourself better.

During Mercury retrograde, ruby in zoisite can help you understand your thoughts and feelings. This is helpful during the chaotic time when Mercury appears to be going backwards.

Witches use this crystal in spells to attract wealth and prosperity. It is used to protect against curses and hexes. The green of this composite crystal is said to represent fertility.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

Is Ruby in Zoisite Rare

No, ruby in zoisites are not rare. You can find them online or at local metaphysical shops. Even though they aren’t rare, they are still rarely used. Even with all their magical properties, this crystal is basically unknown!

Ruby Zoisite crystals

Where Can I Get Ruby in Zoisite?

You can buy ruby zoisite jewelry on Etsy or at any metaphysical store. If you want to make your own jewelry, you can get the beads and make your own pendants.

How Do I Use Ruby in Zoisite Jewelry?

I recommend wearing this gemstone jewelry every day. Wear it while doing chores around the house. Put it on before bedtime. Rub it over your head as a good luck charm.

If you feel like you need some extra protection, wear one piece of ruby in zoisite to ward off negative energies. Place it near your computer or phone so that it will keep bad things away from you.

Ruby Zoisite crystals

Ruby Zoisite Metaphysical Properties

  • Combines the properties of ruby and zoisite.
    • Balances earth and fire energy
    • Enhances psychic ability
    • Enhances spirituality
    • Helps with patience and mood swings
    • May help with bacterial infections
    • Enhances fertility for both men and women
    • Crown and heart chakras
    • Astrology: Aries and Aquarius
    • Enhances connection between your heart and your brain
    • Releases suppressed anger
    • Stops cycles of self-harm or self disregard
    • Boosts the immune system and fights adrenal fatigue
    • Promotes better circulation
    • Helps to regulate menstrual flow and alleviate pain related to menstruation
    • Draws in prosperity and abundance
    • Fosters positive feelings in your love life
    • Happiness, passion, satisfaction, and security are amplified.
    • Jealousy, insecurity, bitterness, and resentment are dispelled.
    • Increases courage and self-love
Ruby Zoisite crystals

Historical and Cultural Significance

Ruby Zoisite is a stone that has captivated the imagination of people throughout history. Known by various names, including Anyolite, Ruby Saualpite, and the “Tanganyika artstone,” it is renowned for its distinctive and striking appearance. The stone is characterized by its multi-colored composition, featuring deep magenta pink and vibrant green shades. The breathtaking coloration of Ruby Zoisite creates an otherworldly allure, contributing to its mystifying reputation among those who have encountered it.

The official discovery of Ruby Zoisite occurred in the mid-1900s, but its story stretches back much further. Although historical records are scarce, many believe that the stone held great significance to early human civilizations. Its beauty and rarity would have made it a prized possession, and ancient cultures likely attributed powerful properties to this enigmatic stone.

One of the most intriguing beliefs surrounding Ruby Zoisite is its purported ability to alter the state of consciousness. It was thought that the stone could act as a key, unlocking answers and insights from the universe itself. Those who possessed the stone were believed to have access to a higher level of awareness and understanding, transcending the limitations of ordinary perception. In this way, Ruby Zoisite became associated with spiritual exploration, enlightenment, and the quest for universal truths.

Overall, Ruby Zoisite is a stone that embodies a sense of wonder and mystery. Its rich history and cultural significance continue to inspire those who seek to explore the deeper aspects of the self and the world around them. Whether used for its aesthetic appeal or its metaphysical properties, Ruby Zoisite remains a fascinating gemstone that holds a special place in the hearts of many.


What are the benefits of ruby zoisite?

Ruby zoisite is believed to have numerous benefits, including enhancing the immune system, promoting emotional healing, and stimulating the heart chakra. It is also said to provide energy and vitality, as well as help with detoxification and reducing inflammation.

What is the spiritual meaning of anyolite?

Anyolite, also known as ruby zoisite, is said to have a powerful spiritual meaning. It is believed to promote growth and healing, while also bringing joy and happiness to its wearer. Anyolite is also said to be a stone of harmony and balance, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.

Can ruby zoisite get wet?

Ruby zoisite is a relatively durable stone that can withstand water exposure, but it is still recommended to avoid submerging it in water for extended periods of time or using harsh chemicals to clean it. To maintain its shine and luster, it is best to clean ruby zoisite with a soft cloth and mild soap.

What is a green stone with ruby called?

A green stone with ruby is called ruby zoisite, also known as anyolite. It is a unique combination of green zoisite with black or dark green hornblende, speckled with ruby crystals. The name “anyolite” comes from the Masai word for “green” and is often used to refer specifically to the gemstone found in Tanzania.

How can I benefit from using ruby zoisite in my daily life?

To benefit from ruby zoisite in your daily life, you can wear it as jewelry, carry it in a pocket or purse, or place it in a prominent location in your home or office. You can also meditate with ruby zoisite to enhance its spiritual properties and promote relaxation and inner peace. As with any crystal, it is important to set your intentions and focus your thoughts on the desired outcome when using ruby zoisite for healing or spiritual purposes.


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