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Telling Fortunes By Dominoes And Dice

Neon colored dice on a neon colored background

This guide to telling fortunes has been taken by the 1800s book “The Golden Wheel Dream-book and Fortune-teller” by Felix Fontaine. It will be helpful for anyone interested in novel forms of divination.

I have made very few edits to the text, mostly fixing spelling issues and improving readability by shortening paragraphs. Otherwise, this excerpt is an accurate view into the divination practices of the 1800s.

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How To Read The Symbols On Astrology Dice

how to use astrology dice for divination

I recently started selling a little-known divination tool called Astrology Dice. These dice have astrological symbols on them and give simple but clear answers to questions. That makes Astrology Dice a unique divination tool that leads to different answers than what you will get with normal dice divination.

However, I don’t sell a book that explains the meaning behind the symbols. This blog post will remedy that, giving you the information you need to divine your future with these cool dice.

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Mirror Magick For Beginner Witches

Mirror magick and mirror scrying as a form of occult divination

How do you perform mirror magick or scry with mirrors?

Can mirror magick reveal your future?

Do you love looking in mirrors, or do you avoid them at all cost? How many times have you broken a mirror, and dreaded the years of bad luck? What really makes reflective surfaces so enticing to us?

Humans love to look at themselves, preening and perfecting their outward appearance. Sometimes, some people become so caught up with their outer appearance that they completely forget about cultivating their inner beauty!

So, why do mirrors draw us in, or revolt us, so much?

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