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Crystals to Charge Under the Full Moon

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Choosing the right crystals to charge under the full moon can optimize their energetic potential and harness the moon’s amplified properties for cleansing and activation. The full moon represents the height of the lunar cycle, making it the most powerful time to tap into lunar energy for crystal rituals.

As the moon orbits the Earth, its different phases create shifting energetic cycles. The full moon’s light is thought to contain cleansing, purifying, charged-up energy. Placing our healing crystals to absorb the full moon’s beams infuses them with this potent vibration.

Charging crystals under the full moon can:

  • Deeply cleanse crystals of accumulated stagnant or negative energy
  • Recharge crystals to align powerfully with your intentions
  • Amplify the inherent metaphysical properties of crystals
  • Activate the highest magical potential of crystals
  • Connect your practice with natural lunar rhythms

Top Crystals for Harnessing the Full Moon’s Energy

Certain crystals are especially receptive to the dynamic energies of the full moon. Choosing the right crystals to charge under the full moon’s light will optimize the process. Here are some of the top crystals to focus on for full moon charging:

Crystals to charge under the full moon witchcraft

Clear Quartz

  • Master healer, amplifier, and purifier
  • Enhances energy of other crystals
  • Activates higher spiritual consciousness
  • Programmable for any intention


  • Strongly supports cleansing and purification
  • Powerfully removes heavy, negative energy
  • Promotes inner peace and divine connection


  • Deeply aligns with lunar tides and cycles
  • Magnifies intuition, psychic perception
  • Channels divine feminine energy and wisdom


  • Provides magical protection against negativity
  • Aids ceremonial magic, psychic skills and intuition
  • Promotes self-discovery, transformation and change


  • Boosts psychic gifts, intuition and connection to spirit
  • Calms the mind and emotions for deeper meditation
  • Eases stress, anxiety and aids sleep

Black Tourmaline

  • Ultimate protection against all forms of negativity
  • Creates healthy energetic boundaries and resilience
  • Transmutes dense vibrations and banishes psychic attack


  • Relieves stress and brings a calming presence
  • Clarifies thoughts, speech, and communication
  • Aids astral travel and dream recall


  • Alleviates anxiety, depression and all forms of stress
  • Dispels trauma, obsessive thoughts and negativity
  • Promotes inner stability, optimism and loving energy

Rose Quartz

  • Inspires deep inner peace, unconditional self-love
  • Attracts new or strengthens existing romantic love
  • Emotional healer that targets wounds of the heart


  • Generates optimism, creativity and joyful vibration
  • Manifests success, prosperity and financial flow
  • Protects against negative energy and thought patterns


  • Aids release of old emotional patterns and behaviors
  • Promotes letting go, inner peace and calm presence
  • Enhances communication skills and meaningful connection


  • Awakens intuition, imagination and creative expression
  • Connects with ancestors, spirit guides, and magical realms
  • Inspires original thinking and new perspectives

Lapis Lazuli

  • Stimulates wisdom, integrity, truth and objectivity
  • Reveals one’s inner truth and deeper self-knowledge
  • Protects against psychic attack or manipulation


  • Improves mental focus, concentration and information recall
  • Absorbs chaotic energy and promotes higher order
  • Aids in clear decision-making and achieving goals

Smoky Quartz

  • Grounds and anchors fluctuating or unbalanced energies
  • Dissipates fear, anxiety, depression and all negative emotion
  • Fosters empowerment, resilience and healthy boundaries
Full moon crystal witchcraft

Preparing for the Full Moon Crystal Charge

To optimize your full moon charging experience, take time to prepare the crystals and your intentions:

  • Cleanse all crystals before charging by rinsing in water, sound healing, smoke cleansing or moonlight to remove stuck energy
  • Meditate with each crystal, dedicating your specific goals for how you want to use its amplified properties after charging
  • Create personalized affirmations, prayers or mantras tailored to your intentions for every crystal
  • Ensure your intentions align with the full moon’s energy (releasing, manifesting, transforming)
  • Designate a sacred space and prepare a moon altar featuring symbols of your goals

How to Charge Crystals Using the Full Moon

The most direct way to charge crystals with the full moon is to place them in its light. The moon’s beams are thought to directly transmit its mystical energy into crystals. To harness this:

  • Place crystals in direct outdoor moonlight overnight, from dusk to dawn. For even more amplification, bury them in earth.
  • If outdoors is not possible, use an unblocked windowsill for exposure to moonlight. Glass does not impede the transmission of energy.
  • Allow crystals to bathe fully in the moon’s glow all night without interruption for the deepest cleansing and charging.
  • Focus your mind on your intentions to activate the crystals while they absorb the lunar beams.

Enhancing & Deepening the Full Moon Ritual

Adding elements of ritual and mysticism while charging crystals under the full moon can help deepen the experience:

  • Light candles, burn sage or cleansing incense to set the mood and promote focus. Candles representing goals can focus intentions.
  • Chant, pray, sing or recite affirmations out loud when placing crystals to program intentions through sound resonance.
  • Create geometric crystal grids by arranging charged stones in sacred patterns to amplify metaphysical properties.
  • Charge water, oils, elixirs or tinctures overnight under the full moon infuse them with lunar magic.
  • Meditate, visualize your manifested goals, and communicate with your crystals as they absorb the moon’s energy.

Following the Full Moon Crystal Charging Ritual

Once your crystals have been infused with amplified full moon energy, there are a few recommended follow-up practices:

  • Give gratitude to the full moon and your crystals for their service in your magical practice. Showing appreciation strengthens your connection with these allies.
  • Harness the charged crystals immediately in manifestation work, focused meditation or ritual. Their amplified energy is pure and activated for optimal use.
  • Keep the empowered crystals on an altar or in meditation spaces to elevate surrounding energies.
  • Take note of the tangible energetic difference observed in crystals charged under the full moon.
  • Record insights gained, intentions set, or experiences in a Book of Shadows to integrate the process.
Witch crystals for the full moon

Key Takeaways for Charging Crystals with the Full Moon

  • The full moon’s light transmits potent energy that can profoundly charge and cleanse crystals
  • Meticulously choosing crystals and intentions aligned to the full moon optimizes results
  • Focused rituals enrich the charging process and strengthen your spiritual connection
  • Crystals charged under the full moon’s beams emanate a noticeably amplified energetic vibration
  • Working with the full moon’s cycles allows you to align with Earth’s natural rhythms for empowered intention setting

By properly charging select healing and manifestation crystals using the full moon’s light, you can profoundly enhance their activational potential. Setting empowered intentions, enriching with ritual, and honoring crystals as sentient allies all help facilitate optimizing their highest purified magic for spiritual awakening.

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