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December Full Moon Crystals (Lunar Magic)

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The December full moon holds powers of reflection, renewal, and manifestation. As the year comes to a close under the radiant light of the full moon, it is the perfect time to go within and evaluate the past year. Ready yourself for a fresh start by setting thoughtful intentions.

Crystals can be incredible aids during full moon rituals, as their unique vibrational properties help to align energy and amplify intentions. In this post, we’ll explore the best crystals to use during the December full moon based on astrological transits.

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December Full Moon in Aries Crystals

When the December full moon transits fiery Aries, it awakens the brave warrior spirit within. Aries energy crackles with passion, courage and initiative. The celestial atmosphere is ripe for adventure, tackling goals with gusto and starting new endeavors. Crystals that resonate with bold Aries energy will help to overcome fears, build confidence and take inspired action.

Carnelian is a powerful stone that aligns with Aries’ fiery vitality. Use carnelian in magical workings under the December full moon in Aries to ignite motivation and promote fearless action towards goals. Carnelian revs up the inner drive needed for new adventures. Place carnelian on your altar or wear it during full moon rituals to amplify courage and initiative.

Red Jasper provides gentle grounding while energizing and motivating. Its action-oriented vibes stimulate the urge to make passionate progress. During the full moon in Aries, incorporate red jasper to gain the grit and determination to actively manifest desires. It provides a vitalizing push forward.

Iron Pyrite is a stone of empowerment that boosts self-confidence and sparks creative inspiration. Use its solar energies during December’s full moon in Aries for help in realizing your full potential. Iron pyrite incites you to tap into your inner gold.

December Full Moon Crystals lunar transit

December Full Moon in Taurus Crystals

When the December full moon glides through earthy Taurus, the energy becomes more grounded, practical and devoted to security. Focus turns to material needs, enjoyment of simple pleasures and building stability. Crystals that align with Taurus energy provide a sense of comfort while attracting prosperity and abundance.

Malachite is a protective stone that absorbs negative energies and guards against psychic attack. Place malachite crystals in your space during the full moon in Taurus to banish unwanted influences. Malachite also promotes practical action towards realizing ambitions.

Emerald is a stone of luxury that emanates energy of growth and manifestation. Use emerald in magical rituals under the December full moon in Taurus to amplify spells for increased wealth, business success and financial gain. Emerald helps attract material wealth.

Rose Quartz emits unconditional love and emotional nourishment. Its tender vibes heal relationships and calm the mind during stressful times. Incorporate rose quartz into full moon practices to ease tension and cultivate more pleasure, gentleness and peace in your life.

December Full Moon in Gemini Crystals

When the December full moon glides through inquisitive Gemini, the urge for lively interaction and mental stimulation intensifies. Curiosity reaches new heights, inspiring the quest for diverse experiences and knowledge. Crystals that align with Gemini’s adaptable and sociable vibe keep the mind engaged and communications flowing.

Tiger’s Eye promotes mental clarity, insight and logic. Use tiger’s eye during the full moon in Gemini to illuminate solutions and conquer confusion or information overload. Tiger’s eye helps assimilate details into understandable patterns.

Rutilated Quartz intensifies all energies directed through it. This amplifying crystal boosts focus, communication skills and intellectual abilities when used during the Gemini full moon. Place rutilated quartz atop your altar to get animated ideas and inspired thinking flowing.

Blue Lace Agate eases anxious thoughts and facilitates verbalization of your inner landscape. Its calming presence allows you to speak your emotions and express yourself clearly. Keep blue lace agate nearby during social gatherings under the Gemini moon.

December Full Moon In Cancer Crystals

When the December full moon transits through sensitive Cancer, emotions swell like the tides of the ocean. Feelings intensify and intuition peaks during this lunar transit. Nourishment is sought through comforting environments and mutual support. Crystals aligning with Cancer energy provide emotional healing and domestic harmony.

Moonstone carries lunar energy that specifically connects with Cancer themes. Use moonstone in full moon rituals occurring during this transit to amplify intuitive abilities and goddess energy. Hold moonstone while visualizing under the Cosmic Mother’s glowing presence.

Rose Quartz restores self-love and emotional balance with its energies of tenderness, comfort and reassurance. Have rose quartz nearby during the full moon in Cancer to melt away tension and banish feelings of loneliness. Its unconditional love soothes the soul.

Larimar cools hot emotions and reduces stress. It emanates soothing vibes that calm the mind and dissolve anxiety. Incorporate larimar into practices under the December full moon in Cancer to invite tranquility into a frenzied mental state.

December Full Moon in Leo Crystals

When the December full moon transits the bold sign of Leo, confidence expands and creative urges surge. The flamboyant Leo moon amplifies desires for self-expression, passion and drama. Crystals that align with Leo energy bolster the inner radiance needed to take center stage and share artistic talents.

Citrine carries bright solar energies that provide an illuminating spark of inspiration, vitality and positivity. Use citrine during the full moon in Leo to activate creativity and motivate bold action towards manifesting your star potential. Citrine builds confidence.

Sunstone connects directly with Leo’s ruling sun and celebrates your uniqueness. Incorporate sunstone into rituals under this transit to magnify leadership skills, self-worth and ambition. Sunstone inspires living authentically and vibrantly.

Goldstone activates the solar plexus chakra, which governs confidence, personal power and charisma. Use this magical shimmering stone to summon your inner lion during the Leo full moon. Goldstone removes self-doubt.

December Full Moon in Virgo Crystals

With the December full moon in practical Virgo, it’s time for meaningful work and tangible self-improvement. Virgo’s discerning energy helps analyze details and refine methods to optimize performance. Crystals that align with this earthy transit boost productivity, skills and wellness routines.

Fluorite increases mental clarity, focus and concentration. Place fluorite in your workspace under the Virgo full moon to clear brain fog and allow laser-focused activity. Fluorite keeps you absorbed in the task at hand so progress flows.

Carnelian provides gentle motivation without strain. Use this vibrant orange stone during rituals under the Virgo moon to add energetic push towards realizing goals through disciplined efforts. Carnelian sparks productivity.

Blue Lace Agate cools fiery passions and eases frazzled nerves. Its serene vibrations help clear obsessive thoughts so you can calmly get organized. When stress rises, hold blue lace agate for soothing centering.

December Full Moon Crystals winter magical correspondences

December Full Moon in Libra Crystals

With the December full moon in harmonious Libra, issues of balance, justice and partnership arise. Diplomatic solutions can be found under Libra’s reasonable rays. Crystals that bring equilibrium and restore relationships shine under this lunar transit.

Rose Quartz heals emotional wounds with gentle love that dissolves anger, resentment and tension. Use rose quartz in rituals under the Libra full moon to bring more empathy, harmony and closeness to partnerships.

Amazonite restores confidence and self-worth while encouraging interpersonal peace. Position amazonite around your space to defuse conflicts and improve communications during this transit. It stimulates truth-telling.

Rhodochrosite emanates compassionate energy that promotes emotional healing and inner peace. Place this rosy stone atop your altar under the December Libra moon to spread more love through generosity of spirit. Rhodochrosite softens the heart.

December Full Moon in Scorpio Crystals

The December full moon in intense Scorpio brings catharsis and transformation. During this transit, deep emotions surge to the surface to fuel the fires of change. Release and rebirth become possible under Scorpio’s purifying energies. Crystals that align with these themes help facilitate the process.

Obsidian provides gentle grounding and centering while enhancing the ability to leave the past behind. Use black obsidian during Scorpio full moon rituals to sever unwanted ties and patterns so evolution can occur. Obsidian aids transition.

Smoky Quartz melts pessimism and misgivings to help see challenges as opportunities for growth. Incorporate this fortifying stone into practices under the Scorpio moon to manifest desires and prosper through deep change. Smoky quartz provides hope.

Apache Tear gently amplifies the process of finding emotional solace and moving forward after pain. Use this empowering stone in rituals under the December Scorpio moon for catharsis and grace in trying times.

December Full Moon in Sagittarius Crystals

The December full moon in adventurous Sagittarius sparks far-reaching visions, thirst for knowledge and longing to wander. Sagittarius’ fiery energies inspire seeking truth through experience. Crystals aligned with this moon amplify teachings along the journey.

Amethyst expands awareness and deepens intuition to uncover insights that illuminate the path ahead. Use amethyst during the Sagittarius full moon to enhance manifestation power through heightened consciousness and connection to the Divine.

Red Tiger’s Eye boosts courage and determination to boldly follow the soul’s calling without hesitation. When you feel doubt creeping in under this transit, hold this energizing stone for willpower and conviction. Red tiger’s eye lights inner fire.

Hemimorphite strengthens personal ethics, spiritual faith and empathy for humanity. Place hemimorphite on altars during the December Sagittarius moon to magnify rituals focused on acting with integrity and compassion. It promotes unity.

December Full Moon in Capricorn Crystals

The December full moon’s visit through earthy Capricorn shifts attention to ambition, legacy building and shouldering responsibilities. Capricorn’s stoic and dedicated vibe helps conjure the perseverance needed to reach career and life goals. Crystals aligning with this determined moon fuel achievement.

Jet dispels negative emotions like envy and resentment so progress is undeterred. Use jet in combination with flashing hematite during Capricorn full moon rituals to stay grounded in the climb toward success. This powerful duo builds focus.

Garnet strengthens courage, motivation and commitment to the work needed for lasting accomplishment. Incorporate garnet’s vibrant determined energy when making or charging talismans for realization of ambitions under the Capricorn moon.

Tiger’s Eye promotes integrity, resilience against setbacks and solution-focused thinking. Meditate with tiger’s eye to internalize its fearless vibes when tackling challenges during the Capricorn full moon. Tiger’s eye helps master fears.

December Full Moon in Aquarius Crystals

The December full moon’s journey through intellectual Aquarius electrifies inventive thinking, radical ideals and community connections. Innovative solutions seem within reach under Aquarius’ humanitarian rays. Crystals that resonate with this moon foster progress and teamwork.

Amethyst strengthens intuition and helps translate creative concepts into actionable next steps. Keep amethyst clusters around your workspace during the Aquarius full moon to amplify productivity and problem-solving abilities.

Blue Lace Agate eases anxiety associated with pioneering visionary ideas. Use this soothing stone during meditative rituals under the December Aquarius moon to maintain inner peace while making a difference. It calms the mind.

Prehnite stimulates idealistic thinking, intellect and cooperative efforts focused on building a brighter collective future. Place prehnite atop your altar under the full Aquarius moon to magnify group rituals centered on activism.

December Full Moon in Pisces Crystals

Dreamy escapism, magical idealism and creative flow states emerge when the December full moon dips into mystical Pisces. Imagination has free reign under Pisces’ topsy-turvy rays. Crystals that align with this unpredictable moon open portals to otherworldly realms.

Lepidolite strongly reduces stress and soothes frazzled nerves. Use lepidolite in calming rituals under the Pisces full moon to relax into creative work, connect with spirit guides and indulge reverie. Lepidolite induces serenity.

Amethyst strengthens intuition and psychic gifts while providing spiritual protection during otherworldly explorations. Use this regal purple stone in rituals under the December Pisces moon to safely access mystical insights. Amethyst deepens divination.

Fluorite magnifies intuition, unlocks purpose and awakens latent magical abilities. Place fluorite around your space to amplify spiritual rituals during the Pisces full moon and spark creativity through heightened sensitivity.

The unique energies of each zodiac sign shift as the December full moon transits through the stars. Align your intentions with the cosmos by choosing crystals that complement the moon’s current placement. Allow these marvelous mineral allies to magnify your full moon magic.

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