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Destruction Magick: Working With Perses, Titan Of Destruction

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Working with the Titan of Destruction, Perses, can be useful and interesting for many different kinds of magickal work. Perses magick uses the power of destruction to destroy anything and everything that stands in the path of your goals.

Whether you’re looking to destroy something in your life that is no longer serving you, or working to create changes on a global scale, destruction magick can be a powerful tool.

When you add Perses energy to your destruction magick, you are tapping into the raw power of transformation. This can be useful for personal and global change work alike. If you’re trying to destroy something in your life that is no longer serving you, such as an addiction or a negative thought pattern, Perses can help you break it down so that you can rebuild anew.

If you’re interested in working with Perses on a larger scale, his energy may be helpful in bringing about global changes. For example, if you want to see an end to pollution and destruction of the environment, you could direct Perses energy towards that goal.

When working with Perses, it’s important to keep in mind that his power is also about rebirth and new beginnings. So even as you’re destroying something, know that there is potential for growth and creativity on the other side.

Some tips for working with Perses:

  • Call on him when you’re ready to make changes in your life, both big and small. The energy of transformation can be overwhelming, so only work with it when you’re sure you can handle it.
  • Be specific about what you want to destroy. The more focused your intention is, the easier it will be for Perses to work with you.
  • Remember that destruction is not always bad. It can lead to new beginnings and opportunities for growth.
  • Respect Perses’ power, and use it responsibly. With great power comes great responsibility, so make sure you are using his energy wisely.
Mystical illustration elements. Perses Titan of Destruction.

Who Was Perses?

Perses was the Titan of Destruction in Greek mythology. He was the son of Crius and Eurybia, the husband of Asteria, and the father of the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads Hekate. Perses is not as well known as some of the other Titans, but his energy can be very powerful nonetheless.

Perses is a powerful and dangerous force, but he can also be helpful if used wisely. He represents the power of transformation and change, which can be both good and bad depending on how it’s used. Those who work with Perses should respect his power and use it responsibly.

What Was Perses The Titan Of?

We don’t know much about Perses. He was related to asterism, star worship, the dog star Sirius, and he had dog-like features. Those dog-like features may be the source of his daughter Hekate’s association with dogs.

We know he was a titan of destruction, but he was also referred to as “breaker of bonds” and “defender of [his] brethren” which may mean he was also a titan of liberty and familial ties.

Those who work with Perses say he offers many splendid gifts, including protection from evil spirits, healing, prosperity, and protection from his destructive energy.

Perses is associated with the planet Mars and the god Ares.

Mystical illustration elements. Perses Titan of Destruction.

What Is Destruction Magick?

Destruction magick is a type of magick that is used to destroy something. This could be an object, a relationship, a bad habit, or anything else that someone wants to get rid of. It can also be used to bring about large-scale changes, such as overthrowing an unjust government or ending oppression and violence.

In detail, destruction magick is a tool that can be used for personal or global transformation. It allows you to tap into the raw power of change, and can be an incredibly effective way to create positive shifts in your life and the world around you.

Witches should use destruction magick when they are ready to make changes in their lives. This type of magick can be overwhelming, so it’s important to only work with it when you’re sure you can handle it. It’s also important to be specific about what you want to destroy, as the more focused your intention is, the easier it will be for Perses to work with you without accidentally destroying that which you wish to preserve.

When Should Witches Use Destruction Magick?

Witches should use destruction magick whenever they feel it is necessary and will be helpful in achieving their goals. This could be when they want to get rid of something old and outdated in their lives, make way for new beginnings, or bring about large-scale change.

Some examples of when destruction magick might be used:

  1. When you’re trying to break an addiction
  2. When you need to let go of a toxic relationship
  3. When you want to end a cycle of abuse
  4. When your goal is to overthrow an oppressive regime
  5. When you’re working to heal from trauma

Destruction magick is VERY powerful and should be used with respect. Do not rush to use this type of magick, or you may find yourself removing bricks from the foundation of your life.

This magick is powerful because it creates destruction and chaos.

The results may be quick or slow, depending upon how long you’ve been practicing. But eventually, the results will come…and they won’t leave you disappointed.

How To Work With Perses

There are several ways to work with Perses. You can call upon him directly through meditation, ritual, or other methods. You can also ask him to help you destroy something by using destruction magick.

You can also summon Perses through visualization, astrology, or by simply using symbols to represent him on your altar or in your magick.

Perses is very much related to The Tower tarot card, and can topple your life as easily as he can topple dictatorships and abusive relationships. If you’re not careful, he can cause major disruptions in your life.

Simple Destruction Spell To Break Up An Abusive Relationship

Toxic relationship destruction spell with perses, stars and a barking dog

This spell calls upon Perses to destroy all energetic and karmic ties with someone who is toxic and abusive. It also asks for strength and protection from future harm.


  • One black candle
  • Rusty nails or sharp object to carve the name of your abuser into the candle with
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Fire safe container
  • (optional) picture of your abuser


    1. On the night of a full moon, carve the name of your abuser and cross it out with the rusty nail.
    2. Light your black candle and place it in front of you.
    3. If you have a picture of your abuser, hold it in front of the candle while you speak the following words: "I call upon Perses to sever all energetic and karmic ties with (name). I ask for strength against future harm."
    4. Sprinkle the red pepper flakes around the base of the candle.
    5. Burn the photo with the candle flame in a firesafe container next to the candle.
    6. Allow the candle to burn out completely, then bury any remaining wax and ashes in a crossroads or other safe place away from your home. Say this prayer once it is buried: "I call upon Perses, lord of destruction, sever all energetic and karmic ties with (name), break the chains that keeps me bound to them, grant me the strength to move on and protect me from further harm."

Perses magick is designed for witches, pagans or occultists who desire destruction. Perses magick destroys any enemy or obstacle blocking progress. The result is destruction, followed by rebirth.

Perses magick works because when we destroy our enemies, obstacles, or negative influences, we’re opening a void for positive change to take root. This means we’re unleashing our own power for personal growth. It’s a cycle of self-improvement.

Perses magick works best if done alone, but you can also use them in conjuction with others. They’re particularly useful for creating space for new ideas, new projects, and new beginnings.

This kind of magick is highly effective at clearing out space in your life, allowing you to be open to new possibilities. It clears away emotional blockages, negativity, unhealthy habits, and mental clutter.

Working With Hekate During The Full Moon

During the full moon, we call upon Hekate to assist us in clearing our past, releasing our fears, and opening ourselves to new possibilities. We ask her to help us gain clarity in our lives, to help us transform our inner worlds, and to allow us to move forward with courage and confidence.

It is said that Hekate helps us to overcome obstacles and challenges that stand in our way, and to achieve our goals. In addition to being a benevolent Goddess, she is also a fierce warrior. When we summon her, we invite her to help us take charge of our lives, to lead us into battle, and to fight for justice.

I am an eclectic witch - I've been practicing since 1974. As a student of the occult, working with astrology, tarot cards, runes, and numerology, I found that this was a very comprehensive and well written text on working with Hekate during the full moon. Highly recommended. - Gail Sager

Great read - a must have for anyone interested in working with the Goddess during the full moon! Highly recommended! - Luis Meyer

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Mystical illustration elements. Perses Titan of Destruction.
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