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Simple Tricks to Working with Hekate During the Full Moon

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Hekate was not a lunar deity until the Roman period. This is thoroughly demonstrated by Jacob Rabinowitz in ‘Underneath the Moon: Hekate and Luna‘. If we take the Greek goddess Hecate at face value, she was a Titaness, pre-Olympian chthonic deity who eventually became specific to crossroads and entrance-ways. A deity of the dark places, associated with magic and ghosts. In some ways she is quite unlike Selene or Artemis who were definitely lunar goddesses.

Still, over time, she developed an association with the moon. Her power extends wherever she desires, since even Zeus respects and bows his head to her.

Hekate is a powerful goddess who can help with magic during the full moon. She is associated with the dark places where souls go after death, and these are often linked with the Moon in ancient cosmology. Hekate can help us to connect with our higher selves, which allows us to see ourselves and others in a clearer light.

Witch with big witch hat, red shawl, elegant dress, red pendant on choker necklace, pale blue eyes, long wavy dirty blonde hair

During the full moon we often experience heightened emotions such as anger, sadness, anxiety, fear, jealousy, lust, etc., and these feelings may not be appropriate. But Hekate helps us to channel them in productive directions.

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