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How To Create Ostara Crafts With Natural Materials (Pagan Crafts For Green Witches)

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Creating Ostara crafts with natural materials is easy, fun, and can be a perfect devotional act during your spring festivities. As a Pagan holiday that celebrates the spring equinox and the symbolic renewal of life, Ostara provides the perfect inspiration for crafting with elements found in nature. Gathering natural materials mindfully and transforming them into beautiful crafts can deepen your spiritual connection to the season.

Read on to learn about harvesting supplies ethically, basic craft techniques for beginners, and simple yet meaningful Ostara crafts you can make to enhance your rituals and ceremonies.

Introduction to Ostara Crafts

Ostara, or the spring equinox, is a significant turning point in the Wheel of the Year, marking a time of balance when the lengths of day and night are equal. For Wiccans and modern Pagans, Ostara is associated with themes of renewal, fertility, and awakening.

It is a solar festival honoring the increasing sunlight and the growing strength of the young God after his rebirth at Yule. Many celebrate Ostara with light-hearted rituals welcoming spring.

Making crafts with natural materials is an incredibly fitting way to celebrate the fresh energy of Ostara. By gathering organic elements like flowers, branches, feathers, eggshells, and stones, you are connecting directly with nature’s bounty as it blooms back to life.

Crafting also engages your creativity and hands-on skills, allowing for mindfulness, joy, and reverence for the materials you are working with.

The act of crafting can hold deep spiritual meaning when done with intention. As you collect natural artifacts and carefully assemble them into crowns, candle holders, or decorations, you are devoting time and care into creating unique altar tools or ritual objects.

Infusing your crafted items with magical purpose makes them special offerings to the season. Displaying your nature-based creations on your altar or around your sacred space fills your environment with the essence of spring.

How To Create Ostara Crafts With Natural Materials

Gathering Natural Materials

Part of the magic of crafting for Ostara is venturing out into nature to source your materials. Searching for the perfect wild elements to use is an opportunity to admire nature’s beauty. From neighborhood walks to hikes in parks or forests, here are some tips for ethically and safely collecting natural materials:

  • Obtain permits if required when foraging on public lands. Be aware of protected species.
  • Follow leave no trace principles to minimize your impact.
  • Identify specimens correctly. Take only what you need, and avoid rare or delicate plants.
  • Use ethical harvesting techniques, like selective pruning rather than ripping out entire plants.
  • Consider sustainability and only collect fallen materials.
  • Sanitize with gentle soap and water, then allow materials to fully dry.
  • Use natural sealants to preserve porous materials like wood or dried plants.

Pay close attention to the textures, colors, shapes, and scents of what you collect. Gather an assortment of natural treasures that speak to you – fallen branches, moss-covered sticks, dried seed pods, evergreen boughs, fragrant herbs, colorful blossoms. Keep your crafting intentions in mind as you pick and choose.

Basic Craft Techniques

Once you’ve amassed your nature-based crafting supplies, it’s time to put your creativity to work! Even if you are new to arts and crafts, many Ostara-themed projects can be easy and rewarding for beginners. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Make sure you have essentials like scissors, glue, work surface, and containers on hand.
  • Review any steps and prepare tools/materials needed for more complex crafts.
  • Use wire, twine, or floral tape to bind or wrap natural materials together.
  • Attach elements with hot glue, wood glue, or all-natural adhesive.
  • Embellish with paint, markers, or other accessible decoration materials.
  • Practice first! Test materials and techniques to find what works best.

The wonderful thing about natural crafts is that they rarely turn out perfect or exactly the same. Have fun with the process and make it your own! Let the organic imperfections add to the beauty and uniqueness of your creations.

And take precautions to craft safely – keep small children supervised, use child-safe adhesives when necessary, and be careful handling wire or sharp tools.

Simple Ostara Crafts

Now for the fun part – turning all those wonderful natural supplies into finished Ostara crafts! Here are a few easy yet meaningful nature crafts to make:

Crafting a Floral Crown

A crown of flowers and greenery is a quintessential celebratory headpiece for Ostara. Choose brightly colored blooms, fresh sprigs, and any symbolic herbs or plants to create a floral crown.

You can use a flexible vine or wire as the base. Wrap and twist it into a circular shape. Next, start securing elements by winding floral tape or thin wire around the base to attach plant material. Vary length and density to give dimension.

Add extra blossoms by grouping stems together and wiring them to the sides or top of the crown. Finish it off by weaving in any trailing vines or ribbons. Wear your crown to feel nature’s beauty atop your head during Ostara rituals or festivities.

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Making an Eggshell Candle Holder

Eggs are one of the most prominent symbols of Ostara, representing fertility, birth, and new life. Upcycle used eggshells into mini candle holders to illuminate your altar or space with the essence of the season.

Gently wash eggshells and allow them to fully dry. Trim the bottom with scissors or a craft knife to create a flat base. You can leave shells whole for taper candles or tealights, or cut larger openings for wider candle bottoms. Decorate with symbols, runes, or designs using markers, paint, or natural materials like seeds or tiny flowers.

Group your finished eggshell holders together in a decorative arrangement to give warmth and light to your altar or rituals. They make wonderful gifts too!

Constructing a Bird Feeder

The fresh energy of spring awakens nature, and Ostara is a perfect time to give back by feeding wild birds. Create a DIY bird feeder using simple foraged or household materials.

You can make feeders out of many materials like pinecones, gourds, small baskets, or Mason jars. Coat it with peanut butter, then roll in birdseed or grains. Add a twine hanger, then mount or hang it where birds can easily access it.

Observe the birds drawn to your feeder as a sign of nature’s renewal. Refill it regularly and consider adding fresh fruit or suet cakes depending on the season and type of birds you want to feed.

Rituals and Celebrations with Ostara Crafts

After thoughtfully crafting your natural creations, use them to enhance your Ostara rituals and celebrations. Here are some ideas for incorporating your handmade crafts:

  • Decorate your altar or sacred space with your floral crowns, eggshell candles, bird feeders, and other items. Infuse your environment with organic beauty and seasonal symbolism.
  • Create nature craft gifts or favor bags for your ritual guests. Share the magic of crafted natural treasures with loved ones.
  • Use specific crafts during rituals, like burning an incense blend you gathered during a flower crown crafting meditation.
  • Host a seasonal crafting circle or workshop. Guide friends through crafting from natural materials while raising energy for abundance and renewal.
  • Craft a May basket with intricate flower arrangements to give as a gift or use as a fertility charm.

However you choose to use them, handcrafted organic treasures add so much meaning and connection to Ostara. Display your creations proudly and let their energies flow through your rituals and everyday life.


Ostara is the perfect sabbat to embrace natural crafts as part of your seasonal celebrations. Exploring, gathering, and crafting with mindful intention deepens your spiritual experience. The beauty of nature’s land and floral offerings infuse your crafts with the essence of spring.

We hope this beginner’s guide inspires you to explore the magical possibilities of nature crafts for Ostara. As you learn techniques and create unique ritual tools, may your connection with the earth grow. Continue seeking the gifts of the season through crafts and conscious creativity. Most importantly, have fun crafting and enjoy a blessed Ostara!

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How To Create Ostara Crafts With Natural Materials (Pagan Crafts For Green Witches)