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Mercury Retrograde In Leo: When Mercury Retrograde Is In Your Sign (Natal And Transit Astrology FAQ)

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When Mercury Retrograde is in your sign of Leo, it can impact your life in various ways depending on your natal chart. This astrological transit brings communication mishaps, travel delays, and confusion. However, with awareness and planning, you can navigate Mercury Retrograde in Leo smoothly. This guide will explain how this transit affects Leo Suns, Moons, Risings, and Mercuries. Read on to understand the effects and make the most of Mercury Retrograde in your sign.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo Basics

Mercury Retrograde occurs around 3-4 times per year, when the planet Mercury appears to move backward in the sky from our vantage point on Earth. Astrologically, this reversal brings all sorts of communication mishaps and delays. It’s not the best time to sign contracts, start new projects, or make important decisions.

However, when Mercury goes retrograde in the bold, expressive sign of Leo, the effects take on a dramatic flair. Leo is ruled by the radiant Sun, so when the planet of communication goes haywire here, it stirs up issues around self-expression, creativity, romance, leadership, and fun.

Mercury will only retrograde in Leo every few years, so its transit here is significant. The last time was July-August 2019. The next Mercury Retrograde in Leo will occur in July 2022.

Understanding the Impact of Transiting Mercury Retrograde

Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, we must reassess things ruled by this planet – communication, travel, contracts, technology, information, thinking. Glitches arise to force a review. We may have to redo tasks or repeat conversations to clarify mixed messages.

Leo energy is about passion, play, romance, self-expression, creativity, and leadership. So under Mercury Retrograde in Leo, we’ll need to re-examine these areas of life. Things may get dramatized under this transit!

Expect the following types of issues to emerge:

  • Miscommunications about creative projects or romantic feelings
  • Travel delays and mix-ups with vacations or trips
  • Having to redo tasks related to leadership, performing, or expressing yourself
  • Feeling confused about your desires, romantic chemistry, or creative joy
  • Past lovers, creative efforts, or leadership roles resurfacing

However, the upside is that Mercury Retrograde can bring insight, closure, and breakthroughs once it turns direct. Keep an open mind!

Analyzing the Effects of Mercury Retrograde in Leo as a Transit

When analyzing any transit, we look at where it falls in the natural zodiac and its aspects to planets in our natal chart. Mercury will retrograde back and forth between around 11-28 degrees of Leo.

Leo is a fire sign centered on passion and expression. Mercury here may inflame drama and miscommunication before it improves understanding. If Mercury retrogrades over your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury or other personal planets its impact will be stronger.

Pay attention to the start and end points of the transit – issues may arise with those degrees in your chart. Note if Mercury makes any alignments to your natal planets while retrograde. For example, squaring your natal Venus could spark relationship confusion. Trining your Midheaven can revive career efforts.

Monitoring Mercury’s movements will help you interpret how it may affect your personal chart. Checking a transit guide online can reveal key dates and impact.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo When Mercury Retrograde Is In Your Sign

Can Mercury Retrograde in Leo Be Positive?

Absolutely! Though retrogrades bring annoyances, they help us review, reflect, and gain insight. Mercury retrograde in Leo lets us:

  • Reassess creative efforts and relight passion
  • Reunite with past romantic connections for closure
  • Redo leadership or personal projects to improve them
  • Revise our image, brand, or self-expression
  • Rekindle joy and romance within relationships
  • Reflect on our desires, inner child, and creativity

With self-awareness, we can navigate this transit smoothly and initiate new beginnings once Mercury goes direct. The retrograde is a chance to slow down, revisit unresolved issues, and gain helpful perspective. The key is not making rushed decisions and allowing extra time for redoing things.

So be prepared to press pause on some Leo activities – but know you can emerge renewed once Mercury retrograde has passed!

How Mercury Retrograde In Leo Impacts a Leo Sun

If you have your Sun in Leo, Mercury retrograde in this fire sign has a direct effect on your core identity. Here’s a breakdown:

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Communication for this Natal Placement?

Leos have a natural flair for self-expression. But your communications may get theatrical and convoluted during this transit. Avoid launching any bold creative efforts. Instead, revise and rework existing projects. Be ready to clarify your message and repeat yourself to cut through any confusion.

Pay attention to miscommunications around romantic feelings too. Don’t make assumptions – double check that your message was received. Look out for mixed signals from others, especially romantic interests. You may have to keep reiterating your stance.

It’s not the best time for bold declarations or proposals. Avoid the dramatic gesture and opt for open communication. Past contacts may resurface out of the blue as well.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Relationships for this Natal Placement?

Your romantic life is definitely highlighted, sometimes in a destabilizing way. Exes may pop up to reconnect or gain closure. Current relationships can fluctuate between hot and cold. Passion is stirred up along with miscommunication!

Avoid relationship ultimatums or proposals during the retrograde. Slow down and let connections develop organically. Pay close attention to your partner’s words and body language. Seek to understand their perspective.

You may realize you have different needs at this time. Or uncover ways to reignite the spark through better communication. Make sure your ego and desires aren’t overpowering mutual understanding. Look for healthy compromise.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Careers and Money for this Natal Placement?

Your career may feel like an emotional rollercoaster! Sudden changes in direction can occur. Past opportunities can resurface in a new form. You may have to review and refine passion projects or leadership skills.

Avoid starting major new business ventures. Instead, work on improving existing freelance gigs, partnerships, or personal branding efforts.

Financial confusion can occur too – double-check your accounts and statements for errors. Refrain from splurging on luxury items, especially big-ticket ones. Reassess your budget and spending.

Look for creative ways to cut excess and save more. Don’t rely on speculative income. Review your long-term career plan and make sure your passions align with your goals. This retrograde is great for rekindling joy and motivation in your work.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Travel for this Natal Placement?

Trip plans will require review and backups. Expect delays, cancellations or sudden changes in travel dates and itineraries. Unresolved issues with past travel destinations may crop up. You may have to revisit previous overseas contacts to redo agreements.

Avoid starting major new journeys during the retrograde. Instead focus on local trips or revisiting old favorite destinations. Travel light and double-check reservations. Review any foreign language skills.

Carry backups of important travel documents. Download entertainment and reading material in case you get stuck. Let go of rigid expectations and bring your sense of adventure. Changing plans can lead to rewarding detours and spontaneity!

Other Things to Be Aware of and Plan For:

  • Back up your devices and files in case of tech mishaps.
  • Double-check details and reservations for events. Expect last-minute snafus.
  • Don’t start new contracts. Instead review existing deals.
  • Avoid launching bold personal makeovers or aesthetic overhauls. Stick to refinements.
  • Let go of rigidity. Adaptability and humor will help you navigate snags and delays with grace.
  • Reflect on your passion, creativity and heart. What truly lights you up? Your inner fire may be renewed.
  • Don’t worry if you have to repeat certain conversations and decisions after Mercury goes direct. This retrograde is meant for do-overs.

Overall, embrace the chance to redo and reflect on Leo themes in your life. You’ll gain helpful insight once Mercury turns direct again.

How Mercury Retrograde In Leo Impacts a Leo Moon

If you have the Moon in Leo, here’s what you can expect during Mercury retrograde in your sign:

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Communication for this Natal Placement?

Internally, you may feel more moody and sensitive. Your emotions around creative self-expression may seem blocked or confused. You could “swallow your words” instead of speaking out directly during this time. Find appropriate ways to channel any inner angst like journaling, art, or exercise. Seek reassurance from trusted friends or partners about their support.

Avoid big public speeches or bold new projects involving communication. Instead, spend time refining existing writing and ideas. Have heart-to-heart talks to air out gripes and gain clarity in relationships. Discuss ways to rekindle more romance, fun or enjoyment of each other.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Relationships for this Natal Placement?

Past hurts around abandonment or romantic disappointment may resurface now. You’re more sensitive about partners acknowledging your needs. Take time to identify your core desires in love. Have you been suppressing certain feelings to keep the peace?

Repressed emotions will emerge under Mercury retrograde. Avoid knee-jerk reactions or ultimatums with partners. Instead, have an open dialogue about what you truly want in relationships.

Some connections may prove incompatible with your long-term needs. You can gain closure on past relationships and patterns now, making space for new beginnings later. Reinforce bonds through quality time and shared creativity.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Careers and Money for this Natal Placement?

Your work life may seem off-balance, with fluctuating income or sporadic progress on goals. You may question whether your job direction truly aligns with your passion. Look for ways to infuse more creativity into your existing position to rekindle motivation. Avoid leaping into speculative ventures or splurging on luxury goods.

Carefully review financial accounts and plans. Reassess your budget to cut waste and establish more stability. Have clear talks with partners or accountants to fix any misinformation. Be open to revising your career path to better suit your long-term passion.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Travel for this Natal Placement?

You may have vivid nostalgia for past trips and destinations. Wanderlust is stirred up but actual travel plans may face delays or changes outside your control. You can harness this reflective energy by revisiting memories or photo albums from previous journeys and adventures. Research options for future travels that help satisfy your cultural curiosity.

Avoid chasing luxury or VIP experiences – keep it simple with smaller local excursions. Check contingency plans for longer trips. Spend extra time planning with all details confirmed in writing. Keep communicating with partners to avoid misunderstandings.

Other Things to Be Aware of and Plan For:

  • Your emotional life is turned up, so take time for self-care like relaxing baths, music, leisurely meals.
  • Spend time scrapbooking favorite memories and creative inspirations to uplift your spirits.
  • Surround yourself with supportive friends and partners who “get” your sensitivity during this time.
  • Avoid taking any perceived slights too personally. People are prone to miscommunications right now.
  • Monitor self-talk for unhealthy judgments or exaggerated reactions. Remind yourself of the bigger picture.
  • Soothe inner worries through meditation, counseling or valorizing past achievements.
  • Make plans for an inspiring vacation or adventure on the calendar after Mercury goes direct. Give yourself something joyful to look forward to!

While this retrograde brings fluctuating emotions, embrace the chance to get clarity on your true passions, desires and creativity.

Mercury retrograde in Leo zodiac

How Mercury Retrograde In Leo Impacts a Leo Rising

Here is what to expect if you have Leo Rising during Mercury Retrograde in your sign:

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Communication for this Natal Placement?

Your outgoing vibe may seem blocked or stifled during this transit. Miscommunications easily arise in your exchanges. You may come across more melodramatic or egocentric than usual. Try to carefully listen and reflect before reacting strongly. Don’t take mix-ups personally. Avoid launching bold new initiatives involving lots of people or publicity right now.

Instead, spend time reconnecting one-on-one and clearing up crossed wires in relationships. Have some heart-to-heart talks to gain understanding. Revisit old creative efforts that still need refinement. Polish up existing writing, marketing plans or pitches vs promoting yourself in brand new ways.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Relationships for this Natal Placement?

You want to feel admired, but may only come across as attention-seeking now. Your romantic words can also be taken the wrong way. Avoid public grand displays or proposals. Spend quality private time reconnecting and giving your partner focused attention. Clear up any misunderstandings about commitment status.

Be willing to talk, compromise and see other perspectives. Don’t let a bruised ego overpower mutual understanding. Your charisma and playfulness can help lighten the mood. Surprise your partner with creative gestures and fun outings to offset any tensions.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Careers and Money for this Natal Placement?

Your work life may feel stalled. Avoid starting major new projects or public launches. Focus on improving current skills and offerings instead. Reassess your professional goals and branding. Are you projecting the right image? Look for creative ways to showcase your abilities better. Research your target audience and redo marketing accordingly.

Revise any speeches or presentations. Refine your leadership skills through classes or books. Review finances carefully as confusion can occur around accounts, payments etc. Get clear on spending and budgets. Don’t overextend credit or take expensive risks now. Conserve resources to establish more stability.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Travel for this Natal Placement?

You want excitement but plans may fizzle with delays or disappointments. Avoid positioning yourself as the flashy expert in a new destination. Keep expectations flexible about lodging, itineraries, even companions.

Review options but have backups in place, especially around reservations. Revisit familiar places or low-key trips close to home versus far-flung adventures requiring new languages or guides. Research different activities and sightseeing you missed on past visits someplace. Don’t let challenges dampen your spirit of fun. Go with the flow – changing plans can lead to surprisingly delightful detours.

Other Things to Be Aware of and Plan For:

  • Your charisma won’t be at full power – lean into your playful modest side more.
  • Avoid major public pronouncements or bold launches. Keep statements simple.
  • Don’t take miscommunications as personal slights. Remove ego from exchanges.
  • Revisit creative hobbies that recharge your spirit like painting, music, crafts.
  • Surround yourself with reassuring friends who balance your perspective.
  • Monitor self-talk for exaggerated judgments or poor me attitudes.
  • Make plans for an inspiring adventure after the retrograde to motivate you.

Despite some frustrations, see this retrograde as a chance for reflection and self-inquiry. You’ll emerge feeling renewed about creative goals.

How Mercury Retrograde In Leo Impacts a Leo Mercury

If Mercury is in Leo in your natal chart, its retrograde reversal in your sign has a direct influence. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Communication for this Natal Placement?

Your flair for words goes haywire! Dramatic speeches or bold proposals are ill-advised now. Avoid starting new projects involving lots of people or publicity during the retrograde. Your creative ideas need time and refinement before being launched. Revisit old writing or presentations to improve and update them. Have heart-to-heart talks to gain mutual understanding with others. Listen carefully to pick up on mixed messages – don’t make assumptions.

Reign in tendencies towards exaggeration or hyperbole. Stick to facts. To avoid miscommunications, summarize key points in writing rather than just verbal agreements. Give people plenty of time to respond thoughtfully before jumping to conclusions.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Relationships for this Natal Placement?

Your romantic words can be misunderstood, or taken as insincere flattery. Avoid lofty declarations of love. Have open-ended discussions to learn your partner’s views. Don’t let your ego overpower mutual understanding. Listen without inserting assumptions. Refrain from grand romantic gestures or public displays.

Surprise your partner with simple but thoughtful acts instead to rekindle warmth. Revisit playful enjoyable pastimes you used to share together. Tell your partner clearly what you appreciate about them. Unexpected outreach from past connections may stir up forgotten feelings. Take time to reflect before reacting.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Careers and Money for this Natal Placement?

Avoid launching bold new initiatives or self-promotional campaigns now. You need time to refine strategies and ideas before promoting them in bigger ways. Recheck financial details, payments, and accounts thoroughly as confusion can abound. Get clear on budgets and reassess spending to establish more stability.

Revise existing materials like writing samples, portfolios pitches to improve quality. Reconnect with former colleagues or clients for insight on reviving past opportunities. Research and cultivate skills needed to bring passion projects to fruition down the road. Turn inward vs seeking external praise now.

How Does Mercury Retrograde in Leo Affect Travel for this Natal Placement?

Trips require backups with this transit. Avoid rigid expectations. Revisit favorite old destinations vs brand new foreign environments. Research sites and activities you may have previously missed in places you’ve been before.

Travel light and keep plans flexible for changes. Review reservations and confirm in writing. Refresh language skills if traveling abroad. Download plenty of entertainment options in case of delays. Don’t let challenges dampen your sense of adventure and spontaneity. Changing plans can lead to exciting unexpected detours.

Other Things to Be Aware of and Plan For:

  • Back up your devices and files frequently to prevent losing work.
  • Summarize any verbal agreements via email to avoid miscommunications.
  • Avoid launching new initiatives or major publicity campaigns.
  • Reflect on past passion projects that still need refinement. Set new goals.
  • Don’t take conversations personally or react without reflecting first.

Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde in Leo

While Mercury Retrograde in Leo can be frustrating, you can harness its energy for growth and renewal:

Reflect on your passions: Spend time in self-inquiry around what inspires you deeply. Get clear on heart-centered goals. Start a passion project journal.

Rekindle romance and fun: Surprise your partner with creative dates. Revisit old romantic memories. Inject playfulness into your connections.

Revise creative efforts: Dust off old works and improve them. Take classes to hone your skills. Set aside time for artistic hobbies.

Research: Study topics aligned with your passions like art, leadership, drama. Immerse yourself in books that resonate.

Relax and recharge: Make time for fun activities like baths, massages, movies or games. Socialize with upbeat friends.

Review your budget: Reassess spending and credit. Make economies to save more. Avoid splurging on luxuries.

Take local trips: Enjoy staycations or smaller excursions you can easily adapt. Revisit favorite, familiar destinations.

Confirm reservations: Double-check all travel plans and appointments in writing. Backup documents.

Practice patience and adaptability: Let go of rigidity in favor of going with the flow. Cultivate your sense of humor.

Avoid big launches or deals: Focus energy on inner growth and finishing existing projects.

With self-awareness, you can emerge from Mercury Retrograde renewed and ready to express your creativity in bold new ways!


When Mercury goes retrograde in Leo, it’s time to pause on big creative launches, romantic declarations, and leadership efforts. However, this period also holds opportunity for reflection, refinement, and personal growth. Leos will especially benefit from reassessing their passions, relationships, self-expression and joy during this transit.

By practicing adaptability along with self-care and patience, anyone can navigate these retrograde weeks smoothly. The retrograde period is a chance to look inward, tie up loose ends from the past, and gain wisdom. Once Mercury turns direct again, you’ll feel inspired and ready to courageously move ahead with your heart-centered goals.

Knowing how to make the most of Mercury’s retrograde cycles leads to greater productivity, success and enlightenment over time.

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