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New Moon In Aries Magical Correspondences

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The new moon in Aries represents the start of the lunar cycle and a time of new beginnings. For witches and magicians, the new moon in Aries is an opportune time to initiate change, take action towards goals, and renew oneself. The Moon beginning her cycle in the bold sign of the Ram stirs our passions and imbues us with courage to pursue our desires.

As the Moon changes signs approximately every 2-3 days, we feel her influence over our moods and intuition shift. Our natal Moon sign indicates our emotional nature, so the transiting Moon triggers different parts of ourselves as she journeys through the zodiac wheel.

By understanding how the Aries new moon impacts each Moon sign, we can align our magical workings accordingly to harness the lunar energies at their peak. Let’s explore how to ride the surge of cardinal fire when the Moon is new in Aries.

Aries Moons

Mood & Emotions

For those born with their natal Moon in Aries, this transit aligns with your innermost feelings and patterns. The Moon returning to her native sign boosts your innate impulsiveness and fuels your Cardinal fire. You are likely to feel a surge of motivation and vitality during this period.

This invigorating influence can help you overcome inertia and finally tackle goals you’ve been procrastinating. However, be mindful of becoming impatient with yourself or others who cannot match your frantic pace under this transit. Temper the pedal-to-the-metal Aries gusto with occasional breaks for mindfulness when irritation arises.

Love & Relationships

The new moon energizing your Aries Moon makes this period auspicious for boldness in romance and partnerships. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to ask out your crush, confess deeper feelings to a lover, or propose moving in together, this transit favors decisive action.

Those in established relationships should channel excess passion into planning creative, active dates. Break out of ruts by doing something spontaneous and fun with your partner under the Aries new moon. However, avoid reacting too harshly to any conflicts that arise. Your fire can spark constructively or destructively – be mindful of when to turn down the heat.


Financially, the impulsiveness of this transit suits short-term goals better than long-term investments. Use the motivated start-up energy for projects like opening a savings account, launching a side hustle, or funding a hobby that will make money quickly.

Resist the temptation towards impulsive splurges on indulgent whims. With your Moon amplified, superficial desires may call strongly but leave you feeling regretful later. Make significant purchases only after carefully considering if they align with your values.

Letting Go

Emotionally, this is an ideal period for Aries Moons to release lingering resentment or anger towards others that no longer serves you. Holding onto grudges over past grievances will only dampen the promise of this new beginning.

Also set the intention to let go of any fears, no matter how deep-seated, that undermine your confidence or discourage you from realizing your full potential. The Moon’s supportive return to Aries can set you free.


Carnelian – energizing, passion

Garnet – courage, initiative

Ruby – vigor, willpower

Bloodstone – determination, overcoming obstacles


Ginger – energy, circulation

Cinnamon – motivation, high vibration

Cayenne – activation, breaking hexes

Rosemary – clarity, concentration

Thyme – courage, strength

Magical Workings

  • Courage spells
  • Beginning new ventures
  • Initiating action after stagnation
  • Victory and success magic
  • Asserting your willpower
  • Spontaneity
New moon in Aries crystals

Taurus Moons

Mood & Emotions

The new moon in Aries stirs up the grounded, pleasure-seeking Taurean instincts lying beneath the surface of your cool and consistent exterior. As the Moon leaves her exaltation in Taurus, you may feel freshly resolved to establish stability and security in your foundations.

Guard against excessive stubbornness or clinging during this transit. While savoring sensory delights in your surroundings is rejuvenating, avoid stagnation by loosening your grip on comfort zones that stifle growth.

Tap into the motivating cardinal fire to pace yourself through gradual changes at a manageable rate. Making small improvements steadily over time leads to major progress.

Love & Relationships

Venus-ruled Taurus craves affection through quality time, gifts, touch, and words of admiration. Under the Aries new moon, show your romantic partners or crush how much you cherish them in these heartfelt ways. Cooking lavish meals together or exchanging sentimental tokens nurtures intimacy.

However, avoid significant commitments or long-term escalations like moving in or marriage during this impulsive transit unless you are certain you can follow through for the long haul. Grand promises made hastily might not endure once the Aries moon fades.


The new moon energizing your bullish Moon makes this an ideal period to invest in your long-term financial security. Start a high yield savings account, contribute more to a conservative retirement portfolio, or purchase assets likely to appreciate.

Resist frivolous splurges on fleeting pleasures like lavish meals or sprees at the mall. The intense Aries influx may tempt you, but redirect discretionary spending towards lasting value. Think through significant purchases fully before swiping your card.

Letting Go

Emotionally, the charged Aries moon can help you release attachments to comfort zones or possessions that have kept you confined to a narrow rut rather than freely pursuing fulfillment. Examine what fears may underlie your resistance to change.

Also set the intention to let go of grudges, especially those rooted in financial matters like debts, envy over assets, or stinginess. These burdens chain you to the past rather than opening you to the present moment.


Rose quartz – love, emotional healing

Emerald – abundance and prosperity

Malachite – financial wisdom and luck

Azurite – inner vision, insight


Chamomile – calm, ease anxiety

Lemon balm – uplift mood, relax

Valerian – stress relief, tranquility

Passionflower – quiet mind, rest

Magical Workings

  • Money drawing
  • Increasing material resources
  • Pleasure and luxury
  • Sensuality
  • Home blessing

Gemini Moons

Mood & Emotions

Gemini moons experience the Aries transit as an influx of mental motivation conducive to learning and communication. You are likely to feel more outgoing, conversant, and conceptually curious under this sky.

Gatherings with exciting new people invigorate you now as you ink the fresh pages of your social calendar. However, beware scattering your attention and energy too thinly over superficial interactions and trivial interests. Follow profound lines of inquiry to their deepest extent.

Fickleness may also emerge under this transit. When boredom inevitably arises as the new moon wanes, redirect it towards mentally engaging projects rather than abandoning endeavors halfway. Keep adaptable and willing to change methods, but remain committed to meaningful goals.

Love & Relationships

The Aries Moon amplifies your airy need for lively intellectual connection and conversation with romantic partners. You yearn to be engaged in thoughtful discussion about ethics, art, culture, and imagination. Sharing futures full of possibility excites you.

Avoid unreliable partners prone to bait-and-switch games, mixed messages, or duplicity. Your Mercury-ruled heart seeks unambiguous communication, mental meeting of minds, and spiritual bonding. Settle for nothing less.


Financial dealings during this transit favor thorough research before finalizing decisions rather than impulsive choices. Read the fine print fully, compare options extensively, and listen to trusted advisors before shifting or investing significant assets.

Consider dividing discretionary funds between multiple smaller goals that can each be completed in the short-term lunar cycle rather than tying up all your capital on major long-term plans. Adaptability keeps options open as circumstances evolve.

Avoid lending assets or money to unvetted friends or partners right now no matter how persuasively they appeal to your generous instincts. Protect your own interests first.

Letting Go

The surge of Aries Moon energy can help Gemini Moons release stale routines, rigid schedules, cluttered spaces and busywork that constrain your flexible mercury-craving mind.

Also set the intention to let go of perpetually fragmented focus and racing thoughts that scatter your brilliance rather than concentrating it towards the insights most meaningful to you.


Apatite – intellect, concentration, communication

Tiger’s eye – mental clarity, insight

Citrine – learning, information retention

Aventurine – perception, mental flexibility


Peppermint – stimulate cognition

Spearmint – uplift mood, memory

Rosemary – concentration, public speaking

Gingko biloba – memory, circulation

Ginseng – reflexes, reasoning

Magical Workings

  • Intellectual empowerment
  • Skill building
  • Wisdom enhancement
  • Communication
  • Interpretation
  • Writing
  • Information gathering
New moon in Aries herbs

Cancer Moons

Mood & Emotions

The Aries lunar cycle stirs your sensitive crab underbelly, magnifying your emotional need for familiarity, nurture, and comfort. With the Moon governing your inner psyche emboldened in her own domicile, you are likely to withdraw into your shell and seek refuge in private spaces away from the frenetic Aries buzz.

While the impulse to cocoon can replenish your energy, guard against excessive reclusiveness under this transit. If loved ones reach out, respond with warmth rather than isolation. Stay connected to support systems that nourish you.

Conversely, beware clinging too tightly to conditioning from early home life or the past. Use the cardinal fire of Aries to distinguish which traditions feed your soul and which you have outgrown.

Love & Relationships

Cancer craves emotionally intimate quality time with loved ones under the Aries moon. Plan sentimental dates like candlelit dinners showcasing favorite home cooked meals and comfort foods. Cozy movie nights or long bubble baths together can also hit the spot.

However, avoid isolating yourself from bonding opportunities during this transit. If your inner hermit calls, moderate solitary spells with regular affectionate check-ins with your sweetheart. They may need more engagement than you realize.


Financially, the Aries influx inspires building greater security. Make plans to pay off debts, add to emergency savings, invest in property, or open retirement accounts. Covering basic needs gives peace of mind.

However, avoid large splurges right now even if tempted by romantic notions of buying dream homes or spaces to fill emotional voids. Luxury indulgences may gratify temporarily but undermine stability long term. Think pragmatically.

Letting Go

The active Aries Moon can help Cancer Moons release painful memories, irrational fears, and emotional patterns rooted in early nurture that limit your growth.

Also set the intention to let go of clinging to home, heritage, and historic ways of being out of habit rather than purposeful resonance. Prune the overgrowth to let new light shine.


Moonstone – emotions, intuition, feminity

Pearl – absorb negative emotions

Opal – release trauma

Fluorite – calm, clarity, concentration


Marshmallow root – emotional boundaries

Lemon balm – uplift mood and calm

Lavender – ease tension and worry

Oatstraw – nourish nervous system

Damiana leaf – sensuality, confidence

Magical Workings

  • Early childhood healing
  • Ancestral magic
  • Food magic, kitchen witchery
  • Home blessing and protection
  • Gardening, herbalism
  • Intuition development

Leo Moons

Mood & Emotions

Leos experience the Aries new moon as a roar of excitement, pumped up creative vigor, and craving for attention. Your inner radiance beams at maximum wattage under the wheels of these kindred fire signs.

Opportunities to express yourself take center stage now – pursue them with passion. However, guard against ego conflicts with competing spotlight stealers. There is space for everyone to shine without dimming each other’s light.

Focus on playing to your strengths rather than comparing your talents to others. When jealousy or bitterness arise, redirect competitiveness into collaborations that allow win-win outcomes. Mature confidence embraces interdependence.

Love & Relationships

Display your affections generously under the influence of the Aries new moon. Surprise your lover with impromptu gifts, plan elaborate dates they will adore, tell them often how special they are to you. But avoid dramatics or mind reading – communicate feelings directly.

For single Leos, muster your courage to approach attractive strangers and ask for numbers. The cardinals spur you out of stagnant ruts. But avoid treating romantic interests like prizes to win or flattering ego mirrors. Connect as equals.


Financially, the Aries moon shots luck into your sanguine sign. For seasoned investors, time to take some well-calculated risks on ventures aligned with your heart.

Entrepreneurial Leos can attract funding for passion projects. Self-employed lions have the hustle to expand client bases now. But avoid hubristic overextension beyond your means. Keep budgets to build upon.

Letting Go

Set the intention this lunar cycle to release judgmental comparison, debilitating self-criticism, and perceived unworthiness that dims your inner light. The world needs your unique gifts – believe in them.

Also let go of false humility or settling for mediocrity out of people pleasing and fears of greatness. Shine unapologetically. You reflect a divine spark meant to kindle inspiration.


Sunstone – vitality, fame, confidence

Carnelian – courage, prosperity

Tiger’s eye – insight, leadership

Citrine – success,wealth


Chamomile – calm fiery temper

Lavender – relaxation, sleep

Saffron – improved mood

Cinnamon – motivation, circulation

Ginger – energy, digestion

Magical Workings

  • Glamour magic
  • Creativity spells
  • Courage and power
  • Leadership development
  • Pleasure and luxury
  • Passion and fame
New moon in Aries love life

Virgo Moons

Mood & Emotions

The Aries new moon awakens your Virgoan urges to streamline, document, and schedule. You feel emotionally satisfied when your environment is tidy and your ducks stand neatly in rows.

Use this lunation to set pragmatic systems in place – overhaul budgets, create daily routines, set health goals. But avoid overdoing perfectionism, endless tweaking, or micromanaging details at the expense of meaningful connection.

Let the spontaneously emerging present moment surprise and redirect you when needed. Flow mindfully rather than forcing rigid outcomes. Control serves best when lightly held.

Love & Relationships

Partners of Virgo Moons can provide solace now through practical acts of service – help brainstorming solutions, improving health regimens, decluttering, or organizing finances. Showing you wish them well through usefulness gives comfort.

But pick your battles carefully to avoid nitpicky fault finding. Accept imperfection as inevitable and keep conflicts centered on understanding rather than bickering over minutiae. Sweat the small stuff less.


The Aries lunar cycle supports taking inventory of your financial records and putting procedures in place to optimize stability. File taxes, create budgets, automate savings, pay off debts.

Avoid risky speculation or get rich quick schemes right now. Patiently nurtured slow money bears greatest fruit long term. Seek advisors to maximize modest consistent investments over decades rather than betting the farm on unicorns.

Letting Go

Set the intention to release anxiety producing disorder, mess, or paper piles that prevent you from feeling settled. Utilize the Aries fire to purge what burdens you.

Also let go of perfectionistic fixation on insignificant flaws in yourself and others that limit enjoyment of life. Progress, not paralysis, comes through compassionate improvement, not demands for faultlessness.


Citrine – wealth, prosperity

Carnelian – productivity, vitality

Tiger’s eye – insight, mental clarity

Emerald – abundance, growth


Lemon balm – uplifted mood, concentration

Ginger – stimulation, digestion

Ginseng – mental acuity, energy

Rosemary – memory, clarity

Sage – purification, releasing negativity

Magical Workings

  • Employment and career spells
  • Organization and editing
  • Healing and nutrition
  • Animal care and pet blessings
  • Accounting and financial magic
  • Practicality and diligence
  • Banishing clutter and obstacles

Libra Moons

Mood & Emotions

The Aries New Moon activates your airy Libran instincts for social connections, beauty, and harmony. You long to adorn life with artistry and unite with others through merrymaking.

Satisfy emotional yearnings now by arranging group activities that spark inspiration – museum trips, concerts, fireside chats, nature walks. But avoid compromising your needs to conform to others’ agendas. Stand up when mistreated.

Guard against superficiality driving your interactions. While conviviality pleases, seek substance too. Let surface bonds blossom into authentic alignment around shared principles. Lead with integrity.

Love & Relationships

Romance blossoms under the beauty seeking Aries Moon. Slow down to smell flowers literally and figuratively. Luxuriate in music, art galleries, alluring scents, candlelit rooms. Drink in their splendor together.

Avoid weighty commitments or contracts with loved ones during this transit, but savor magical moments that feel deliciously decadent. Some pleasures glitter temporarily in the moonlight, like fine champagne bubbles dancing in a crystal glass. Embrace the enchantment of fleeting connections and casual encounters that ignite a spark in your heart.

Let yourself be carried away by the whimsical whispers of the universe, allowing spontaneity to guide your path. This is a time to indulge in the pleasures of the present, releasing worries about the future. Take a leap of faith and let the magic unfold.


If collaborating financially during this period, thoroughly vet partners and avoid mixing friends/family with business. Ensure all agreements are equitably structured and carefully designed to be mutually beneficial.

Seek guidance from mentors and advisors before shifting major assets or taking on new debt. While others may spark inspiration, enact changes cautiously after acting periods end. Impulses mislead, prudence protects.

Letting Go

This lunar cycle, release resentful comparisons to others and corrosive self-blame that corrode self-worth. Also set the intention to let go of people pleasing and approval seeking that compromises your values.

Purge toxicity, ugliness, clutter and energy draining situations that disrupt your harmony. Clear space for inspiration through liberating decluttering rituals that lift your spirits.


Rose quartz – unconditional love

Lapis lazuli – inner truth, friendship

Emerald – romantic commitment

Clear quartz – clarity, harmony


Skullcap – reduce anxiety, relax nerves

Passionflower – calm, higher perspective

Lavender – ease worried mind, peaceful home

Lemon balm – uplift mood, concentration

Chamomile – gently calm emotions

Magical Workings

  • Glamour magic, beauty spells
  • Strengthen partnerships
  • Peace and diplomacy
  • Artistic creation
  • Social events and gatherings
New moon in Aries money

Scorpio Moons

Mood & Emotions

Scorpio Moons feel the Aries influx as intense passion, magnetism, and a piercing urge to probe hidden depths. Your keen instincts detect what lurks unseen below the surface.

Channel this penetrating lunar energy into rituals of discovery – creative endeavors, occult studies, intimacy. But avoid using penetrating abilities manipulatively or invasively. Insight uplifts in light hands.

Guard against possessiveness or compulsion in relating. While desiring full merger, retain healthy boundaries. The spiritual journey unveils mysteries uniquely in each person. Travel alongside, not grasping or grafting.

Love & Relationships

Merge deeply with your beloved during this transit through intimate conversation, conscious sensuality, and offering mutual emotional vulnerability.

But sidestep manipulation, jealousy games, or attempts to control outcomes. If tensions arise, reflect introspectively first before reacting outwardly. Your feelings reveal areas for self-development. Sit with discomfort mindfully.


Shrewd Scorpio Moons often keenly intuit smart financial investments during the potent Aries influx. Research thoroughly and consult mentors before taking the plunge.

But beware risky gambles on get-rich-quick schemes or overinvestment in unpredictable markets. Avoid enabling others’ unsafe speculation. Stick to time tested strategies applied with discernment. Protect what you accrue.

Letting Go

This lunar cycle, shed stagnation, decay, and your own darkness like a snake unveiling luminous new skin. Set the intention to release toxic attachments and life-draining situations that veil your inner light.

What envies, grudges and need to control outcomes can you surrender? Unencumber yourself through the purifying fire of inner alchemy. What purposefully burns away transforms you at the core.


Obsidian – protection, reveals shadow

Jet – detoxification, protection

Smoky Quartz – energetic cleansing

Apache Tear – grief, comfort

Shungite – purification, shielding


Patchouli – divination, visions

Mugwort – psychic clarity, astral projection

Bay laurel – divination, clairvoyance

Lemongrass – cleansing, hex removal

Basil – love, prosperity, peace of mind

Magical Workings

  • Divination and prophetic dreams
  • Psychic empowerment
  • Sex magic
  • Past life regression
  • Rituals of initiation
  • Shadow work

Sagittarius Moons

Mood & Emotions

Optimistic Sagittarius Moons get fired up for adventure under the Aries New Moon. You yearn to gallop off chasing fresh horizons and new experiences.

Say yes to opportunities arising that expand your knowledge. Stay open rather than judging. But avoid recklessly abandoning responsibilities. Integrate exploration with obligations.

Guard against impractical idealism. Temper visions with pragmatism. Cherry pick insights from teachers and ideologies that pass the test of lived experience. Favor nuance over dogma.

Love & Relationships

Remind your partner not to take your restless nature personally – you are simply ablaze temporarily with lunar longing for growth. Help them appreciate what they have rather than fixating on lacks.

Spontaneous dates invigorate you now – hiking to scenic overlooks, jetting off to new locales, discussing philosophies over coffee. Avoid confining routines. But include your lover in adventures.


Fortune flows for venturesome Sagittarius under the Aries Moon. Luck abounds in calculated risks, investments aligned with ethics, and pursuing income through publishing, teaching, or sales.

But beware overextending or greed diluting judgment. Chasing money may compromise morality and undermine lasting success. Wealth accrues through steady work building on sound foundations.

Letting Go

This lunar cycle, release beliefs and behaviours blocking your horizons and higher vision. Strip away limiting mindsets, worry, and petty bureaucratic obstacles obstructing progress.

Also surrender tendencies to proselytize, judge, or impose your views self-righteously on others. Allow everyone their own journey. Your light inspires best through humility.


Amethyst – healing, happiness

Citrine – prosperity, creativity

Rainbow moonstone – intuition, receptivity

Phenacite – manifestation, spiritual insight


Dandelion – wishes, victory

Cinnamon – stimulation, high vibration

Ginger – passion, determination

Ginseng – energy, wisdom

Cloves – love, money

Magical Workings

  • Divinatory skills
  • Teaching and publishing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Travel and adventure
  • Idealism and humor
  • Expansion and luck
New moon in Aries transit

Capricorn Moons

Mood & Emotions

The Aries New Moon awakens your Capricorn ambitions – the instinctive drive to build material security through determined effort over time. You feel emotionally centered through pragmatic step-by-step progress towards legacy goals.

Harness the cardinal initiation energy to overhaul plans and launch new endeavors. Lay solid foundations now. But avoid heartless achievement devoid of meaning. Pursue purpose beyond status and acclaim.

Also guard against impatience with emotional needs of others. Recognize tangible gains sometimes require intangible relationship work first. Balance diligence with care.

Love & Relationships

Support your partner practically under this sky. Help them craft schedules and tactics to reach their aims. Share advice and accountability from your experience. But also make time for affection and acknowledgment.

Avoid relating as instructor rather than equal. Respect your differences. Not everyone seeks achievement identically to you. Meet loved ones where they are with compassion while inviting growth.


Lean in to amplify earnings through tireless effort guided by shrewd intuition. Invest energy in assets compounding value slowly over decades. Resist chasing unstable quick wins. Have faith, harvest will come.

Also spruce up resume and connections, keeping options open to shift roles aligned with your values. The planets hint at destiny developments stirring.

Letting Go

What stagnation, procrastination, irresponsibility or trivial timewasting can you relinquish? Destroy obstacles to efficacy.

Also release tendencies to coldness, overcontrol, micromanagement and withholding affection that isolate you. Warm to the riches of vulnerability.


Garnet – vibrancy, courage

Ruby – vitality, success

Obsidian – reveal flaws, perfect them

Jet – detoxification, protection

Smoky Quartz – banish negativity


Yarrow- confidence, overcoming fear

Turmeric – purification, prosperity

Solomon’s seal – patience, healing

Plantain – emotional healing

Comfrey – safety, prudence

Magical Workings

  • Career and leadership spells
  • Real estate and property magic
  • Retirement and long term planning
  • Discipline and reputation
  • Healing father issues
  • Honoring elders

Aquarius Moons

Mood & Emotions

Quirky Aquarius feels emotionally stimulated by friends, causes, and visions of the future under the Aries Moon. You crave revitalizing your life’s purpose.

Gather with kindered spirits to brainstorm innovations. Support communities aligning values with actions. But avoid distancing from loved ones unintentionally through rigid idealism. Stay thoughtful.

Guard against intellectually dismissive attitudes. While ineffective conventions rightly frustrate, also acknowledge emotional needs motivating them. Reform requires understanding the old deeply first.

Love & Relationships

Remind partners and friends you cherish the meaning they add to your life right now. Avoid emotionally detached buisnesslike interactions. Include sentiment.

But also engage their mental curiosity with novel dates involving technology, science, or activism you both care about. Blend heart and mind.


Generously support causes close to your spirit financially if possible now. But avoid overextending assets chasing utopian schemes untethered to pragmatic methodical preservation of capital.

Also consider unconventional income streams utilizing your unique talents and networks. The planets hint at unpredictable Providence. There are more ways than you know.

Letting Go

Surrender rigid adherence to dogmatic ideologies that close your mind to creative solutions. See life’s flowing constant change. What adapts, survives. But retain discernment.

Also release co-dependent enabling, emotionally unavailable dynamics, and resistance to maturity. Healing arises through skillfully moving forward, not willfully blindness.


Amethyst – inner peace, healing

Lapis lazuli – wisdom, imagination

Clear quartz – clarity, harmony

Fluorite – concentration, stability


Calendula – comfort, cheer

Lemon balm – mood uplift, harmony

Lemon verbena – clarity, stability

Lemongrass – vitality, purification

Bee balm – courage, creativity

Magical Workings

  • Technology and science based magic
  • Community building
  • Pursuing innovation
  • Rebelling against injustice
  • Promoting reform movements
  • Friendship blessings

Pisces Moons

Mood & Emotions

Dreamy Pisces Moons float blissfully downstream in the Aries lunar current. You feel creatively inspired yet instinctively seek meditative sanctuary away from the hustle.

Enrich spiritual life through art, music, dance. Record prophetic visions flowing freely. But avoid complete escapism. Maintain healthy rhythms and connections.

Also beware distorted thinking and self-medication tendencies. Addictive craving springs from inner turmoil. Face challenges through mindfulness and moderation. Then return to inspire through intuitive gifts ripened.

Love & Relationships

Romance fills the air and fantasy electrifies. Roleplay, costumes, and sensual decoration delight. But stay grounded enough to handle mundane relationship maintenance too.

Remind partners you live in the real world sometimes. Merge souls playfully, but allow each other autonomy. Co-create rather than enmeshing messily. Retain healthy identity boundaries.


Generously offer financial support to those struggling if within your means this lunar cycle. But avoid overextending limited resources chasing martyr savior illusions. Act pragmatically.

Review budgets carefully. Trim waste through consciousness. Then redirect surplus towards dreams through mindful saving and incremental progress. Fortune follows wisdom, not wishful thinking.

Letting Go

Release victim mentalities, destructive dependencies that disempower, and tunnel vision avoidance of necessary growth work this cycle. Instead embrace courage and self-mastery.

Let fall facades, distortions, and lies clouding relationships. Clear space for authenticity and deeper intimacy through unveiling your hidden wholeness lovingly.


Amethyst – psychic ability, intuition

Blue lace agate – communication, calm

Aquamarine – courage, soothing stress

Moonstone – fertility, alignment with cycles


Lavender – relaxation, peace of mind

Lemon balm – uplift mood, harmony

Catnip – calm anxiety

Passionflower – restful sleep

Skullcap – soothing tension

Magical Workings

  • Divinatory skills
  • Creativity and artistry
  • Intuition and visioning
  • Dream work
  • Ritual and ceremony
  • Spiritual connection

In Summary

The Aries New Moon sets the stage for a powerful month of initiating growth in the areas of life calling us most strongly. Aligning our endeavors with the Moon’s phases yields amplified results.

Tuning into our specific Moon sign insights reveals the unique opportunities, strengths and shadow tendencies awakened during this potent lunation.

By mindfully directing Aries Cardinal fire towards purposes ripening within, we plant seeds during this magical window that can bloom into thriving gardens when skillfully tended in coming seasons.

Onward into fresh possibility!

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New moon in Aries witchcraft