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How Your Sun Sign Can Get You Princess Treatment From Your Boyfriend

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Use astrology to get the princess treatment you deserve! Do you ever feel like you’re not getting the fairytale romance you deserve in your relationship? Does your partner fall short when it comes to treating you like royalty? Well, listen up ladies – your zodiac sign holds major clues on how to inspire the ultimate princess treatment from your man!

Your sun sign reveals so much about your innate personality, desires and communication style. By leveraging your zodiac strengths, you can learn to attract a partner who showers you with adoration, pampering and romance. Or, inspire your current boyfriend to step up his game into Prince Charming territory!

In this blog post, we’ll explore how your astrological sign can be used strategically to get the royal girlfriend experience you crave. Whether it’s being taken on exotic trips, showered with gifts, or just feeling like the most treasured woman in the world, you’ll discover how to make it happen. It’s time to tap into the magic of the zodiac and start getting the regal treatment your heart truly deserves! Read on to learn how to transform your man into your noble knight in shining armor!


As a fiery and independent Aries, you don’t want someone who’s going to coddle you. Instead, use your assertive nature to ask for what you want. If you want him to take you out for a fancy dinner, tell him! He’ll appreciate your directness, and you’ll get the treatment you desire.

  • Be direct about what you want
  • Reward his grand gestures with appreciation
  • Plan competitive, exciting date ideas
  • Motivate him with fun challenges
  • Praise his heroic efforts
Princess treatment dating


As a sensual and indulgent Taurus, you love the finer things in life. Use your love of luxury to your advantage by dropping hints about the things you want. If you’re dying to try that new spa treatment, make sure he knows it. He’ll want to spoil you and make you happy.

  • Hint about luxuries you desire
  • Cook him an epicurean meal
  • Plan relaxing spa dates
  • Indulge his senses with fine wines and silk
  • Stroke his ego for being a provider


As a curious and communicative Gemini, you love to talk. Use your gift of gab to your advantage by telling your partner all about your dreams and desires. The more he knows about what you want, the more likely he is to give it to you.

  • Stimulate him intellectually
  • Ask questions and listen attentively
  • Encourage him to take you on educational dates
  • Be enthusiastic about his wit and ideas
  • Appreciate his clever gifts


As a sensitive and nurturing Cancer, you love to take care of others. But don’t forget to take care of yourself! Use your natural charm and sweetness to ask for what you want. He’ll be happy to take care of you for a change.

  • Use your nurturing nature to care for him
  • Share your dreams and vulnerabilities
  • Cook him comforting homecooked meals
  • Plan cozy date nights involving cuddling
  • Show gratitude for his protectiveness


As a confident and glamorous Leo, you know you deserve the best. Use your charm and magnetism to attract the kind of partner who will treat you like royalty. Once you have him, make sure he knows that you expect to be treated like a queen.

  • Admire and compliment his strengths
  • Treat him to VIP access experiences
  • Indulge his colorful sense of style
  • Appreciate his generosity and chivalry
  • Praise him for being your king
Sprinkle sprinkle princess treatment dating


As a practical and detail-oriented Virgo, you know what you want and how to get it. Use your organizational skills to plan the perfect date or vacation. He’ll be impressed by your attention to detail, and you’ll get the treatment you deserve.

  • Share details about your ideal dates
  • Stimulate his mind with intelligent books
  • Compliment his meticulous planning
  • Be grateful for his acts of service
  • Appreciate his carefully chosen gifts


As a charming and social Libra, you know how to make people feel good. Use your ability to charm and flatter to get what you want. If you want him to take you on a romantic getaway, tell him how much you appreciate his generosity.

  • Charm him with your conversational skills
  • Plan fun partner activities like dancing
  • Indulge his interest in the arts
  • Compliment his good taste and etiquette
  • Show gratitude for romantic surprises


As a passionate and intense Scorpio, you know what you want and how to get it. Use your magnetic energy to attract the kind of partner who will treat you like a queen. Once you have him, make sure he knows that you expect to be treated like royalty.

  • Make intimate eye contact
  • Engage his passion for mysteries
  • Plan exotic, luxurious getaways
  • Give him your undivided attention
  • Appreciate his protective intensity


As an adventurous and spontaneous Sagittarius, you love to try new things. Use your sense of adventure to plan fun and exciting activities for the two of you. He’ll appreciate your enthusiasm, and you’ll get the treatment you deserve.

  • Join him on adventures and trips
  • Engage his love of learning and philosophy
  • Appreciate his grand explorer gestures
  • Laugh at his jokes and witty banter
  • Compliment his courage and ethics
Get princess treatment based on astrology


As a practical and ambitious Capricorn, you know how to get what you want. Use your determination and drive to achieve your goals, including being treated like a princess. If you want him to take you on a shopping spree, make sure he knows how much you deserve it.

  • Discuss your ambitious goals as a couple
  • Appreciate his drive and work ethic
  • Let him mentor you on achieving success
  • Admire his taste for refined luxuries
  • Compliment his steadfast loyalty


As an independent and unconventional Aquarius, you don’t want to be treated like everyone else. Use your unique perspective and creativity to come up with fun and exciting ways to be pampered. He’ll appreciate your originality, and you’ll get the treatment you deserve.

  • Engage his intellectual curiosities
  • Embrace his unconventional date ideas
  • Discuss inventive ways he can pamper you
  • Appreciate his humanitarian impulses
  • Compliment his unique genius


As a dreamy and romantic Pisces, you love to be swept off your feet. Use your romantic nature to inspire your partner to treat you like a princess. If you want him to take you on a romantic getaway, tell him how much you appreciate his thoughtfulness.

  • Share your dreams and creative longings
  • Appreciate his poetic romantic gestures
  • Compliment his artistic talents
  • Plan romantic, magical fantasy dates
  • Enjoy relaxing together and escaping

Your sun sign can be a powerful tool in getting the royal treatment you deserve. Use these tips to inspire your partner to treat you like a princess, and enjoy the spoils that come with being a queen.

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