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5 Ways to Work Solar Magic in Your Life!

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Sun worship and solar magic is a little old school at this point for most modern pagans. Sure there are revivals now and then, but we usually focus much more on the planets and the moon. Sun worship has become pretty niche as far as deities go. You don’t hear anyone talking about worshipping Sol Invictus very often (although he does have some followers). Is there any worth in giving devotion, time and energy to the sun?

The sun is more than just masculine energy, victory, and patriarchy. There is a lot we can learn from devotion to the sun, and there are many ways to use the sun’s energy in our witchcraft. Let’s take a look at what the sun god represents and how it can benefit your life!

What The Sun Represents

The sun is the bringer of life. It gives energy, light, and warmth. It is the center of our solar system and the source of all life. The sun is also a symbol of the Self. It is the conscious ego, the will and the power to create. The sun god is also a symbol of truth, knowledge, and enlightenment.

When we work with the sun, we are working with all of these things. We are tapping into its life-giving energy and using it to empower ourselves. We are also aligning our own wills with the divine will, which can help us manifest our desires. And finally, we are seeking truth and knowledge through our connection to the sun.

Solar Correspondences

The sun corresponds to many plants, animals, and ideas. Here are just a few, many taken from The Rulership Book by Rex Bills:

Keywords: The urge to succeed, ardor, arrogance, heads of state, extravagance, vitality, monarchs, politics, war, kingship, kings, rulers, glory, honor, wealth, glory, power, courage, and self-confidence.

Solar Clothing: Bright yellow clothing.

Solar Plants: Sunflowers, maize, orange trees, olives, peonies.

Solar Animals: The lion, the eagle, phoenixes, and peacocks.

Solar Colors: Yellow, orange, gold.

Solar Deities: Osiris, Mithras, Apollo, Helios, Ra, Sol Invictus, Arinna, Amaterasu.

Solar Objects: Minarets, mansions, jewelry, parks, valuable things.

Solar Crystals and Metals: Gold, citrine, topaz, amber.

Solar Elements: Fire.

Time Of Day: Mid-day.

As you can see, there are many correspondences associated with the sun. When working with the sun, you can use any of these things to amplify its energy.

Solar Magic

The sun is a powerful source of magic. Its energy can be used for healing, protection, and prosperity spells. It is also an excellent source of inspiration and creativity. Here are some ideas for solar magic:

  • Write down your goals and desires on a piece of paper. Place the paper in a sunny spot and let the sun’s rays charge it with power.
  • Make a solar elixir by placing carefully cleaned quartz crystals or other stones in a glass jar filled with water. Set the jar in direct sunlight for several hours to charge the water. Drink the elixir throughout the day to receive the sun’s blessings.
  • Create a prosperity spell by placing a citrine crystal in direct sunlight. As the sun charges the crystal, visualize your desires coming true. When the crystal is fully charged, keep it in your wallet or purse to attract money.
  • Use amber oil or incense to anoint yourself before undertaking any important task or goal. This will give you the sun’s strength and courage.
  • Place a piece of gold jewelry in the sunlight to charge it with solar power. Wear the gold jewelry or keep it in your home to attract prosperity, victory, and happiness.

The sun is a powerful source of energy and magic. When we work with its correspondences, we can tap into that power to improve our lives.

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