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137 Ways to Use Seashells in Your Craft (Sea Witchcraft Tips)

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Seashells have long been associated with magic, myth and mystery. Found across the world’s shores, these gifts from the sea call to magical practitioners, artists and nature lovers everywhere. For sea witches and water-loving pagans, incorporating shells into practice can add a touch of ocean enchantment.

In this post, you’ll discover 137 ways to gather, prepare, and use seashells for altar decoration, charms, divination, spellwork, crafts and more. Working with shells enhances your connection to water spirits and oceanic energy. Let’s dive deep into shell magic!

Gathering Seashells

The first step is collecting seashells to work with. Some tips:

  1. Check tide tables for your beach and go during low tides when more sand is exposed, revealing shells. Early morning hours are also ideal.
  2. Bring a bag or bucket to hold your shell treasures. A mesh bag allows sand to sift out easily.
  3. Ask the ocean for permission before taking anything. Have gratitude and only take what truly calls to you.
  4. Look carefully around rocks and in crevices – shy shells like to hide! Wade into the waves to find surprises.
  5. Abundant shell varieties include clams, scallops, oysters, cockles, moon snails, periwinkles, limpets, cowries and conches.
How to use sea shells in witchcraft

Cleansing & Charging Shells

Once home, cleansing your shells energetically is important before using them in rituals:

  1. Place in a bowl and let soak in sea salt water to release prior energies.
  2. Allow shells to sit in moonlight, especially under full or new moons, to absorb lunar power.
  3. Hold over smoking sage, frankincense or palo santo to clear away attachments.
  4. Bury shells in a bowl of dry sea salt for 1-3 days to purify fully.
  5. Charge with quartz crystals, sigils, herbs, moon phases or as your intuition guides you.
  6. Bury shells in pots of sand mixed with sea salt to purify.
  7. Let shells energize under ocean water during full or new moons.
  8. Charge on crystal grids aligned to your intention for the shells.
  9. Expose to sound vibrations like tingsha chimes or singing bowls.
  10. Place over mandala drawings imbued with cleansing energy.
  11. Hold each shell and visualize it glowing with white light to clear.
  12. Set out for one day soaking up the ocean’s healing negative ions.
  13. Keep shells on an altar with cleansing herbs like sage or palo santo.
  14. Cleanse with sound using chants, bells, chimes or drumming.
  15. Pass through incense smoke from cleansing resins like copal or benzoin.

Activating the innate magical properties within each unique seashell prepares it for magical use.

Types of Shells & Attributes

Different shells possess various magical attributes:

  1. Clams – abundance, prosperity, security
  2. Conchs – power, clarity, productivity
  3. Cowries – fertility, wealth, success
  4. Limpets – strength, tenacity, perseverance
  5. Mussels – flexibility, cooperation, community
  6. Oysters – love, intimacy, family
  7. Periwinkles – tranquility, peace of mind
  8. Scallops – travel, movement, adventures
  9. Whelks – change, evolution, steady progress
  10. Augers – balance, cycles, movement, clarity
  11. Ark shells – resilience, restoration, reserves
  12. Carrier shells – connections, networks, communications
  13. Top shells – optimism, hope, positivity, lightness
  14. Nerite shells – wisdom, retired solitude, self-care
  15. Wentletrap shells – experimentation, openness, curiosity
  16. Murex – power, influence, action, making waves
  17. Pen shells – introversion, inner worlds, spirituality
  18. Cockles – community, people skills, friendliness
  19. Moon snails – intuition, insight, seeing beneath the surface

Research other shells you find using guides and your intuition.

Sea witchcraft seashell uses

Seashell Symbolism

Shells powerfully symbolize:

  1. The Divine Feminine – beauty, creativity, nurturing
  2. Water – emotions, intuition, dreams
  3. Cycles – death/rebirth, wax/wane, seasons
  4. Protection – shields against negativity
  5. Home – security, childhood, motherhood
  6. Voice – expression, communication, confidence
  7. Change – because shells discard their old forms to emerge renewed.
  8. Flexibility – shown in the spiral shape able to withstand pressure.
  9. Connection – to ancestors and merfolk, as shells were used ceremonially.
  10. Endurance – proved by their survival of tumbling ocean waves.
  11. Foundation – provides the protective first home for many creatures.
  12. Persistence – it can take some mollusks thousands of tries to perfect their shell.
  13. Mindfulness – studying the mathematical perfection of their natural geometry.
  14. Impermanence – they eventually dissolve back into the sea from whence they came.
  15. History – ancient shells show that life has existed for millions of years.
  16. Community – sea creatures congregate together on and within shells symmetrically.

Goddesses tied to shells include Aphrodite, Yemaya and Lakshmi. Shells evoke the soul of the sea itself.

Decorating with Seashells

Use seashells decoratively to showcase their natural magic:

  1. Make wreaths with shells, sea glass and driftwood for your front door
  2. Hang wind chimes with shells and glass to deter negative energy
  3. Frame etched shells alongside favorite inspirational quotes
  4. Use seashells to accent candle holders, vases and trinket dishes
  5. Create unique seashell mirrors surrounded by small shells and sand
  6. Decoupage boxes with shells to hold treasures from the sea
  7. Make shell mobiles using varying shapes/sizes for above an altar
  8. Glue shells onto mirrors to add natural beach vibes to your space.
  9. Arrange small clusters of 3 or 5 shells on altar cloths or table runners.
  10. Create shell garlands by threading shells and hanging in doorways.
  11. Adhere large shells on pots or vases using waterproof adhesive.
  12. Stick shells on candles with wax to make mermaid themed tapers.
  13. Use seashell shaped molds to craft soaps with real shell fragments pressed in.
  14. Add shell accents to jewelry dishes, brush holders, and decorative boxes.
  15. Sew tiny shells with pearls onto hair clips, barrettes, and hair pins.
  16. Stud thick shells with small holes to make ocean-themed night lights.
  17. Paint shells creative colors and use as embellishments on planters.

Crafting with shells stimulates creativity.

Seashell Altars

A seashell altar taps into oceanic power:

  1. Lay shells around the edges of your altar to mark sacred space
  2. Place larger shells in the corners to invoke the 4 elements
  3. Surround candles and crystals with small shells and sand
  4. Group shells by color/type for their unique magical energies
  5. Create mini ocean scenes with shells, sand and starfish
  6. Drape with seaweed, fishing net, pearls and ocean imagery
  7. Display shells representing key spirits – cowries for Yemaya, scallops for Aphrodite.
  8. Place a bowl of water with a shell in each direction for the elements.
  9. Lay sand dollar shells as symbols of luck, abundance and protection.
  10. Border the altar with shells to create a sacred, watery atmosphere.
  11. Include a dried starfish, coral, sand and seaweed for texture.
  12. Add trinkets like glass float balls, sea glass, bells and charms.
  13. Drape fishing nets studded with caught shells and crystal beads.
  14. Tuck tiny message scrolls into spirals for guides to find and read.
  15. Nestle shells into houseplants on the altar so they can slowly return earth energy.
  16. Change up shells with the seasons – lighter in spring and summer, darker in fall and winter.

Seashell altars call in sea witch vibes.

Protection Shell Charms

Shells make wonderful protective talismans:

  1. Fill small drawstring bags with a mix of shells to create charms
  2. Sew shells into sachets colored blue, silver or sea green
  3. Carry a bag of shells blessed under a full moon for luck and safety while traveling
  4. Place 3 shells at the corners of a property to secure it energetically
  5. Hang a large open conch shell by the front door to ward off unwanted spirits
  6. String seashell windchimes above windows to deter intruders
  7. Sew shells into dream pillows to guard your sleep and enhance intuition.
  8. Use cowrie shells known for their shielding powers in protection jars or sachets.
  9. String shells with hematite, tourmaline, or obsidian beads for extra protection.
  10. Include shells in witches’ ladders along with feathers, crystals, and charms.
  11. Wrap shells engraved with runes or bindrunes in cloth for portable amulets.
  12. Craft mala bead bracelets or necklaces with protective shells as spell anchors.
  13. Hide a tiny shell at the bottom of your bag so you’re shielded wherever you go.
  14. Place 3 shells in a triangle around candles or crystals to shield their energy.
  15. Fill jars with shells, sand, and crystals to make protective space clearing sprays.
  16. Position shells at the 4 cardinal directions of your home to secure it magically.

Seashells reinforce spiritual boundaries.

Prosperity Seashell Spells

Certain shells boost abundance and prosperity:

  1. Add green periwinkle and cowrie shells to money jars
  2. Decorate prosperity altar candles with shell chips
  3. Place cowries in a glass bowl by the front door to draw wealth
  4. Design cash charms with shells, pine nuts and coins
  5. Hide a tiny shell in your wallet to magnetize more money
  6. Mix shells into potted plants to increase their fruitfulness
  7. Sprinkle shell fragments around green candles as you chant for prosperity
  8. Add shells to mint jars to draw in more wealth and abundance.
  9. Write prosperity affirmations on shells to manifest when placed in cash boxes or bowls.
  10. Mix crushed shells and lodestones into green or gold candle dressings.
  11. String shells on gold wire wrapped around green prosperity candles.
  12. Place cowrie shells near the front door to invite more money into the home.
  13. Carry a few small shells in wallet, purse or pocket to attract lucky windfalls.
  14. Decorate prosperity altar tools like cauldrons or chalices with shells.
  15. Mix shells, nuts, and coins together in spell jars focused on growth and success.
  16. Bury green candles dressed with shells and oil to cultivate steady prosperous energies.
  17. Scratch sigils for prosperity onto shells with gold paint to really charge them.

Cultivate success with shells attuned to growth.

Healing & Divination

Shells also aid healing and divination:

  1. Look for healing clues in shells during beach meditations
  2. Carry a scallop shell when you need comfort or calm
  3. Place a clam shell on your heart chakra during meditations to activate self love
  4. Drink elixirs charged by resting on shells during full moons
  5. Scry in mirrors framed with shells for guidance from water spirits
  6. Gaze at shell surfaces for answers – note any images or patterns that emerge
  7. Place gently warmed healing shells over chakras or areas of pain.
  8. Drop a shell into a bath then divine answers from any images that emerge.
  9. Meditate holding a shell and visualize saturating it with Reiki energy.
  10. Add shells to spirit boards and pendulums to deepen watery psychic connections.
  11. Look for signs and symbols while strolling the beach holding a shell.
  12. Interpret patterns and markings on shells as intuitive messages.
  13. Listen to shells held to your ear – hear the ocean’s answers carried on the breeze.
  14. Gaze at the sheen of mother of pearl on the inside of shells to induce trance states.
  15. Note nacre thickness – the thicker the healing energies the shell can hold.
  16. Place shells on an ancestor altar to honor those who crossed the ocean before you.

Shells reveal intuitive insights from the sea.

Seashells truly encapsulate the wonder, beauty and power of water realms. Gathering shells mindfully, preparing them ritually, and incorporating them into your practice deeply connects you to ocean energy. Nature gifts shells freely – open your heart to her treasures and discover their tranquil magic flowing within.

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